Upper Elementary: Students initiate a skit on a lesson for apostrophes and commas.  Parts are needed for independent and dependent clauses.  Daily Soup is enjoyed by Upper El and Middle School students; two children serve beans and potato tacos with a purple cabbage and mango slaw, so colorful!  Fresh cucumber water is served afterwards.  On a Go-Trip, paper products are donated to Diversity.  The group navigates a route without going on the highway: “We are travelling to the Northside of town.”  Observations are made at the Children’s Hospital currently under construction: “Maybe we can donate there when it’s finished!”

Infant: A little one has her shoe off and is trying in on her friend's foot as other infants gather around their guide to hear a tiny book read to them.  Toys are strewn around the room and peace prevails until a friend must leave to group to have a diaper changed.  Now there are big tears and protests!  A little one has put two toys in her mouth...maybe to relieve the discomfort of teething...Her guide waits watchfully until she has taken the toys out of her mouth and set them down.  The guide quickly collects the toys to be sterilized. Once dried, they are quickly returned to the shelf for others to use for enjoyment or comfort.    

Amanda’s Primary: A third-year student chooses the square chains.  A beautiful triangle of colored beads and labels is created.  A second-year student places each work form a shelf carefully on a mat in the correct sequence.  One child dusts and applies wood oil to the shelf and restores each work to its proper place.  A first-year student draws a curved figure, with deep concentration and impressive precision the child cuts exactly on the line they drew.

Toddler: The toddlers, one after another, restore their work and go to their hooks.  A guide points out that it is warmer now and they do not need their jackets.  Two friends determine that jackets are needed anyway and put their jackets on the floor.  Their tiny hands, and then arms, go into the sleeves of their jackets.  And...flip!  Their coats are on correctly!  They shuffle around and find their spots on the thin blue line and wait.  Their guide sees that they are ready to go outside.  She opens the door and out they go to find fat, glistening bubbles gliding upon the gentle breeze.    

Venessa’s Primary: The aroma of pancakes fills the room while a first-year student mixes pancake batter and places the batter on a skillet.  A third-year student is reading Spanish flashcards and making a Spanish Journal, “perro means dog!”  A first-year student was so happy that she completed the parts of a turtle, “I finished the turtle!”  A second-year student is painting their North America map, while another second-year student works on simple addition with the bead stair.

Lower Elementary: All the senses are at work in the Lower El classroom this morning.  “Look at how green the squash gets when they cook!”, comments a student who is working on preparing vegetable lettuce wraps for Daily Soup.  Two students sit together to listen to a march by Johann Strauss (the elder), “This one sounds more happy than the other piece. We listened to his son’s music yesterday”, recalls one of the students.  During music class the group whispers “T-A-N-G-O” as they practice the dance steps to music by Astor Piazolla, from Argentina.

Middle School:  Students are gathered to present their first person narrative writings based on their Young People's History of America readings. They are discussing the American Civil Rights Movement and cultural memory.  The students contemplate why the FBI had tapped Dr. King's phone.  "Why would the government pass the Civil Rights Act and then turn around a tap a civil rights leader's phone?" This is a discussion that will continue for some time... 

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

March is Infant/Toddler and Middle School Conference Month

March 27 Washington DC trip (middle school and upper el students) (watch for details)

March 30 Variety Show Auditions 3-4 pm Perfect for everyone!  Parents can join their child on stage.  There is only love and acceptance here!  Children (and parents) can "audition" for the performances.  Performances should be under 3 minutes. Poems, instrumentals, song, pet tricks, magic tricks...dramatization, comedy, instructions on how to paint a picture...all of it is good.  Watch for details.

March 31 Primary Science Fair 5:00 (details have gone out)

April 2 Outdoor Classroom Society 1-3:  Help us prepare the classroom educational gardens!  Bring donations of herbs for our Community Herb Garden at the Infant and Toddler Building!  Yes. 

April 3 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather.  

April 6 School Portrait Make-Up Date:  9:00 a.m. If you would like, for any reason, to have your child's portrait made, just let us know!  All students must arrive by 9:00.  More info to follow.

April 6 Outdoor Classroom Event: 1-3 Children are taking over the gardens! Wow!  We are asking room parents to help with this amazing educational opportunity.  Let us know if you can help a bit-weekend help is great.  

April 7 Spring Market Day:  Kindergarten and Lower El may purchase. Upper El and Middle School may sale.  Market runs from 2:00-3:30.  No Jefferson Park Day today.  

 April 10 Lower el and upper el. parents sign-up for May conferences.  

April 14-21 Spring Break:  School is Closed.  

April 24 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather.  

April 28 Primary Meet & Greet:  6:30 Refreshments/time with staff and parents

April 28 Primary PIN:  7-8 Discuss topics concerning this age child.  Perfect for toddler parents with a transitioning toddler.  

Upper Elementary: In celebration of Pi, students create diagrams studying the parts of a circle. Upon receiving a pie from Proper Pie students measure the diameter to discover the circumference.  Upon finding the circumference, the children line up for a slice of pie.  A friend reveals that this is her first taste of pie.  Students join in for a group of dividing fractions by more fractions. Everyone is excited about the D.C. trip March 27TH.

Infant: There is a "wall" of infants standing silently along the edges of the weaning tables in the center of the room.  Four infants are standing, silently, facing the same direction, with their backs toward the door. (Two infants learned how to pull themselves up this very week.  Their hard work has been rewarded today as they find they are able to stand shoulder to shoulder with their friends and watch something quite amazing.) They are watching an "older" friend and her guide sitting close together. They are watching the guide pour a tiny bit of milk for a thermos into a little glass (shot glass) for the infant. The infant carefully and slowly manages to bring the glass to her lips and drink!  There is a repeating pattern.  Drink, wait, drink, wait.  Not a drop has been split.  Quite an accomplishment. The reverent-like silence of the observing infants seems appropriate for this remarkable moment. One day, they too, will participate in a similar moment of glory. 

Amanda’s Primary: A third year student helps a younger student make a South American sloth. A second-year student traces the control for the parts of an anteater and copies the labels including the two-foot-long tongue! A first-year student chooses bead stringing and shows the teacher their repeating pattern of purple, pink, purple, pink!  Students take turns choosing food colors to add to the white carnation’s vases to see what happens. Later in the day, some flowers begin to change colors. “Why is that happening?”

Toddler: The day is brilliantly clear and the toddlers in their multi-colored coats, hats and scarves, holding beautiful classroom tone bells, fill the air with a sound that suggests the very essence of spring. All twelve toddlers are in motion, ringing their bells. The brightly colored bells are shared or exchanged.  Sometimes there is frustration and a tear or two because the wait seems so very long for a turn.  But no sadness can exist for very long in the mist of this beautiful toddler made music. 

Venessa’s Primary: The students are hard at work this morning. A group of young students receive a lesson on matching different fabrics visually and by texture. Another student explores drawing to Vivaldi’s four seasons and said, “I’m drawing a big circle for the wind!” A PIII student reads, “Dot and Mit” to a younger friend. A first-year student walks carefully with a tray of wooden eggs and sets them gently on a table.  She transfers them to a bowl.

Lower Elementary:  Seed bombs! Part clay, part soil and part wild flower seeds mixed together make a seed bomb. Friends, together with our parent volunteer, are making these lovely bombs for James River Park. A few students organize and form an impromptu band of a drum and ukulele to set a soundtrack for the afternoon activities.

Middle School: The students are relaxed. It is Friday and they have completed their week of standardized testing. The room is filled with various strains of music...much of it being composed electronically right now. A ukulele duo is performing in a corner of the room to the delight of a few friends who sit close by drawing in their journals.  A student exclaims that his original composition sounds like a sound-track for the book they are currently reading for book club. There is a sculpture project in the works on one of the desks.  A chess board is in full use and students are talking about their garden designs.  A decision is made to put off the classrooms electoral primaries (for elementary and older) until the candidate, who had to leave because of illness, can return to join the debates.  

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

March is Infant/Toddler and Middle School Conference Month

March 17 Infant & Toddler Parent Meet/Greet 6:30 and PIN 7:00 (call Central for childcare-$10 per hr.)

March 20 Primary parents sign up for Conferences

March 20 Daily Soup funds drive starts. The giant carrot will be out!

March 27 Washington DC trip for middle school and upper el students (details have gone out.)

March 31 Primary Science Fair 5:00 (details have gone out)

April is Primary Conference Month

April 2 Outdoor Classroom Event 1-3 Classroom Garden beds will be prepared for the children!

April 3 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather. 

April 3- Tennis with Victor Rizzi starts for Upper El and Middle School students. Students must be here by 9 am to participate.

April 7      Spring Market Day (Upper El and Middle School sell and buy and PIII may buy) 2:00-3:00

April 8    Family Variety Show 4:00 (Great for those old enough to attend an hr. long performance) Sign-ups will be posted in office.

April 10   Lower and Upper Elementary Parents Sign Up for Conferences

April 14-21 Spring Break: School is closed

April 28 Primary Meet/Greet 6:30 & PIN 7:00-8:00 (call Central for childcare-$10 per hr.)

Wow.  The whole school is abuzz!  A student creates a cube to represent the trinomial cube.  This classic Montessori material was the inspiration for our school logo.  There are “bees” upstairs and a school song being sung for the first time ever.  We have a school song!  Thanks, Vanessa.  A teacher creates gifts of tiny pipe cleaner bees for her parents and staff prepare to wear the school swag designed by our students for chili cook off earlier this year.  A parent shares her plan to posts her child’s school spirit poster and poem on our parent Facebook.  Lovely.  Tomorrow is our first ever Buzz Bee Friday.  Students are invited to wear all things Central.  Let us know if you would like to purchase an item.  Just contact the front office. 

Upper Elementary: Five students pack up the wonderful books our families donated during Friendship Week.  They explore the community they travel through on their way to Richmond Community Hospital. They leave the books with the front desk with assurances that the books will be placed in the Little Free Library there.  Inspired by all the books they have transported, they make a detour to the infant and toddler building to read to their young friends.

Infant: The teachers are singing together in the infant room.  Some old blues number.  The beauty of it, along with the sight of happy, content infants, is a wonderful thing to see.  Two friends, play peek a boo with the paisley printed fabric circle.  The friend, in control of the fabric, pulls a bit too hard.  No worries.  There is a soft carpet to fall over on.  Sure enough, the child falls over.  This sudden development does not stop the belly laughs and the game begins again.  

Amanda’s Primary: The students learn about Central’s mascot, the Bee! The students eagerly study the parts of a bee, they use ellipse and quatrefoil to make colorful bees. The room is soon “buzzing” with bees and busy students. After a lesson, a new student unpacks and repacks a suitcase. A PII student receives a lesson on the geometric solids and a PIII student is working hard on a map of Africa.

Toddler: There are a zillion(!) sparkly, pastel balls on the playground!  Just the right size.  A toddler is...toddling...around with three in her arms.  One child seems to accidentally kick a blue sparkly ball and it rolls across the ground.  Off the child goes, in hot pursuit.  He kicks again, misses and kicks again.  The ball rolls forward but is no longer chased by the child who is now busy helping a friend put her shoe on. He adds a bit of mulch to the top of the shoe.  Both children giggle and then move apart. 

Venessa’s Primary:  A beautiful moment unfolds with a visiting toddler. She asks an older friend to give her a lesson on flower arranging. A small group of PII and PIII students make a chant for Spirit Week “CMS is the BEST!”. Another lesson is given to a group of students about the timeline of Maria Montessori’s life. A student comments, “That’s like our school name Central Montessori!” A PII student works on the sound cylinders while another finishes the 50 board. Happy Spirit Week!

Lower Elementary:  A second year student shows a first-year student how to embellish their map of Australia with jewels that represent the capitals within the territories, the first-year student is excited to be introduced to this extension. Continuing the class discussion of fictional and real life heroes, third year students begin collages inspired by the artwork in the book, “Malala Yousafzai: The Warrior with Words”. Another group of students sit around a mat with square beads and cube beads. They are reviewing the functions of exponents. “What if it was 5 with 13 as the exponent? It would be huge!”

Middle School: The group discusses options and make plans for Spirit Week. A student moves throughout the room taking a poll of everyone’s ideas. One student suggests that everyone should wear school colors. The students come to a consensus that wearing school colors is a great idea. Another group of students collects the food donations in the front office and takes it to FeedMore. The donations are weighed at FeedMore. The school collected 98 pounds of food! Go Central!

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

March is Infant/Toddler and Middle School Conference Month

March 1- 3 Central Spirit Week continues

March 4th- Pancake Heaven:  Big Fundraiser for the Neighborhood Resource Center!  Lots of opportunities to participate and of course, parent prepared pancakes!  Yum.

March 9-13-Standardized Testing for 3rd year lower el (third grade) and older. 

Note:  This is a change of dates.  

March 13 Seed Bombs at Central!  Hands on Great Richmond's Vanessa Diamond helps with this project for Lower El students 3:30-5:00 V. Hours for parent help.

March 13
Parent Association of Central (PAC) Meeting 7-8

March 17 Infant & Toddler Parent Meet/Greet 6:30 and PIN 7:00 (call Central for childcare-$10 per hr.)

March 24 Washington DC trip (middle school and upper el students) (watch for details)

March 31 Primary Science Fair 5:00 (details have gone out)

April 3 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather. 

What’s Happening Right Now… 2/24/17

Wow.  Our very first School Spirit Week starts Monday.  Posters are going up and everyone is a “buzz” with ideas of what we can do to honor our little school.  Teachers are creating study units:  What are the parts of a bee?  Let’s make a timeline of Dr. Montessori.  What does our logo represent?  What is our school proud of?  What can people do with honey?  Why is the bee our mascot?  Do we need a school song?  When can we wear of Swag?  (We have the Swag….). 

This is what we can we came up so far.  Students and staff can wear blue and orange or any of our beautiful school spirit shirts on sell at the office. 

Toddler: A toddler friend reenters the room after visiting the “big” school.  She has worked hard to grow strong and learn the important lessons of self-care and kindness for others in this room.  But, she is ready!  After her big adventure this morning, she seems glad to be reunited with her friends at the “little” school.  She will have two more visits and then she will leave this place of tininess, better known as the, “Land of Laps”, forever.  Her first teachers will miss her but her each of her toddler friends will look forward to seeing her again when they are old enough to join her in the primary program. 

Upper Elementary: Students are intent upon a National Geographic report on the various zones of a marine pier.  They bring in 4 logs, each one foot long, from the playground and are creating the aquatic creatures for each zone.  Beautiful shells, collected and shared with the students now house amazing, detailed mollusks of various sizes and shapes.  Vocabulary words are researched and a painted diorama is added as a background.  “Maybe one day we can go and see this at Virginia Beach!”

Infant: A parent comments that his little one seems happier these days.  It seems to be true…she is sitting now-unaided!  Her hands and eyes can coordinate.  Her body supports her weight as she leans forward to pick up a shiny pair of silver rings.  She is completely involved in this effort and seems to not be aware of all the movement and activities flowing around her. 

Amanda’s Primary: A first year student concentrates on bead stringing. Nearby another first-year student is pin punching South America.  Two second year students take turns fetching specified quantities of units, tens, hundreds and thousands from the bank for the first time.  A third-year student works carefully to create a model of a human skeleton using old pasta and glue on construction paper.

Venessa’s Primary:  A small group lesson is being given on the 3 parts cards of a Sloth.  A third-year student is tracing and labeling the pars of the Brazilian tapir.  Two students are working on extensions using the red rods, knobbed and knobless cylinders.  A first-year student is spooning into 3 different containers by color, Pink, blue and purple.  A second-year student is working on a metal inset block and practicing on “up touch, down touch”. Two first year students are cleaning the glass windows of the classroom!

Lower Elementary:  The students glide into the morning work cycle as they arrive.  Second and third year students maneuver through complex math equations using the order of operation.  Page of pencil become lively and colorful as grammar symbols are added, “Happy is an adjective!” First year students continue work on division and many have received lessons on the rocks and tubes!  As a whole class, each student has begun work on the timeline of life.

Middle School: Students eagerly discuss, in two groups the laws they would create in a world run by kids.  A walk outside to pick up trash in the neighborhood was rewarded by passers-by giving their thank you for the hard work we are doing.  Students are introduced to writing research papers and developing a thesis statement.  One student concludes that pennies are worthless, while another concludes that the 1900s are the best fashion period.

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

March is Middle School and Infant and Toddler Conference Month

March 4th- Pancake Heaven:  Big Fundraiser for the Neighborhood Resource Center!  Lots of opportunities to participate and of course, parent prepared pancakes!  Yum.

March 9-13-Standardized Testing for 3rd year lower el (third grade) and older. 

Note:  This is a change of dates.  

Front Desk: Our administrative assistant, Jeff Immel, is heading to Nepal on Sunday to volunteer at Heavenly Hill Academy, a non-profit program that offers free education to children in the rural village of Gaunshahar http://www.heavenhillacademynepal.org/  He would love to help this little school be successful and help build a new library. He will send us progress updates from time to time. We wish him luck!  Here is a link to his fundraising page for the project.


Lower El: The room is filled with the gentle chords of a ukulele.  Several friends sing along. Then one friend takes her ukulele out and tries the F and then the C chords. Another friend asks, “Can we try the next song?” “What song is that?” “Here are the songs for me to practice. My teacher told me that if you’re playing ukulele you can also use guitar notes.” “Can I show you how to make a C major? I am learning ‘Day Tripper’ by the Beatles, it’s really hard!”

Venessa’s Primary: A small group of students are quietly discussing if it will snow tomorrow night, while the rest of the classroom is hard at work. A second-year student has just asked if he could give a first year student a lesson on the numeral layout since he has now mastered it. A brand new student is cleaning a table and has been scrubbing for fifteen minutes; a very clean table indeed! A second year students builds the words ‘hat’ and ‘sun’ with moveable alphabet. A first year student is hard at work on matching the color

Toddler: It is early evening and a toddler has been told it is her "turn" to leave for the day.  She is fully involved in story time and takes a moment to move toward her hook.  Once committed to the school to home transition, she is all business.  Coat is upside down on the ground.  She slides her little arms into the arm holes and flips her coat over her head.  Once snuggled into her winter jacket, she puts one big bag over an arm and then collects her lunchbox.  Together, these two items probably weigh as much as she does.  The bag drags the ground.  When help is offered, she responds, "I do it."  Out the door she goes into the waiting arms of her mom.  

Amanda’s Primary: Two first year students work together building the brown stairs. A third-year student helps a second-year student gather the necessary materials to start making a map of South America. Together they retrieve the large clip board, large tracing paper, the control of South America and a pencil. A third-year student uses the moveable alphabet to sound out five action words (verbs). Another third-year student does the forty-five layout with the golden beads and the corresponding numeral cards. Several students admire this work before it is restored.

Upper El: A research on biomes inspires a student to recommend this weeks ‘go-trip’. The student asks, “May I look up greenhouses in Richmond?” The class listens to a recitation of Edgar Allen Poe’s To the River. A student suggests going to the Poe museum for a class performance. Another first-year student paces back and forth along the math shelf. The peg board is selected and taken to a nearby table. 13 squared is laid out in units, placing each peg gently in the board.

Middle School: A group of students is hard at work editing the Middle School’s next YouTube video about mass, weight, and volume. Another student finishes their experiment comparing sugar content between sodas. In one half-hour, the class will convene to listen to a presentation about modern American Indians. They have prepared questions to ask and will be writing journals all week on the theme of indigenous peoples.


Infant: A little one is making a beeline for a empty cardboard box!  His friend is headed to the same box!  It will all be fun and then there will be tears...right?  

Actually, the friend that arrives first seems glad to have the company and "shares" the box.  Both toddlers bang and turn and shove and pull the box around themselves and each other.  All of this happiness and activity goes on for several minutes.  The first child crawls away, seemingly content, to explore the big rolling container that is filled with mystery items.  No tears!  

Calendar Updates: http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/


February is elementary conference month please sign up in the office!

February 6-10   Parent Visitation Week

·        Primary 9-10 or 10-11

·        Elementary 2-3 or 3-4

·        Infant and Toddler 4:00-4:30 or 4:30-5:00

Feburary 10- Middle School Dance and Mystery Dinner

February 11- Mise En Place South American cooking lesson and brunch for    elementary and middle school students 10-12:30. Contact front desk to RSVP

February 13- Middle School & Infant/Toddler Parents Sign Up for Conferences

February 14- Day of Friendship (Valentine’s Day)

February 17- Elementary Meet/Greet 6:30 and PIN 7:00-8:00 (Call Central for     childcare -$10 an hr.)

February 26- Outdoor Classroom Event 12-3 (planning lunch from 12-1, garden work from 1-3)

February 27- March 3 Central Spirit Week!

March 4th- Pancake Heaven

If School is Not Opening…Snow Day! http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

Please check our web site Google calendar to find information about closings. This information will be posted directly onto our Google Calendar no later than 6:30 a.m. We only post if we are closed or delayed.

If School Must Close because of Inclement Weather:  Because there is sometimes a slight delay between setting up our message and the time you receive it, we strongly recommend that all parents text “downtown” to 292929 to receive emergency text broadcasts from Central in a more timely manner. 

Now that I think about it…

I walk through the school and hear two things.  One is the beautiful and powerful voices of our lower el students as they sing, America the Beautiful.  At the same moment, I also hear the voice of Mr. Trump as he is sworn in as the 45th president of this great country.  In short order, our older students begin to discuss, not only the inauguration, but also the formation of two (three?) "political" parties in preparation for the upcoming school wide elections of our school president.  Democracy in action! 

Front Desk: Teachers and students are beautifying their classrooms in preparation for Silent Journey tonight. Invitations to the upper el. sponsored Galaxy Rock Dance Party for the lower el. students are beginning to be sent home. Many smiles and much happiness on this dark and gloomy day.

Lower El: The fraction box is laid out before the older students as they work out adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions with common denominators. A few students use hand held clocks to solve word problems using time. A visitor from primary focuses on a map of South America. The whole class practices musical notation while transitioning to lunch. “A-pple, a-pple, grape, grape!”

Venessa’s Primary: The classroom is nice and calm while the student’s work. A first-year student is sitting in the ready corner and quietly reading a book about winter. A second-year student is working on the packing a lunchbox work. Another second-year student is using the bead stamps to count out the square chain of 10. A third-year student composes dinosaur names with the moveable alphabet. A small group of second year students receive a lesson on the particles that make up a solid, liquid and gas. 

Toddler: There is something to be said about a sunny archipelago in the mist of large body of water.  There are many islands in our playground, Mulch Ocean.  Two toddlers are "safe" upon soft gray square tiles (islands), just large enough to accommodate them. Two toddlers perch upon the top of overturned buckets (islands) with feet hanging just an inch or two above the "water".  Two friends sit on soft yellow, white and grey poufs (islands).  Several other friends sit on the deck edges (beaches) of the playground.  At this moment, out of 8 tiny pairs of feet, only two tennis-shoed feet are in contact, or getting wet, in our calm and peaceful playground ocean.  All of the stranded islanders look content and happy-none look the least bit concerned about the need for rescue.  


Amanda’s Primary: Two third year students work calmly and quietly together. They are each making books of the plane shapes. One child decides to make an illustrated list rather than a book. A second-year student chooses the parts of a turtle work. A first-year child notices how another child spilled their pencils and spontaneously offers to help pick them up.

Upper El: A pair of students design triangles on a flat surface using their tables. All the angles are measured and labeled. “I know the corners are 90 degrees”, exclaims one students. Story webs inspire characters for a creative writing workshop. One friend explains to another, “We can make a puppet show when we are finished”.

Middle School: The students cluster in the middle of the room for an algebra study lab. Some students work on factoring numbers down to their smallest pieces. One of them realizes this means that the factors are prime. A couple students work on solving multi-step equations, and request a refresher lesson in the distributive property. The most advanced student checks the work of a younger student just beginning algebra. Most of the younger student's work is correct! Another student is temporarily perplexed by negative numbers, then realizes they've gotten every problem they were working on correct, and smiles. "Oh. OK. I guess I do understand that." But do they!?


Infant: A toddler, who woke early from her nap, has found her infant sister and is using a brightly colored pink and blue scarf to play peek-a-boo...well actually it looks a bit more like, a waterfall of fabric that baby sister must wait patiently to have pulled gently away from her smiling face. A little one, just beginning to crawl and pull up has made her way to the weaning chairs and tables. She does not yet have her own weaning foods but she is definitely interested in what one of her friends is eating.  Just as she reaches out to grab a delicious bite, an observant guide wisely offers her a set of tiny wooden rings- blue, green, yellow-that distract her just long enough for her friend to complete her snack in peace. 

Calendar Updates: http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/


January is Primary Conference Month! Sign up through the front office.

January 27th RSVP for Parent Visitation Week through front desk.

January 27th 4-5:30 Elementary Dance! Dance starts at 4:00 for Lower El students.  Upper El students will provide music (with DJ) and refreshments and decorations!  Wow!  Party ends at 5:30!

February 6-10   Please RSVP by January 27th Parent Visitation Week

·         Primary 9-10 or 10-11

·         Elementary 2-3 or 3-4

·         Infant and Toddler 4:00-4:30 or 4:30-5:00

If School is Not Opening…Snow Day! http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

Please check our web site Google calendar to find information about closings. This information will be posted directly onto our Google Calendar no later than 6:30 a.m. We only post if we are closed or delayed.

If School Must Close because of Inclement Weather:  Because there is sometimes a slight delay between setting up our message and the time you receive it, we strongly recommend that all parents text “downtown” to 292929 to receive emergency text broadcasts from Central in a more timely manner. 

What’s Happening Right Now…

Front Desk: Drum lessons now available at Central! Antonio James, one of our wonderful parents will be providing drum lessons at Central on Monday afternoons. The rate is $80 a month for weekly lessons. To sign your child up for lessons please contact Antonio at anthilllive@gmail.com

 Amanda’s Primary: A student is concentrating intently on completing the extension of the brown stairs. The child’s jaw drops as the thinnest and final piece is delicately placed atop. The feat does not seem to disturb a nearby friend who is investigating a new science work distinguishing various parts of an airplane. At group, students are practicing their winter songs; the parade will be here before we know it. 

 Lower El: Maps are sprawled out all over the classroom… Capitals & flags, plants & animals, rivers & mountains! A small group of friends are contemplating the fundamental needs of man. “Foods like chocolate cake and whipped cream, topped with berries, shredded chocolate, and raspberry goop in the middle.” If only this could be one of the essential foods we need to survive.  

Venessa’s Primary: The students work on the solar system puzzle and say, “this is our plant, Earth!” Another student brings a metal inset to the teacher and proudly states, “I wrote my name for the first time” and the entire class cheers! A fellow student finishes their map of South America and hangs it on the wall. A PIII student works on animal research and studies great white sharks!

Upper El: A group of students receive a lesson on multiplying decimals. On the other side of the room a second group creates a common multiples book from 2-12. A student asks when we will return to the Science Museum. “Go-trips are on Wednesdays.” A two-scene skit celebrating Rosa Parks is performed for their friends in Lower El.

Middle School: A troupe of students make a trip to east end library to check out books for later discussion. This is a continuation of budding a relationship with local libraries, including the library of Virginia. Students interested in music ask about composing. We are looking forward to making music in the future as we build a studio.

Infant: A little one doesn't really want her bottle.  But...she doesn't really NOT want her bottle.  Around and around the room she toddles halfheartedly taking a small dribblely little drink from time to time.  A guide invites her to sit at the weaning table in a tiny chair.  The guide transfers the milk from her bottle to a small, clear glass-the size of a shot glass and....finally...happiness!  Our little one sits for about thirty minutes taking tiny sips. She is fully engaged and uses one hand, then two hands, she take a big gulp and milk spills over the edge.  All of this leads to an empty bottle and a quick, but necessary change of clothes.  

Toddler: As I pass by infant room door, I hear Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy.  Then as the door to the toddler room opens, refrains from Pachelbel's Canon in D fills the air. The playground sails are no longer up and the soft autumn midday light fills the rooms. 

Toddlers are settled around the lunchtime tables with their colorful lunchboxes and tiny containers arranged on the "place mats".  The children are so focused on their healthy lunches that there is little response to a visitor entering their space.  One guide is sitting with the children as she eats her own lunch.  Another guide is moving about the classroom quietly laying out tiny mats and soft blankets. That lovely transition from activity to rest begins.  

Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the
website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

****A special message from PAC ****
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PAC will get a donation each time you shop, and we use every little bit for things like:
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Questions? Concerns? Let us know, and we'll help you sort them out. lori@loriskeeterloans.com

December is Infant/ Toddler and Middle School Conference month! Sign up through office.
December 10th Community Dance opportunity (see flyer below) 

 December 16th 5-6 pm Winter Celebration and Sing-a-Long. Perfect for children three years and older but everyone is welcome. We sing seasonal songs, enjoy student performances, eat and drink the delicious hot chocolate and cookies that our parents have prepared.  This is also a time we sing and present our first responders with cookies and much appreciation.  More information will be sent out closer to the event. *****Montessori Hour will not be available this evening******
Dec. 19-30 School is closed.
Dec. 19-22 & 28-30 Open for Winter Packet Only - Registration is closed.
January 2nd School reopens! 

January 20-21 Silent Journey- There is one place and one time each year that provides parents with much sought after information about what it means for their child to be in a Montessori program.  Many questions (and more) can be answered during a fun-filled, information-intense five hours. Meals provided! Each space is $50 per person. Plus, you will receive V-hours for attending!  Space is limited for this special event.  Please contact the front desk to reserve your spot. 

VCU DANCE 2016-2017
Community Performance Opportunity

Dance Exchange and VCU Dance
Participants of all ages and bodies invited to perform with VCU Dance in

A restaging of Liz Lerman's 1986 classic, originally choreographed for the centennial of the Statue of Liberty 

Open Community Rehearsal 
Saturday, December 10th, 3:00-5:00 pm
Depot Annex Studio behind 814 West Broad St 

No dance training needed, all are welcome.  
Performances at the Grace Street Theater, February 16-18, 2017

For more details and to register, contact: 
Lea Marshall, lemarshall@vcu.edu804-828-1711.

What’s Happening Right Now…

Front Desk: Our school spirit items are being displayed in the front office in preparation for this special week- long event.  Laughter and happiness are evident throughout our school as GrandOnes join their loved ones on this lovely autumn day.  Lessons are shared.   Songs are sung.  Friends and teachers are introduced. Flowers and small gifts are given to our very special guests with promises made to meet again next year.  Same time, same place!  That's something to be thankful for! 

Special thanks to our "classpitality" parents and PAC who make this event possible.  It is truly a lovely event. 

Amanda’s Primary: Grand Days is upon us!  A student shows his grandfather what creations can be made using the magnetic tiles.  The various shapes of tiles are carefully joined to make fast rocket ships, tall towers, and a large castle.  A second-year student gives a grandparent a lesson on the square chain of four.  Then they take out the cube chain of four and complete the work together.  A third-year student shows his grandmother how he adds numbers using the stamp game.  Students gather ‘round and sing, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as they sign the words to one of our favorite songs.  We hear the voice of generations joining together.  


Lower El: “Where is Georgia?” a child asks a friend. “I know! My grandma lives there!” the friend replies.

“Not the one in North America.  I mean the Georgia in Eurasia. I can’t find it in the Atlas.  I looked at Asia.” The friend suggests, “You should look at a map of Europe! I thought there was only one Georgia! The one where my grandma lives”.   I think my grandmother is here right now!

Venessa’s Primary:  A second year student is engrossed in a scrubbing work at a table while a friend next to them is kneeling before their South American map on a rug.  Two students have completed work cycles and begin a new work cycle constructing a building using magnetic tiles together.  They identify a square-based pyramid!  An upper elementary student has come in to visit and is reading to a small group of younger friends. A few GrandOnes begin to move into the classroom.  Happy greetings as a child settles down beside their grandparent to share a moment of their wonderful day together. 

Upper El and Middle School: Students return from the state capital where they just witnessed the 339th Virginia Native American Tribute.  This is an annual event.  Tributes of wild game and artifacts are presented by the Mattaponi and the Pumunkey tribes to Governor McAuliffe.  Speeches and dancing commence.   Students get an up-close look at wild game and hear the dynamic music of a wonderful culture.  Under bright skies, the urban walk seems to have put everyone in a good mood.  Students settle into their classroom routines and await the arrival of their loved ones.   

Infant & Toddler: A grandparent gathers her infant grandchild before joining her toddler grandchild in his classroom.  The infant who was a bit fussy at first, settles down in his grandmother's arms for a late afternoon bottle.  The toddler seems content to have these special family members join him, his friends and teachers. Another toddler's face brightens with happiness at the site of her grandparents. Her playground toys are tossed aside as she gleefully joins her loved ones for their visit.  


Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the 

website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/



December is Infant/ Toddler and Middle School Conference month! Sign up through office.


November 24-25 Autumn Break:  School is closed  


December 16th Winter Celebration and Sing-a-Long. Perfect for children three years and older but everyone is welcome. We sing seasonal songs, enjoy student performances, eat and drink the delicious hot chocolate and cookies that our parents have prepared.  This is also a time we sing and present our first responders with cookies and much appreciation.  More information will be sent out closer to the event.

Dec. 19-22 & 28-30 Open for Winter Packet Only-Registration is closed.

Dec. 23-27 School is closed to all.



What’s Happening Right Now…

Piano lessons! During November only, sign up for a one month FREE trial of PIANO LESSONS at Central Montessori School, ages four and up. Contact director  ryan.corbitt@gmail.com for more information, and visit www.groveavepiano.com

Amanda’s Primary: The class is busy prepping for GrandDays. A beautiful art project is in progress. During PIII kindergarten time, the group receives a lesson on weighing items. A large purple radish is produced (courtesy of the Daily Soup basket) and put on a scale. The students speculate how much the radish will weigh. Weight predictions vary from 1 to 100 pounds. The radish weighs …drumroll...1 pound ten ounces! 


Lower El: Division, without materials if fun! “How many times does six go into 32?” a student asks a friend. “Five times and there are two leftover” the friend replies. They move on to the next division problem. “Oh! Five times six equals thirty, six goes into thirty five times”. 

Toddler: During evening dismissal, the staff spells each child’s name out in hopes of “slowing the roll”.  Incredibly, it seems that one of our friends may be learning how to spell her name!  Beautiful new books from bbgb adorn the laps of three prereaders.  The room is full of new vocabulary words as a teacher reads one of the little books the children have piled up beside her in hopes that she will select their favorite story as they settle down and listen intently.   

Venessa’s Primary:  A PIII student is giving a first-year student a lesson on South American animals. “A tapir lives in South America.” Two students work on the rhyming objects “Cork and fork rhyme!”. A PII student works with the moveable alphabet and builds the words: cat, hat and str (phonetically). Another student carefully polishes a metal vase for almost 30 minutes. 

Upper El and Middle School: A Middle School student offers Japanese lessons to the class. Many take her up on the offer.  Another student draws free hand, the water cycle in his journal. “Let’s see, there’s precipitation, evaporation and….” Modeling clay is used to create land and water forms. Later, Market Day is in full session. The students set up their wares and prepare for their young customers. Handmade pillows, beeswax and coconut oil lip balm, baked goods, books and much more are set up. After the sale, the students tally up the proceeds and receive a lesson on taxes. 

Infant: With the gift of a long season of warmer temperatures, the little ones are out enjoying the soft light and gentle breezes.  One little one mimics a bulldozer-she puts her little head down and pushed a big orange pouf the length of the play scape.  No one seems the least bit concerned about the landscaping efforts and continue their baby activities of looking about intently, crawling into their guide’s lap and selecting favorite teething items for sampling.  



Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the 

website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

December is Infant/ Toddler and Middle School Conference month! Sign up through office.


November 19th @ 9:30-11:30. Outdoor Classroom Event --Great V-hour opportunity! Childcare available.



Nov. 21-23 GrandDays!  RSVP required.

·         Primary @ 9-10 or 10-11

·         Elementary @ 2-3 or 3-4

·         Middle School @ 3-4 or 4-5

·         Infant and Toddler @ 4:00-4:30 or 4:30-5:00 (I and T children leave with visitors)


November 24-25 Autumn Break:  School is closed  



Central Camp In!  Tonight! 

We are counting tents and sleeping bags and telescopes!  Marshmallows have arrived and we are just about ready for our Lower Elementary Camp In tonight!  Special thanks to Monique and our campy parents who agreed to help with this delightful event! 

Middle School 

Plans for the upcoming Autumn Market Day are underway.  Several older students are acting as consultants to our newest “free market” participants.   Many things must be considered such as the  cost of manufacture each unit to be sold.  What is the price that a “market” will bear?  Who might the competition be?  Have we found a niche?  What about marketing and design.  Product placement could make the difference.  Is this the year to advertise?  What about a partnership.  Who contributes what?  What is the profit margin?  Those….taxes have to be paid as well… 

Lower El 

A group of third year students compare/contrast two versions of the myth of Perseus. Another pair of students make puppets for a performance telling the tale of Andromeda, Cassiopeia and the sea monster, Cetus. A student carefully adorns his poster model of the solar system with black and silver glitter paint. These projects are in anticipation of the Lower El camp-in tonight!

Upper El

Three students prepare Daily Soup with apples, beets and rice. “Let’s add some ginger to the rice.”

One student uses the marker board to describe the area of a triangle. “Half the base times the height.”

A group of students perform an Indian myth “Durga and the Buffalo Demon.” Five scenes are created and costumes are designed. An actor asks a fellow actor, “Can you please help me make a buffalo mask?”

Primary: Amanda

A Primary I student is busy concentrating on the new table scrubbing work.  After finishing the work, the student restores all the materials and admires the work.  A Primary II student is very excited to watch the Daily Soup being made. The student sees a few pieces of onion fall on the ground. He picks the pieces up and puts them in the compost. A Primary II student colors in the parts of a frog and then labels each part. It is a busy day in class!

Primary:  Venessa

You could hear a pin drop this morning! The students are hard at work. A Primary III student works on the positive snake game and the combinations of 10. Another student receives a wood polishing lesson for the first time. They are amazed at polishing a model frog. Three students receive the sink and float lessons and experiment dropping different objects from the classroom in a huge basin to see which ones sink and which ones float. Another student serves the entire class a bowl of delicious grapes.


 One of our little ones has discovered and brought her favorite book to her guide.  They settle down together and read about a little blue truck that helps manage a magnificent traffic jam in New York City.  Many sound effects accompany the text and our little one, too young for words, produces many of these delightful utterances. Impressive, really.  


In preparation to go inside after playtime, many of the children are busy putting their outdoor play equipment into the little wooden "frame".  No teachers tell them what to do.  They simply do this!  After their playground is restored, they enter their classroom and are seated at their tables.  Tiny triangles of sweet watermelon are served and after close examination and careful tentative nibbling and licking,(the red side is tastier than the green side...), the children devour this special delicious birthday treat! 

Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the 

website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/




November 11-12 @ 7 p.m. Friday-9:00 a.m. Saturday:   Lower Elementary Camp In!  Wow! 

November 11: RSVP for Silent Journey-Spaces limited.  Perfect for infant and toddler parents and new parents.  PAC members and teachers also attend.  Event runs the evening of Jan. 20th and the morning of Jan. 21st.  We ask parents who are participating to attend both sessions.  This is a dynamic and possibly the most informative educational venue that most of us will ever have the chance to attend.  Chart your child’s entire developmental and educational pathway in a few short hours.  Check our event calendar (web site) for additional information.  

November 13 @ 8:00- Middle School and Infant/Toddler December Conference Sign Up begins-contact office

November 14 @ 7:00 p.m. – PAC Meeting

November 18th @ 2-4 p.m. Autumn Upper El /Middle School Market Day:  (PIII may buy.  Most items $1.00)  

November 19th @ 1-3p.m.  Outdoor Classroom Event --Great V. hours opportunity.  Childcare available.


Nov. 21-23@ different times:  GrandDays!  RSVP required.

·         Primary @ 9-10 or 10-11

·         Elementary @ 2-3 or 3-4

·         Middle School @ 3-4 or 4-5

·         Infant and Toddler @ 4:00-4:30 or 4:30-5:00 (I and T children leave with visitors)


November 24-25 Autumn Break:  School is closed  

    PictureCamp In, Fire pit, We take turns seating around the fire.

    PictureWinter comes to the school