2001 E. Broad St: Central Montessori School Adolescent Program Update

Okay, so technically it's already ours...

We just wanted to send an update to our oh-so-patient parents to let everyone know where we are in the process of opening this beautiful new classrooms.   Anyone who was with us when we opened our Infant and Toddler Program in 2015 will surely remember just how much of a waiting game it truly is.  We are very grateful that unlike when we opened the infant classroom, our upper el and middle school kiddos have a current classroom so the only thing they are really waiting on is a bigger space to call their own!

After waiting for months and months for all of our various inspections to be completed on the schedules of various governmental agencies, on the very last day of Winter Break, we had our official inspection with the Virginia Department of Social Services!   Anita, Amira, Kelly, and Stephan all spent about three hours with our licensing inspector going through every possible detail of our application and space and everything went great, as we knew it would!   Perfect.

And now, we wait one last time.   Our application and our approval from our inspector sits on a supervisor's desk waiting for final approval and our official license and the minute (quite possibly the actual minute) we get that baby in our hands, our community will be notified, materials will be moved over and kiddos will follow!

Please let us know if you haven't had a chance to see this beautiful space first-hand.  We are so in love and feel so lucky to have, once again, found another bright, light filled space, just a block away from our main campus.

See everyone soon!

  8            Lower el and upper el. parents sign up for conferences

12          Winter Market Day (Upper el/middle school sell/buy and PIII may buy) 2-3:30

15          Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Volunteerism:  School is closed

19          Lower el Science Fair 5:00

26          Upper el./middle school parent Meet and Greet 6:30 & PIN 7-8 (childcare $10 per hr)

5-9         Parent Visitation Week

·             Primary 9-10 or 10-11

·             Elementary 2-3 or 3-4

·             Infant and Toddler and Middle School 4:00-4:30 or 4:30-5:00

Special Note:  Central will close Feb. 19th for a school wide professional work day.  

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2017-2018 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

*Special Note/Conferences:  Central does not close school to hold parent/teacher conferences.  Different levels rotate out every three months.  It can be very hard to reschedule!  Please watch for specific information/times and places.  Please watch for a google document notification.  We ask that both parents attend.  


Special Notes

Our Montessori Moments were written yesterday.  I thought they might add a bit of warmth to a really cold day.  Enjoy!

Upper El
Students are gathered around the kitchen table in the middle school room and one by one, they recite the 15 Spanish phrases that they are preparing to use in practice dialogs.  Much laughter as silly sounding mistakes are made and then everyone is serious again-working hard on careful pronunciation. There are students gathered around the clay station and creating the planets using washers for the rings.  Relative size is considered and then the limitations of available materials and space are considered and hard decisions must be made…

Lower El
Things are in full swing here in lower el! Rejuvenated from a long, relaxing winter break, students seem exceptionally eager to jump into their morning work cycle. With their journals opened wide, and pencils sharpened, all students are sitting quietly pondering the math problems on the board. One friend is heading for the racks and tubes (division material) while another student seeks the wisdom from an older classmate to assist them with their math. It is wonderful to see students utilizing several of the multiple resources available to them!

It might be too cold to go outside but it's not too cold to have fun!  An upbeat dance party breaks out as Bobby Day's "Rockin' Robin" comes through the speakers.  A child picks up two maracas and begins to shake them to the beat.  A younger friend approaches, and seems to ask if they could have one of the maracas without using any actual words, just body language.   The older friend understands exactly what their friend wants because they immediate hand one of these coveted instruments over and both children begin shaking their maracas, laughing, moving their hips bending their knees together.  

Several new friends have joined the class today.  A few tears and then nothing but happiness!  Several new works have been placed on the shelf for the children to discover.  There are many new lessons given to attentive children (and a few who are not attentive…).  The most popular lesson of the day seems to be the table scrubbing.  Two totes with scrubby brushes and carefully rolled wash rags (towels) are placed on the stools right beside very “dirty” tables.  Well, they actually don’t seem dirty at all but our friends seem very convinced that they should be scrubbed and scrubbed again...  

Middle School
Backwards and Forwards: The students are discussing the main sequence and other heavenly phenomena.  Celestial terminology and vocabulary is introduced and practiced.  Several students are considering and practicing a variety of different note taking style.  Other students are involved in a writing workshop as they create their essays in preparation for high school applications.  

Amanda’s Primary
A young child is working very, very hard to trace the letters in her name.  Her tiny hand holds the pencil tightly and she moves slowly over each letter.  She sits back and slowly smiles a self-satisfied smile.  She asks her friend to read what she just wrote.  Ok, her friend thinks is says, stuffy.  That is really, really funny and both children laugh and laugh.  Writing is a blast!

Venessa’s Primary
In contrast to drab wintery colors outside, several children are creating brilliant secondary color charts inside.  It looks like a math problem!  Yellow + blue = green!  One child simply colors in the corresponding pre-printed circles and another child carefully draws each circle by hand.  He writes his math.  I mean, color equation underneath his images.  One child selects the basket with two labels and several models of vertebrates.  One label reads, nocturnal.  The other reads, crepusular! (Active at twilight).  I think another child just walked away with a third label, cathemeral.  Seems appropriate as the child is active during the day…

An infant guide sits on the floor, using a brush to clean a weaning chair.  A child stands just a few inches away, watching her every move.  The child is given a small brush, a cloth, and a dish of water of their own and is invited to practice cleaning a table.   The child excitedly sits down in a freshly washed chair and gets right to work.   The small black brush is pushed back and forth across the table, delicately dipped in the water dish, and then pushed back and forth across the table again.  Soon the whole table has been scrubbed clean and the child is shown how to use the cloth to dry the table.   Everything is sparkling clean!



01/11/2018 1:16pm

Education is important part of our life and education depend on the base. If the base strong then a students can carry the tough course of classes. So we should check the school before the admission of our kids.


Thank you for all these updates! I know that we just entered a new year, and there are couples of adjustments we need to do. It seems like the students were sent to different school challenges already, I am hoping that they'll get over with the thought of vacation and mindset themselves with schooling already. They may be loaded with a lot of stuff to do, but I know that they can do that! Especially with the middle school I think they have challenging routines to do this year!


I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much.


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