Season of Lights:  Community focus on Gratitude and Giving

Fill the Van!  Bring a Can! There are hungry people amongst us.  We can help!  Please donate healthy canned/dried goods.  Stop by the van and put in a can!  Older students attending Winter Package will deliver the donations to FeedMore or tuck them into (possibly) our very own Little Free Pantry.  

Book Donation:  Please help Central provide books for our neighborhood children (and other lovers of books…).  Leave gently loved books in the offices and we will use them to restore our Little Free Library throughout the winter months!

6           Primary parents sign up for January conferences
14        Winter Celebration and Sing-Along Elementary/Middle School 5:00
15         Winter Celebration and Sing-Along  Pre-primary/Primary 5:00
18-21     School closed, open for winter package only
22-26     School is closed to all
27-29     School closed, open for winter package only

1            New Year Day:  School closed to all
8            Lower el and upper el. parents sign up for conferences
12          Winter Market Day (Upper el/middle school sell/buy and PIII may buy) 2-3:30
15          Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Volunteerism:  School is closed
19          Lower el Science Fair 5:00
26          Upper el./middle school parent Meet and Greet 6:30 & PIN 7-8 (childcare $10 per hr)

Central’s Winter Sing-a-Long
Central children and their families gather together in the Great Room.  Each of the classrooms lead us in some of our favorite winter songs.  Then, we move through the Middle School classroom and enjoy hot chocolate and cookies!  Yum.  Watch for additional information.  
  • Elementary and Middle School:  Thursday, Dec. 14 @ 5:00 Big Room
  • Pre-primary and Primary:  Friday, Dec. 15 @ 5:00  Big Room
  • Infant and Toddlers: Our little ones are not quite old enough (arguably) to perform but they are welcome to come and be with us....
Special Note:  Central will close Feb. 19th for a school wide professional work day.  

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2017-2018 calendar)

*Special Note/Conferences:  Central does not close school to hold parent/teacher conferences.  Different levels rotate out every three months.  It can be very hard to reschedule!  Please watch for specific information/times and places.  Please watch for a google document notification.  We ask that both parents attend.  

Venessa’s Primary
The students are hard at work this morning, and the class seems to be full of burgeoning mathematicians!  A third year student is coloring and counting by fives on a special number line.  Another friend spontaneously practices writing out an equation, 2+2=4, in the sand of our sand tray.  As a visiting parent volunteer reads to a small group of friends, a child works on labeling a tool box and its tools nearby.  Two friends are gluing with a collage work while another counts snowmen.  Finally, a new friend, carefully, carefully builds the small bead stair, then builds the huge bead stair using felt circles!  

A bit of yoga is a great way to start a Wednesday morning!  A  toddler stands on the rug and begins their own version of a Sun Salutation.   The child bends over at the waist and, showing incredible flexibility, manages to get their head all the way between their knees.   The slightly dreary but bright morning sky illuminates the tiny yogi's face.   Next up is a toddler variation on cobra pose.  The child moves their arms in front of them, struggling slightly but managing eventually.   This variation ends with the child face down on the floor for approximately 0.005 seconds, and then popping back up for their next pose!

As the winter season begins in earnest, students are singing songs, reading books, and creating art to get in the spirit!  One student sits quietly crafting a pair of mittens, another carefully creates a one-of-a-kind snowball.  The children listen intensely listen to stories about snowflakes and polar bears.  Three young friends are learning how to put their outerwear on all by themselves, and feel very proud when they flip their jacket over their heads.Ta-da!

Middle School
This week, students are studying Phase Three of the Italian-American Immigrant Experience, continuing their practice of “cause and effect” identification.  Friends are breaking off into groups of three to stage a talk show.  One friend takes the roll as host and interviews a second student, posing as an immigrant while the third group member causes tension by acting as a nativist.  During a Science lesson, students are using the Periodic Table to study patterns of election configuration.

Amanda’s Primary

A new stationary work is placed out for the students to explore.  A bowl of soapy water with a whisk attracts the attention of a few friends.  An older student demonstrates to two intrigued friends how to properly use the whisk to mix the substance with minimal spilling!  A child is finding it slightly difficult to finish their puzzle map of North America, and an older student notices that their friend may need some help.  After finishing and restoring their own challenging “fifty’ board work, a student asks their younger peer if they need assistance.  Together they complete the map, and a friend restores the puzzle while the other restores the mat!

Students are walking in refreshed and swiftly move into their morning work cycle.  Here in the lower el classroom, Mondays are Math and Vocabulary workbook day.  One student comments to another as they take out their workbooks, “I’m almost ready for my purple book!”  Having gathered all of their materials, students begin working diligently to complete their workbooks.  The only sound emitting from the class this morning is the soft flutter of turning pages.

An infant quietly strolls into the classroom, lunchbox in one hand, tote bag dragging behind them in the other.  The other early-arrivers are sitting at their tables enjoying a morning snack, deeply involved in their food.   The child has entered the room so quietly that neither guide has seen them just yet!  The infant walks forward, drops their bags, and for the first time ever (at school) says, "HI!"  Both guide stop what they're doing immediately, look at the child with wide eyes and then look at each other.   Sometimes these littlest ones seem to grow up overnight!

A group of students paint landscapes inspired by the Aurora Borealis with watercolor.  Another student cuts snowflakes of all different designs to string around the classroom.  The imitated sounds of meadowlarks and hummingbirds can be heard from friends practicing their winter song.  “The Allen’s hummingbird is native to Virginia and feeds off the nectar of many plants.” one student says to the other.  A warm and comforting thought in this chilly late autumn day...



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