Season of Lights:  Community focus on Gratitude and Giving

Fill the Van!  Bring a Can! There are hungry people amongst us.  We can help!  Please donate healthy canned/dried goods.  Stop by the van and put in a can!  Older students attending Winter Package will deliver the donations to FeedMore or tuck them into (possibly) our very own Little Free Pantry.  

Book Donation:  Please help Central provide books for our neighborhood children (and other lovers of books…).  Leave gently loved books in the offices and we will use them to restore our Little Free Library throughout the winter months!

6           Primary parents sign up for January conferences
14        Winter Celebration and Sing-Along Elementary/Middle School 5:00
15         Winter Celebration and Sing-Along  Pre-primary/Primary 5:00
18-21     School closed, open for winter package only
22-26     School is closed to all
27-29     School closed, open for winter package only

January 2018

1            New Year Day:  School closed to all

8            Lower el and upper el. parents sign up for conferences

12          Winter Market Day (Upper el/middle school sell/buy and PIII may buy) 2-3:30

15          Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Volunteerism:  School is closed

19          Lower el Science Fair 5:00

26          Upper el./middle school parent Meet and Greet 6:30 & PIN 7-8 (childcare $10 per hr)

Central’s Winter Sing-a-Long

Central children and their families gather together in the Great Room.  Each of the classrooms lead us in some of our favorite winter songs.  Then, we move through the Middle School classroom and enjoy hot chocolate and cookies!  Yum!  Lyrics can be found in your email!


  • Elementary and Middle School:  Thursday, Dec. 14 @ 5:00 Big Room
  • Pre-primary and Primary:  Friday, Dec. 15 @ 5:00  Big Room
  • Infant and Toddlers: Our little ones are not quite old enough (arguably) to perform but they are welcome to come and be with us....
Special Note:  Central will close Feb. 19th for a school wide professional work day.  

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2017-2018 calendar)

*Special Note/Conferences:  Central does not close school to hold parent/teacher conferences.  Different levels rotate out every three months.  It can be very hard to reschedule!  Please watch for specific information/times and places.  Please watch for a google document notification.  We ask that both parents attend.  

Venessa’s Primary
It's a busy snowy morning! Two first year students work on yoga mats quietly in their corner of the classroom. An intent student composes sight words with the moveable alphabet: the, and, a, was. Another student helps dry the clean classroom cups and is setting them on the sink in numerical order. Three other students help put clean mat covers on the rest mats. A second year student is matching fabric swatches. “This fabric feel too rough.  It is not the right match!” A first year student is working on “pouring” snowmen and humming “Jingle Bells”.  The room feels busy and happy right now.

A new fish puzzle is taken off of the shelf and delicately placed upon a table.  Each fish is taken out of the puzzle and placed beside the puzzle.  A toddler matches the pink fish puzzle piece to its corresponding hole, and then does the same with the green fish, the orange fish, and the yellow fish.   Soon the puzzle is complete!   The child shouts, "I did it!  Fish!"  Two children look at each other after hearing the word "fish", purse their lips, suck in their cheeks, and make fish faces at each other.

A younger friend carefully sets up their work station. They lay out a mat, place squares at the very top and prepare to sort them by color. The child sits, focused on their work until each object is sorted. They proudly recite each color, excited to know that each object has been sorted correctly.

Middle School
Exploring a new resource for their science studies, middle school students have logged onto and joined a virtual classroom.  Students are reading  text and watching videos regarding the nature and purpose of science.  They respond to guiding questions with discussion and interest.  Several students return from their last session with CodeVA.  They have weavings in hand.  Beautiful evidence of the integrated knowledge of coding and weaving.  They each developed a personal websites based on their own woven projects.

Amanda’s Primary
A third year student offers to help their first year friends put on their outerwear. He gives them a lesson on the jacket flip and then helps each of them zip up. They are now ready to go outside and play!  A first year friend is creating a snowflake, but struggling to hold the scissors in their tiny hand. An older friend, who has just making their own snowflake, offers to help. They help the younger friend make the cuts they want. The younger friend opens the paper and grins at the snowflake they have made!

The classroom environment is transforming into a Winter Wonderland! Geometric solids are constructed and turn into an evergreen forest, lines of symmetry are cut to the shape of snowflakes, and lights are hung to resemble a starry night. The students rehearse their songs for the Winter Celebration and quietly hum as they return to their work. In preparation for the many practices between now and Thursday’s performance, the children move furniture and begin to resume their work in “picnic” style.

An older infant walks to the shelf and takes a moment to ponder which work to choose first.  Eventually, the child decides on a basket full of bells.   The child places the basket on a table and chooses one golden bell.   They take the bell across the room and gently place it in the lap of a younger friend, then go back for another.  Soon the younger child's lap is full of bells and a chorus of jingles can be heard clear across the room.   Sounds like someone has been practicing their winter songs!

Informative and persuasive writing is discussed during a group review. “It is important for you and everyone else to wash hands. Keeping hands clean means helping the community be healthy and clean.” (Pretty persuasive…) A student lays out fifteen ninths. Converting the improper fraction after simplifying mentally, another student confirms.  “Yes, that is equivalent to one whole and two thirds.” Dress rehearsal is called at 10:30. Students practice winter songs and begin creating a winter wonderland for Thursday’s performance.



12/16/2017 6:45am

I am a product of a Montessori school. I believe in the teaching method that is being used by such institutions. It is effective and very enjoyable. I also have high regards to the teachers who have the patience to teach kids with different characters. I am considering to do further studies on primary education and I hope to be an effective educator in the near future. Teaching is hard work. It requires full commitment and dedication because it is your responsibility to teach the kids under your watch.

12/29/2017 11:18pm

Children need better knowledge for continuing the education. All the children are selected the good institute for cover the good guideline. Children need the good quality of education, All the class system are totally good for all grades of students.


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