We’re 10 years old and Way too Big for Our Britches…

So is Richmond (too big for their britches…)

The City of Richmond is undergoing a remarkable construction revitalization/growth period.  We are experiencing the greatest construction (growth) since Reconstruction!  (I actually don’t know if this is true or not-it seems that it might be true?).  We love Richmond and understand why it is in such big demand.  This has meant crazy (and changeable) traffic patterns.  It has also meant that the relatively long wait to move through city/building inspections is even longer.  We are moving our anticipated move into 2001 E. Broad St. (upper el and middle school students) back to the first of the year.  Of course, during the wait time, the space is just becoming more and more beautiful every day!  


Season of Lights Begins with focus on Gratitude and Giving
27       Book and Food Collections Begins:  Watch for Additional Information

6           Primary parents sign up for January conferences
14        Winter Celebration and Sing-Along Elementary/Middle School 5:00
15         Winter Celebration and Sing-Along  Pre-primary/Primary 5:00

**Please note that these are the ORIGINAL DATES for the Winter Celebration and that the ‘change’ from the last Montessori Moments was a mistake**

Central’s Winter Sing-a-Long

Central children and their families gather together in the Great Room.  Each of the classrooms lead us in some of our favorite winter songs.  Then, we move through the Middle School classroom and enjoy hot chocolate and cookies!  Yum.  Watch for additional information.  
  • Elementary and Middle School:  Thursday, Dec. 14 @ 5:00 Big Room
  • Pre-primary and Primary:  Friday, Dec. 15 @ 5:00  Big Room
  • Infant and Toddlers: Our little ones are not quite old enough (arguably) to perform but they are welcome to come and be with us....
Special Note:  Central will close Feb. 19th for a school wide professional work day.  

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2017-2018 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

*Special Note/Conferences:  Central does not close school to hold parent/teacher conferences.  Different levels rotate out every three months.  It can be very hard to reschedule!  Please watch for specific information/times and places.  Please watch for a google document notification.  We ask that both parents attend.  


Venessa’s Primary
A first year student serves fresh cranberries to her classmates, “¿quieres?”  A third year student works on a number line using numerals 0-100.  Two other students work on fraction skittles, “we cut the skittle in half!”  A second year student paints a picture of the Western hemisphere, while a third year student illustrates the life cycle of a deer. One of the oldest students is reading their very first chapter book in the reading corner!

A toddler sits at a table with their morning snack layed out in front of them.  The child picks up their spoon and gets to work on their yogurt.   Before long, the yogurt is finished, with a fair amount covering their face.  After a gentle suggestion to take a look in the mirror, the child stands up, restores their lunchbox, and walks over to the mirror.  Seeing their slightly (very) messy face, the child leaves to get a face towel, then returns to the mirror to start cleaning their face!

Two older students work together on a math activity. One friend completes the work, while the other patiently waits and watches so they can check their friend’s work. A younger friend carefully walks across the room carrying a small pitcher full of water to refresh our beautiful classroom plants. All of the students work together to pull a bag of oranges to share as a quiet afternoon snack, yum!

Middle School
Returning from Fall break, Middle School students are welcoming an advancing upper el friend into the classroom.  A new classmate is always a reason for celebrating. Students are creating their weekly agenda.  The Winter Celebration is in two weeks and the entire class is listening to winter music and choosing a song to perform alongside upper el. Middle school students have selected to prepare solo and duet performances for the upcoming celebration as well.  This week, several students are  developing performance skills by memorizing and delivering scenes of dialogue between two or three friends.

Amanda’s Primary
A watermelon has been brought into the classroom for Daily Soup.  The students sit in a circle on the group rug, ready to explore the fruit.  They take turns guessing its weight, estimates ranging from 1 pound to 160 pounds.  One student guesses the watermelon’s exact weight at 6 pounds!  The students then take turns scooping out the fruit, commenting on its color, texture, and how juicy it is.  Everyone enjoys this delicious treat at lunch time!

The students glide into the morning work cycle.  A first year student makes a quick and decisive choice of their first work.  “All of these numbers are one digit.”  A group works with the periodic table for the first time, identifying elements by their state of matter. “Oxygen is a gas.  It’s part of our air.”  A student invites another to organize cards into their own periodic table.  The work is large and fills up part of the classroom.  The chart is now easy for all the students to see.  There is high interest in what is being created.  The students have settled back into their school day after the autumn break with renewed enthusiasm and never-ending curiosity!

An infant sits on the floor, staring at their reflection in the mirror.   The child smiles at their new best friend and the reflection smiles back.   The child leans forward, nearly touching their forehead to their reflections.   One tiny hand reaches out and "high fives" the other.   An older friend toddles over to investigate what's happening.   The friend looks from the younger infant to the mirror and back again, and grins, seeming to love the idea of having two smaller  friends in the class!

A student free hands an outline of North America on a piece of fabric. “I can use different colors of thread for the borders of the countries.” This inspires a group of students to trace the puzzle maps, creating collages of North America and the United States on mixed media paper. A sign up sheet is created for individual performances during the Winter Sing-along.



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