Season of Lights Begins with focus on Gratitude and Giving

27       Book and Food Collections Begins:  Watch for Additional Information


6           Primary parents sign up for January conferences

14        Winter Celebration and Sing-Along  Pre-primary/Primary 5:00 (this is a change)

15         Winter Celebration and Sing-Along Elementary/Middle School 5:00 (this is a change)

Special Note:  Central will close Feb. 19th for a school wide professional work day.  

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2017-2018 calendar)

*Special Note/Conferences:  Central does not close school to hold parent/teacher conferences.  Different levels rotate out every three months.  It can be very hard to reschedule!  Please watch for specific information/times and places.  Please watch for a google document notification.  We ask that both parents attend.  


Venessa’s Primary
The class is hard at work this morning.  A second year student proudly gives their grandparents a hug before showing them to a work space where they begin to set out the numeral layout. Another student sits and draws a picture of their grandparents and presents it happily exclaiming, “This is you and me”!  A third year student presents the stamp game to their grandparents, while a group of students listen to one grand friend ready a short story.

A toddler wanders around the classroom, dustpan in one hand, and a toddler-sized broom in the other.  They're on a crumb-hunting mission!  The child scours the floor and finds the jackpot....a small pile of rice leftover from their snack!  The child bends down and positions the dustpan in just the right position, then begins sweeping the rice.  After just a quick moment, all the rice has been swept but the child is not quite done.  Next up....the crumb-less part of the floor.  The child continues sweeping until they've decided that it looks just clean enough.   The dustpan is restored to its hook and as soon as it's available, another child moves to have their turn.

The classroom is filled with tiny children and happy Grandfriends. A child chatters away as they take their visitor to see their favorite works. An older student shows their Grandfriend how carefully they count each bead for the hanging bead work.  Another student takes the parts of a tree puzzle apart and names the parts of the tree as he demonstrates how easily he can put it back into this wooden frame: root, leaf, stem (trunk).  As if in approval, the playground crepe myrtles,easily visible through the large windows, seem to glow, even brighter, with their beautiful autumn colors. The visit is almost up and children and friends gather together and sing everyone’s favorite song:  Wheels on the Bus!

Middle School
One group of students is busy finalizing the newcast presentations that they will deliver to their peers, teachers and GrandOnes within the next few minutes.  One student reminds another student that they need to remember to address the cause and effect of the current events.  They also have to cite the various sources and articles that they will reference.  A lively discussion can be heard as their positions on issues are challenged and questions are asked and answered. The podium is set and a student now stands ready, silently reviewing their notes.  

Another group of students are adding new facts to their list of Immigration Bee questions, this should make the Bee even more challenging and interesting.  “Are the Pilgrims considered immigrants?”. “Native Americans were the first immigrants.”   

Amanda’s Primary
A first year student chooses a challenging map puzzle. Showing great concentration, she works on the puzzle and finishes it all by herself. “I did it!” she exclaims. A second year student chooses the parts of a flower work. He works hard to trace the puzzle and color the flower book. He proudly names all of the parts of a flower. A first year student is having difficulty restoring the trinomial cube. A third year friend notices and volunteers to help. Together, they restore the work in no time!  Students are handed their handmade paper birds and gather around.  They sing Bob Marley’s well-loved song, Three Little Birds.  The GrandOnes instantly recognize the lyrics and, not wanting to overwhelm the delicate singing voices of their grandchildren, join in the singing using gentle whispered voices....Much happiness abounds as flowers are given to visitors in exchange for hugs and kisses.

Students are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their Grand Friends and as they begin to enter the room, the energy in the room seems to become illuminated. Students settle their visitors close to them and proudly demonstrates their knowledge of a variety of subjects. Some friends show their guests the pin maps they are creating while others chose to play a multiplication game with the Pythagoras board. Grand Days truly appears to be a very positive and enlightening experience for all.

A young infant's sits in a guide's lap, calmly enjoying a bottle and a snuggle when their Grandfriend walks in, taking them by complete surprise. The child stares for a moment, as if thinking, "What are you doing here?!"  After the surprise and slight confusion have worn off, the child immediately abandons the bottle and crawls around the classroom, essentially running laps to make sure their Grandfriend has a chance to see absolutely everything and everyone.  After the tour is complete, the child settles in with a basket of books and calmly takes them out one at a time for their visitor to read.

Four students create a map of North America with colorful textured paper.  One is a map of the 50 states.  Another is of the bioregions of the U.S. At another table, students create the same map but with a needle and thread.  As visitors enter the classroom, students begin to select work from shelves and demonstrate their master of their various academic skills.  Students gleefully quiz their visitors on North American trivia.  A student smiles as they hand their Grand Friend a hand-painted water color card at the end of their visit together. 



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