Montessori Moments 6-9-17

Middle School
A “man with enormous wings”, who is actually a student in costume, emits a howl of pain. People surround him. “ He’s no angel!” The middle schoolers are practicing for their end of the year performance. The students are working on memorizing lines and learning stage directions. Some students start to notices things in the script that they want to change and last minute edits are made. Period costumes are being perfected...

Upper Elementary
Students review dividing fractions with whole numbers and offer to give a lesson to a special visitor. Nurseries are researched for locating a tree to plant in the playground. What size hole needs to be dug for a 15 gallon container? How tall is the tree? Is it self fruiting? Does a Chinese Fringe Tree have ovate leaves? Is it native and organic?  Children and teacher are off to Sneed's Nursery to learn more and price trees.  A list is created as the year is reminisced with many contributions from families.

Venessa’s Primary
The students are buzzing with the excitement of their wonderful performance the day before. Two third year students work on the cube chain of 8. “I found 104!” A second year student is busy making a book of rhyming words. Two first year students label our picnic basket work in Spanish: lemonade:limonada! A first year student is working on “living and nonliving.” A second year student reads words built with the moveable alphabet like,”pin, tin, hat, mat, sun, and fun.”  They rhyme!  That makes it even easier to read.  

Lower Elementary
The gigantic rain-forest that was built for the end of year performance has been reduced to a pile of paper link vines. Two students have tallied 787 links. They find that that number divided by the students in the class would give each student a chain 26 links long. What a great souvenir for such an awesome performance! Many students fill their morning work cycle with animal studies. One large group is intent on researching different dog breeds. Their detailed pictures really highlight the differences between each type.

The entire class watches with anticipation as one of our infant friends takes her first steps. This is our second friend in two weeks to accomplish this daring feat. Another infant chooses a puzzle work and stares, wondering how it works. An older student who has been shown how to use it comes to his aid, modeling the process. The weather has been lovely for spending time outside and learning singalongs. ‘Down By the Bay’ and ‘The Smile Song’ are big hits that light up the childrens’ faces.

A walking infant is visiting the toddler class and stretches tall, attempting to restore her lunch box. A toddler friend approaches and asks, “You want help?” The infant drops the lunch box and nods emphatically, “Yes!” and watches as the friend carefully hangs the lunch box on the hook.

Amanda’s Primary
Maps have taken over the classroom this morning. Everyone is concentrating on creating their own large paper maps. Students can be seen working with  maps of countries all over the world: South America, Africa and even Asia. Topic of discussion for today’s groups is conflict resolution. Students give different ideas on how they can resolve a conflict. The most common solution was talking to the friend and the most liked idea was just ignore an slight and keep right on working! Good solutions.  Yes?

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2016-2017 calendar)

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June is Middle School and Upper El Conference Month

June 9 RSVP with food order for End of the Year Celebration

June 9  Upper el. End of the Year Play 6:00 Pizza dinner is being provided! Thanks, Montsi!

June 10  Outdoor Classroom Event 9:30-12:00

June 15 Middle School End of the Year Play  7:00

June 16 End of the Year Celebration and Honey Pot Awards 5:00

June 19 Yearbook Signing Day:   Students are given their yearbooks.  They invite their friends and teachers to sign them!  Signing Day is a big event full of happiness and laughter.  Watch for yearbook order forms.

June 26  Last Day of School before Summer Break

June 27-30 Facility Work Week:  School is closed

July 3  Facility Work Week:  School is closed

July 4   Fourth of July Holiday:  School is closed

July 5  Summer Programming Begins!  Information will be available next week!



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Thanks for sharing the activities happening inside the school. It is my way of monitoring the performance and activities of my younger sister. She is enrolled in your school. I must say that you have an excellent service for education. We will still be enrolling my sister in your school next school year. Kudos!

Thank you for sharing the happenings in your school from toddlers to middle school. I appreciate the efforts of this organization to keep the public updated for their school's improvements. I hope all schools share the same mission in life. I hope more schools are more active in posting in their websites. Please keep this good attitude.

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What a beautiful web.. Love to sit here...

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