Infant: Two young infants crawl over to witness the fun that is being had at the weaning tables, occupied by three other friends. Their guide has carefully and strategically filled three clear bags with red and blue paint and taped them each to separate tables. The infants excitedly press against the cool bags and watch as the colors change from red and blue to an entrancing swirl of purple. Sensory experiences abound!

Amanda’s Primary: A first year student  chooses the red knobless cylinders. The thinnest cylinder is so tricky. It falls off the top of the tower several times. The child does not lose hope. On the fifth try, success! A second year student high fives their teacher after reading their first Bob Book! Several kindergarteners practice reciting their facts about Chile in anticipation of Continent day.

Upper Elementary: A student traces each country of South America and cuts it out carefully. The paper is  marbled and when dry, a new South America puzzle map is created. Friends are invited to piece it together.

Daily Soup is received as black beans are spiced with smoked paprika and fresh garlic. Three students also cut potatoes and radishes to fry up and garnish with onion. Ingredients are identified in Spanish.

Venessa’s Primary: Two third year students discuss the rivers of South America one student says, “I thinks the Amazon river is the longest in South America.” A second year student works on the cube chain of four, while another second year student traces sandpaper numerals and writes them on a chalkboard. A third year student makes a pattern out of the green, red, and yellow cylinders. A first year student receives a handwashing lesson for the very first time.

Toddler: Splash! After several days of fun in the sun the rain is back, but that certainly doesn’t dampen our young friends’ spirits! Everybody is busy on the playground today--one friend stands beneath the sunshade, patiently waiting for their small bowl to fill from the stream of water flowing from the fabric. Another friend carefully asks each of her peers to join her on the outdoor rug for an impromptu group session, led by none other than herself!  We clearly have an ambitious young Montessori Guide on our hands.  She specifically invites our newest Toddler friend to sit beside her in order to help him through the songs Central’s Guides have so lovingly taught her. A beautiful cycle to witness...

Lower Elementary: Preparations for continent day have saturated the work cycle. A table of students work on maps of South America’s biomes. One student adds in the major rivers, “Wow there are so many and they all connect!” Another student makes a book of animals while their friend works on a book of musical instruments, “That one looks cool, I think it’s a rattle made of goat hooves.” Many students help make a large mixed media flag of Brazil. Viva!

Middle School: Everyone works diligently on preparation for Continent Day. Some students research traditional Colombian designs, while others work on maps of the country and its continent. The Middle School students have made many maps over the years, and some of them are doing something different. One student makes a pixelated rendition of South America. Another student scours through old National Geographic magazines to find materials for a collage map. The student traces and cuts out each country. A teacher from a different room is passing by and becomes inspired. Collage maps begin appearing in the Upper El and Lower El rooms. Look for them on Continent Day!

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2016-2017 calendar)

May is Lower and Upper El Conference Month

May 10-14:   PAC fundraiser and really good food.  Nota Bene was voted Richmond’s best restaurant and it is GOOD.  15% of sales is returned to our parent association.  Pizza.  Pasta. That’s-A-Montessori! Watch for information in your child’s bag or contact the front office for “postcards” that are to be shown before your purchase.

May 12:  Continent Day!  5:00-6:00.  Families bring and home prepared potluck foods representing countries from South America.  Presentations and activities.  Watch for more info.  V hours for setup and cleanup.

May 19:  THIS IS A CHANGE: Sex and a Pizza-Parent/Child Event 4:00-5:00.  If your child is in 5th grade or older, plan to be here with us for this amazing event.  Enhance your family's communication skills and share your values. RSVP:  Watch for additional information.  V hours for participation.

May 29:  Memorial Day Holiday:  School is closed.

June 2:  Lower El End of the Year Play 6:00.  Students remain at school and have a quick pizza dinner here.  Parents arrive at 6 sharp!  Please let Monique know if your child cannot participate.  Watch for additional information.

June 5:  Amanda’s Primary Four Minute Play 3:30.  Come and join Amanda’s students for a short (but sweet) classroom performance!  See you then.

June 7:  Venessa’s Primary Four Minute Play 3:30.  Come and join Venessa’s students for a short (but sweet) classroom performance!  See you then!



05/17/2017 7:27am

I see that the school is very busy for the term. I'm sure that the school administrators and officials have a lot on their sleeve. They should focus on helping the students learn from these events. I know that they'll be able to further help the community's progress. Hopefully, the students will actively participate in these events.

I think it's awesome that the admin of the school has time to update us parents on what's happening. I absolutely cherish my kids and I will do anything to make them happy. I hope that they are learning a lot and having fun at the same time. It looks like they are according to these articles. Thanks for always keeping us updated!

06/18/2017 1:45pm

You have a pretty busy schedule. It will be a productive summer for you I think.

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