Venessa’s Primary:
The students are still discussing how wonderful our Continent Day Celebration was.  A P3 student works quietly on the positive snake game and combination of 10.  A P1 student masters color box 1 and said, “I did it, I found all the matches.” Two P2 students work on the red rods while another student builds the word sets for tub and pot with the movable alphabet.  A P1 student works on the screwdriver board while another spoons marbles.  

Lower Elementary:
It’s a jungle in here!  Students are hard at work making props and pieces for our end-of-year performance.  The Amazon Rainforest is coming alive right here in the classroom!  An older student helps a first year friend add some extra lines to their script.  A student works with a group on projecting their voice before they step up on the stage to run their lines and work their entrance.  What a busy classroom!  What a grand production.  


All but one toddler is now using underwear instead of diapers!  A toddler is invited to take her turn using the toilet.  She needs little assistance but a reminder to use soap to wash her hands.  Another toddler has urinated right before he reaches the toilet.  He is encouraged to sit on the toilet for a moment to make certain everything is OK.  He then moves to the red and blue mat and works hard to put one foot in one hole of his clean, dry underwear.  It seems simple but it is a learned skill that requires multiple attempts.  Finally!  The shorts slip on without a struggle.  Shoes are on and the child heads over to stand on the blue line, indicated he is ready to head outside to play!


Two young infants crawl aver to witness the fun that is being had at the weaning tables.  Three friends are sitting at the tables.  Their guide has strategically fills three Ziploc bags with red and blue paints and taped one to each table.  The infants excitedly press against the cool bags and watch as the colors change from rand and blue to a swirl of purples.  Sensory experiences abound.  

Amanda’s Primary:

The students are working hard this morning.  A second year student is working on the 100 board for the first time.  Two third year students work on the cube chain of 10.  One first year student is concentrating on tracing the horse puzzle.  At group time students are given a lesson on how carry a table or a chair in the classroom, so they can sit at their desired place in the classroom.

Upper Elementary:
Students gather in a circle to read parts for the end of the year performance.  The calendar Is marked for June 9th.  3 weeks to create props, costumes and a stage.  While tilling the Fiesta Garden, students add mulch to retain moisture and review the layers of soil.  

Middle School:
It’s almost time for our end of the year performance!  A  parent is here helping flesh out ideas for what we’re going to do this year.  We’re seeing shades of our conversation we had about A Young Peoples History of the United Sates.  It’s tough to tell which debate is more spirited.  Which time period our performance should take place in or whether or not the world economy could function without wars.  We really do cover it all here!

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2016-2017 calendar)

Families may order yearbooks now at

May is Lower and Upper El Conference Month

May 19:  Order your child’s yearbooks!  Perfect gifts for those who love your child as well!

May 19:  THIS IS A CHANGE: Sex and a Pizza-Parent/Child Event 4:00-5:00.  If your child is in 5th grade or older, plan to be here with us for this amazing event.  Enhance your family's communication skills and share your values. RSVP:  Watch for additional information.  V hours for participation.

May 29:  Memorial Day Holiday:  School is closed.

June 2:  Lower El End of the Year Play 6:00.  Students remain at school and have a quick pizza dinner here.  Parents arrive at 6 sharp!  Please let Monique know if your child cannot participate.  Watch for additional information.

June 5:
 Amanda’s Primary Four Minute Play 3:30.  Come and join Amanda’s students for a short (but sweet) classroom performance!  See you then.

June 7:  Venessa’s Primary Four Minute Play 3:30.  Come and join Venessa’s students for a short (but sweet) classroom performance!  See you then!

June 9: RSVP with food order for End of the Year Celebration

June 9:  Upper el. End of the Year Play 6:00 (What for additional information)

June 10:  Outdoor Classroom Event 9:30-12:00

June 15:  Middle School End of the Year Play  7:00

June 16: End of the Year Celebration and Honey Pot Awards 5:00

June 19: Yearbook Signing Day:   Students are given their yearbooks.  They invite their friends and teachers to sign them!  Signing Day is a big event full of happiness and laughter.  Watch for yearbook order forms.

June 26:  Last Day of School before Summer Break

June 27-
July 3: Facility Work Week:  School is closed

July 4:  Fourth of July Holiday:  School is closed

July 5:  
Summer Programming Begins!  


Thank you for keeping the public informed by what is happening on your Montessori. It is helpful, especially for the parents of the students to keep them informed on what is the progress of their child. Keep it up! Please keep us more updated. Yu has an audience waiting for your posts.

It's nice that the school has updates from time to time. This really helps us parents to be updated with regards to our child. It really shows the dedication of the school staff to be able to update this website. Thank you for this, it's really worth it. I hope you have a nice day!

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