Now that We Think About It…
Once there was a child who wanted to create a magical garden space.  This child had a family who helped select and purchase beautiful boards in many shapes and sizes.  Once there was a teacher who listen carefully to all the grand plans and knew that the plans might be too grand for such a small child and such a small space.  The teacher counseled both parents and child.  “Everyone has a right to try and succeed.  Everyone has a right to try and fail.”  The child talked to friends and in short order, a teacher joined their efforts. Measurements were taken.  Boards were cut and screwed into place.  A mountain of soil was moved into the garden box.  By the end of the day, tiny seeds and big dreams were stuffed/hidden within this magical garden space. There is quiet pride and amazement.  There is happiness because of this tiny space on our campus. 

Upper Elementary: Students work together to ground posts for the Fiesta Garden.  A trip to Sneed’s Nursery completes the task of the garden’s design and content.  Walking past the water fountain, a student notices a small black tail.  The gardener at Sneed’s points out the small ecosystem within the pond. “If you look close enough, you will see newts and tadpoles.”  A group discussion is held to confirm and agree on the performance for Continent Day. How “clever”.

Infant: A new form of communication breaks out in the classroom. An infant happily clicks their tongue and looks at a friend, the friend in kind, responds with a friendly counter click. Soon all the little ones are happily conversing with clicks, smiles and waves. Later a little hits a major milestone!  He is crawling!  Based on his expression…it seems he may be pleasantly surprised by this new development.  Life. 

Amanda’s Primary: Two third-year students work together with the moveable alphabet and the phonetics object box.  Four second-year students receive a lesson on the binomial cube.  A third-year student gives a second-year student a lesson on the bow tying frame.  Following the lesson, the student ties bows for the first time!  A first-year student practices the button frame.  After unbuttoning the whole frame a friend walks by saying, “You did it!”

Toddler:  There are three little outdoor tables and four tiny blue chairs.  Lunchboxes are perched upon these new table spaces and tiny food containers are strewn upon colorful “tablecloths” (napkins).  It is lovely at this piazza.  It seems the dinners are somehow silent, simply happy to be so comfortable and able to watch the gleeful activities of friends close by.  

Venessa’s Primary:  The students are hard at work this afternoon.  A PIII student is reading a book on rocks and minerals, then writes the rocks he identifies in a journal.  A PII student makes a book on butterflies and identifies them by name.  Two PI students work on building the tower of cubes. “Close your eyes” and “Surprise”—there’s the tower!  A PII student and a third-year student work on sewing buttons on a pillow they are working on together.

Lower Elementary:
As the morning work cycle begins a few students recall a lesson on square numbers and cubed numbers.  The recreate this mathematical concept by folding and constructing a gradient of cubes out of grid paper.  A student starts a study of the United States by placing the parts of the puzzle map onto the control map.  A first-year student reads a booklet of sight words (that they made) to a friend.  They laugh at the silly sentence they made up for one of the words, a sweet quiet sound for the spring morning. 

Middle School: It’s National Poetry Month!  Students assemble for a workshop on poetic devices.  One student rhythmically chants a line of poetry that has assonance in it.  The other students jump in to add their voices to the repeating vowel sounds.  “The snow in the rose garden groaned”.  As they say it again and again they all get big smiles on their faces, and the rhythm of the “O” sound fills the room.  Another teacher walks through the room, and a smile fills their face as well.

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar)

 April is Primary Conference Month

April 10 Lower el and upper el. parents sign-up for May conferences.  

April 14-21 Spring Break:  School is Closed.  

April 24 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather.  

April 25 Barefoot Puppets Work Shops begin-Middle School start.  Watch for additional information.

April 27 Barefoot Puppets Work Shops continue -Middle School start.  Watch for additional information.

April 28 Primary Meet & Greet:  6:30 Refreshments/time with staff/parents.
PIN: 7-8PM  Discuss topics concerning this age child.  Perfect for toddler parents with a transitioning toddler.  

May is Lower and Upper El Conference Month

May 2 Teacher Appreciation Day-watch for additional information. 

May 6 Outdoor Classroom Event 9:30-12:30

May 8 Parent Association of Central (PAC) Meeting 7-8

May 12 Continent Day Celebration 5:00! 



04/11/2017 2:11am

Kids must enjoy their whole stay in the campus or in the school. They must develop the right skills to further their education someday. Good and bad experiences will help these children hone their skills and practice decision making by themselves. When you are giving them the responsibility of being a good student in school, gradually they're learning that a lot of considerations needs to be taken care of. As a parent, you must guide them to the right path.

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