Upper Elementary: Children are creating plurals. “They wish that they can always have egg sandwiches. Their parents have to pay taxes.” Other students pick their favorite poems and begin to memorize them in preparation for classroom recitations. Music from Gustavo Dudamel is playing in the background.  “This is the music we will play for our Venezuelan performance!” Several children are looking over their planting calendar and determine that if they planted seed on April 5th, they may be able harvest on June 19th!

Infant: Six infants transition from their classroom to their playground.  This is not a rapid process. Guides hold the two doors open wide as two little ones simply toddle outside.  Two by two,  four infants crawl across their soft classroom carpet.  They cross their classroom threshold, cross the polished hallway tiles and move through the exterior door.  They then crawl over the highly-textured entry mat and onto the smoothly sanded and finished wooden deck.  They have now felt multiple surfaces and textures with tiny hands, knees and toes.  Because no one carried them, they had an opportunity to feel all of these amazing textures.

Amanda’s Primary: Each child carefully inserts a pumpkin seed into the newly turned earth.  Watering cans are filled and brought over to the garden.  The big orange pumpkins should be ready to harvest around Chili-Cook Off time!  That seems a long way away…Two students have moved into the classroom and are busy creating a story with the moveable alphabet. The story goes like this.  The bunnies went to the forest to get food and then they came back.  (It’s a short story…).  A student happily shares his longer story and illustrations about a farm house and how the tracker needed to go and get some gas while the wind was blowing all around…words are everywhere right now!

Toddler:   A toddler has settled contently into a “Billy bowl”.  She is startled and begins to cry after one and then another soft pastel colored ball drops directly onto her head! She lets out a loud cry of surprise and alarm and seems completely baffled as to what just happened.  A guide points to the two balls and tells her that she has selected to sit directly beneath the pathway of the balls as they roll off the yard sails and fall to the ground.  The toddler sits for a moment and then gets up and moves her seating to another area of the playground.  From this vantage point, she watches with amazement as a  friend throws a ball high into the air.  The ball is caught by the sail and rolls across the sail and then falls quietly to the ground.

Venessa’s Primary:  A PII student collects the watering can so they can go out and water the “prism” garden. Two students discuss what flowers were planted in the tiny classroom garden.  “Pansies.” says one of the students. A PIII student masters working on the trinomial cube. Another student writes the word, “cate” on the chalkboard for the first time and the children cheer! A first-year student is receiving a lesson on the correct way to clean their nose. Fold the tissue in half.  One half goes on one nostril, the other half goes on the other nostril.  Now, blow and then pinch and pull the tissue down. Two students work on counting the square chain of 10 on our patio.

Lower Elementary: “I see one…Look!” The first sprouts are emerging from the soil. Two friends are watering the dry soil and notice we need a lot of water for this garden. Inside friends are preparing for the first part of the Amazon forest. One friend needs some research information about an electric eel. “It can be as long as 6-8 feet! That means it is even taller than my grandfather who is 6 foot 3” or 6 foot 2!”

Middle School: Students are writing about their favorite poems in their journals. There is a lively discussion during Book Club as students consider and analysis their favorite poems. A poetry matrix with six iconic images of water, yellow, comedy/tragedy masks, heart and black palm print are tucked into the front of each student’s poetry journal.  Where  might they find inspiration for their own poems during spring break?  The icons might help!  Student elections are taking place and people are lining up at booths so they can get their selections in.  Lamar and Asani each win their party’s primaries!  Congratulations!

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

April is Primary Conference Month

April 14-21 Spring Break:  School is Closed.  

April 24 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather.  Parent volunteers are welcome to join us!

April 25 Barefoot Puppets Workshops begin.  Upper el/middle school students participate in Puppetry 101 session in the morning.  Middle school students will participate in a puppet-making workshop in the p.m.

April 27 Barefoot Puppets Workshops continue -Middle school students continue puppet making sessions in the a.m. and p.m.

April 28 Primary Meet & Greet:  6:30 Refreshments/time with staff/parents.

April 28 PIN:  7-8 Discuss topics concerning this age child.  Perfect for toddler parents with a transitioning toddler.  

May is Lower and Upper El Conference Month

May 2 Teacher Appreciation Day-Watch for additional information.

May 6 Outdoor Classroom Event 9:30-12:30!

May 8 Parent Association of Central (PAC) Meeting 7-8

May 12 Continent Day Celebration 5:00!  



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I'm glad that I stumbled upon your site. It's good to see some updates with regards to their education. I get to reminisce my past as well. This brings me back memories of my elementary days. I hope that the educators in this school do their best in teaching the children.

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So glad that you're very dedicated on your work. I can tell it by the way you described things from upper elementary to middle school. I hope you'd continue to inspire the children by teaching them the good values. You are a big contributor to their knowledge. And they will bring that knowledge until they grow old.

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