Wow.  The whole school is abuzz!  A student creates a cube to represent the trinomial cube.  This classic Montessori material was the inspiration for our school logo.  There are “bees” upstairs and a school song being sung for the first time ever.  We have a school song!  Thanks, Vanessa.  A teacher creates gifts of tiny pipe cleaner bees for her parents and staff prepare to wear the school swag designed by our students for chili cook off earlier this year.  A parent shares her plan to posts her child’s school spirit poster and poem on our parent Facebook.  Lovely.  Tomorrow is our first ever Buzz Bee Friday.  Students are invited to wear all things Central.  Let us know if you would like to purchase an item.  Just contact the front office. 

Upper Elementary: Five students pack up the wonderful books our families donated during Friendship Week.  They explore the community they travel through on their way to Richmond Community Hospital. They leave the books with the front desk with assurances that the books will be placed in the Little Free Library there.  Inspired by all the books they have transported, they make a detour to the infant and toddler building to read to their young friends.

Infant: The teachers are singing together in the infant room.  Some old blues number.  The beauty of it, along with the sight of happy, content infants, is a wonderful thing to see.  Two friends, play peek a boo with the paisley printed fabric circle.  The friend, in control of the fabric, pulls a bit too hard.  No worries.  There is a soft carpet to fall over on.  Sure enough, the child falls over.  This sudden development does not stop the belly laughs and the game begins again.  

Amanda’s Primary: The students learn about Central’s mascot, the Bee! The students eagerly study the parts of a bee, they use ellipse and quatrefoil to make colorful bees. The room is soon “buzzing” with bees and busy students. After a lesson, a new student unpacks and repacks a suitcase. A PII student receives a lesson on the geometric solids and a PIII student is working hard on a map of Africa.

Toddler: There are a zillion(!) sparkly, pastel balls on the playground!  Just the right size.  A toddler is...toddling...around with three in her arms.  One child seems to accidentally kick a blue sparkly ball and it rolls across the ground.  Off the child goes, in hot pursuit.  He kicks again, misses and kicks again.  The ball rolls forward but is no longer chased by the child who is now busy helping a friend put her shoe on. He adds a bit of mulch to the top of the shoe.  Both children giggle and then move apart. 

Venessa’s Primary:  A beautiful moment unfolds with a visiting toddler. She asks an older friend to give her a lesson on flower arranging. A small group of PII and PIII students make a chant for Spirit Week “CMS is the BEST!”. Another lesson is given to a group of students about the timeline of Maria Montessori’s life. A student comments, “That’s like our school name Central Montessori!” A PII student works on the sound cylinders while another finishes the 50 board. Happy Spirit Week!

Lower Elementary:  A second year student shows a first-year student how to embellish their map of Australia with jewels that represent the capitals within the territories, the first-year student is excited to be introduced to this extension. Continuing the class discussion of fictional and real life heroes, third year students begin collages inspired by the artwork in the book, “Malala Yousafzai: The Warrior with Words”. Another group of students sit around a mat with square beads and cube beads. They are reviewing the functions of exponents. “What if it was 5 with 13 as the exponent? It would be huge!”

Middle School: The group discusses options and make plans for Spirit Week. A student moves throughout the room taking a poll of everyone’s ideas. One student suggests that everyone should wear school colors. The students come to a consensus that wearing school colors is a great idea. Another group of students collects the food donations in the front office and takes it to FeedMore. The donations are weighed at FeedMore. The school collected 98 pounds of food! Go Central!

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar)

March is Infant/Toddler and Middle School Conference Month

March 1- 3 Central Spirit Week continues

March 4th- Pancake Heaven:  Big Fundraiser for the Neighborhood Resource Center!  Lots of opportunities to participate and of course, parent prepared pancakes!  Yum.

March 9-13-Standardized Testing for 3rd year lower el (third grade) and older. 

Note:  This is a change of dates.  

March 13 Seed Bombs at Central!  Hands on Great Richmond's Vanessa Diamond helps with this project for Lower El students 3:30-5:00 V. Hours for parent help.

March 13
Parent Association of Central (PAC) Meeting 7-8

March 17 Infant & Toddler Parent Meet/Greet 6:30 and PIN 7:00 (call Central for childcare-$10 per hr.)

March 24 Washington DC trip (middle school and upper el students) (watch for details)

March 31 Primary Science Fair 5:00 (details have gone out)

April 3 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather. 



03/10/2017 4:07am

I am sure that the students will bring new wave of excitement to the school. I have heard about the school for many times. I am happy that you are getting along with the students.

I guess this is good news for both the parents and the students themselves. These kind of activities brings excitement and new learning for the students. I could never more happy knowing that Central Montessori holds this kind of event. I'm sure at the very start that your school is a trusted educational institution for my son. I researched about these activities and psychology had proven that they help in molding and transforming the minds of the youth. Thank you for this!

I am so happy to find out that your school has this kind of activities. The children will surely enjoy the whole camp out. They will also gather and learn more infromations outside. I hope my children will experience this too. I will probably enroll them in your institution next year.

The school environment that you have described here in this article seems to be a bit amazing in which students may be enjoying a lot. I think every school should provide an environment like this one if they are willing to educate students in the best way. Through such activities you can create interest in student to get educated.

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