Happening Soon: Our Educational Gardens event will be this Sunday from 1-3 pm. It has been many years since the students and parents have shown such a strong interest in our school gardens.  Special thanks to our Outdoor Classroom Committee for helping to build interest and keeping the "what's possible" dialogue open.  

This weekend, families will come together to help prepare the beds so that our children can plan, plant, care for and harvest plants.  We would love to see you join us.  Bring your children and help create the educational gardens that provide so much information and happiness to our children.

The middle school students have claimed mini-gardens around the campus.  We ask that the students and their families participate in this event.  V hours are awarded to middle school students.

Fiesta Garden
Community Herb Garden
Tiny flower Garden
Circle Garden
Pumpkin Garden
Middle School Mini-Gardens
Pollinator Gardens

If you come, feel free to park at the Infant and Toddler building if needed.  

Upper Elementary: 3 students use nonverbal communication while taking turns constructing volume cubes.  Cubes of 1-6 are created, with book labels of each cube.  A student folds a paper 3 times, the first page reveling the exponent, the second as a multiplication phrase and the third page revealing the value of the cube.  In preparation for their Fiesta Garden a student designs a layout using graph paper and their experience with areas and perimeters.

Infant: The fact that six, yes count them, six, infants are all sound asleep at the same time is evidence of the wet, cool, cloudy day.  Perfect weather for a nap.  Two infant guides are sitting close together surrounded by the little ones.  They are talking quietly about the day's activities and what might be happening with each child.  Observations are shared and notes are taken.  Now, one toddler is awake!  He spies his guide close at his side.  He seems to wait, make eye contact with her and then...he waves!  A tiny little wave accompanied by a tiny little I-just-woke-up smile.

Amanda’s Primary: Three third year students work together with the knobless cylinders.  Towers are carefully built with repeating patterns.  The three friends take turns creating original constructions for their friends to recreate.  This is a moment of cooperation at its best.  A lesson on the three-part cards of South American animals is given to a group of first, second and third year students.  A first-year student sees a pencil on the floor.  Without hesitation, the student picks up the pencil and confidently restores it. 

Toddler: There are four toddlers in various stages of dress and undress and toileting.  Two toddlers are sitting on floor mats and working hard to put their own underwear on.  One of these two friends is very distracted by the car design on his underwear and finds it hard to concentrate on the task at hand.  A guide suggests that he save the special underwear for later and put on the "plain" underwear.  This seems to be a great idea.  The special underwear is put away and as quick as can be, the plain underwear is on!  The little one restores his mat and is soon standing at a table with crayons in hand.  

Venessa’s Primary: A small group of students is receiving a lesson on cloth scrubbing with a washboard.  A third-year student works on “CH” sound using Spanish words like chicle” It’s chewing gum.”  Another student counts the cube chain of six and organizes the counters.  A visiting toddler is watching an older friend work with the tower of cubes.  Two students discuss the bulbs they just planted in the classroom garden. 

Lower Elementary: Don’t be square!  Learning to square numbers is such fun.  One friend knows all the squares of numbers and explains to a younger friend, “You just take the bead bar of six and put it out six times and then add them up or you can multiply them.  I’ll show you, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36! See? You can even make the beads into a square. A real square of six.  So, you want to try it with the seven bars?”  

Middle School: Students are rushing out into the school’s garden spaces.  They quickly determine who will share which space.  Individual mini-gardens are designed.  Several students are researching the cost of seeds and plants.  Other students are sketching the plots and one child is design the mast plan to be presented to the Outdoor Classroom Society this Sunday.

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

April is Primary Conference Month
April 2 Outdoor Classroom Society 1-3:  Help us prepare the classroom educational gardens!  Bring donations of herbs for our Community Herb Garden at the Infant and Toddler Building!  Middle School Mini-Gardens are a focus.  Middle School families are encouraged to come and help their child establish their own gardens! 

April 3 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather.  

April 6 School Portrait Make-Up Date:  9:00 a.m. If you would like, for any reason, to have your child's portrait made, just let us know!  All students must arrive by 9:00.  More info to follow.

April 6 Outdoor Classroom Garden Event: 1-3 Children are taking over the gardens! Wow!  We are asking room parents to help with this amazing educational opportunity.  Let us know if you can help a bit-weekend help is great.  

April 7 Spring Market Day:  Kindergarten and Lower El may purchase. Upper El and Middle School may sale.  Market runs from 2:00-3:30. No Jefferson Park Day today.  

April 8 Variety and Talent Show:  4-5:30 All families with children old enough to sit through a performance should come to this event.  Popcorn and lemonade.  Perfect.  

April 10 Lower el and upper el. parents sign-up for May conferences.  

April 14-21 Spring Break:  School is Closed.  

April 24 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather.  

April 25 Barefoot Puppets Work Shops begin-Middle School start.  Watch for additional information.

April 27 Barefoot Puppets Work Shops continue -Middle School start.  Watch for additional information.

April 28 Primary Meet & Greet:  6:30 Refreshments/time with staff/parents.

April 28 PIN:  7-8 Discuss topics concerning this age child.  Perfect for toddler parents with a transitioning toddler.  

May is Lower and Upper El Conference Month

May 2 Teacher Appreciation Day-watch for additional information.



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I'm really excited about your activities. I believe that you'll be able to teach these children how to interact with one another. This is a good outdoor activity for them. It will surely entice them to look around and use their brain more. Hopefully, there are guards nearby, in case that something wrong might happen.

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