Upper Elementary: In celebration of Pi, students create diagrams studying the parts of a circle. Upon receiving a pie from Proper Pie students measure the diameter to discover the circumference.  Upon finding the circumference, the children line up for a slice of pie.  A friend reveals that this is her first taste of pie.  Students join in for a group of dividing fractions by more fractions. Everyone is excited about the D.C. trip March 27TH.

Infant: There is a "wall" of infants standing silently along the edges of the weaning tables in the center of the room.  Four infants are standing, silently, facing the same direction, with their backs toward the door. (Two infants learned how to pull themselves up this very week.  Their hard work has been rewarded today as they find they are able to stand shoulder to shoulder with their friends and watch something quite amazing.) They are watching an "older" friend and her guide sitting close together. They are watching the guide pour a tiny bit of milk for a thermos into a little glass (shot glass) for the infant. The infant carefully and slowly manages to bring the glass to her lips and drink!  There is a repeating pattern.  Drink, wait, drink, wait.  Not a drop has been split.  Quite an accomplishment. The reverent-like silence of the observing infants seems appropriate for this remarkable moment. One day, they too, will participate in a similar moment of glory. 

Amanda’s Primary: A third year student helps a younger student make a South American sloth. A second-year student traces the control for the parts of an anteater and copies the labels including the two-foot-long tongue! A first-year student chooses bead stringing and shows the teacher their repeating pattern of purple, pink, purple, pink!  Students take turns choosing food colors to add to the white carnation’s vases to see what happens. Later in the day, some flowers begin to change colors. “Why is that happening?”

Toddler: The day is brilliantly clear and the toddlers in their multi-colored coats, hats and scarves, holding beautiful classroom tone bells, fill the air with a sound that suggests the very essence of spring. All twelve toddlers are in motion, ringing their bells. The brightly colored bells are shared or exchanged.  Sometimes there is frustration and a tear or two because the wait seems so very long for a turn.  But no sadness can exist for very long in the mist of this beautiful toddler made music. 

Venessa’s Primary: The students are hard at work this morning. A group of young students receive a lesson on matching different fabrics visually and by texture. Another student explores drawing to Vivaldi’s four seasons and said, “I’m drawing a big circle for the wind!” A PIII student reads, “Dot and Mit” to a younger friend. A first-year student walks carefully with a tray of wooden eggs and sets them gently on a table.  She transfers them to a bowl.

Lower Elementary:  Seed bombs! Part clay, part soil and part wild flower seeds mixed together make a seed bomb. Friends, together with our parent volunteer, are making these lovely bombs for James River Park. A few students organize and form an impromptu band of a drum and ukulele to set a soundtrack for the afternoon activities.

Middle School: The students are relaxed. It is Friday and they have completed their week of standardized testing. The room is filled with various strains of music...much of it being composed electronically right now. A ukulele duo is performing in a corner of the room to the delight of a few friends who sit close by drawing in their journals.  A student exclaims that his original composition sounds like a sound-track for the book they are currently reading for book club. There is a sculpture project in the works on one of the desks.  A chess board is in full use and students are talking about their garden designs.  A decision is made to put off the classrooms electoral primaries (for elementary and older) until the candidate, who had to leave because of illness, can return to join the debates.  

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

March is Infant/Toddler and Middle School Conference Month

March 17 Infant & Toddler Parent Meet/Greet 6:30 and PIN 7:00 (call Central for childcare-$10 per hr.)

March 20 Primary parents sign up for Conferences

March 20 Daily Soup funds drive starts. The giant carrot will be out!

March 27 Washington DC trip for middle school and upper el students (details have gone out.)

March 31 Primary Science Fair 5:00 (details have gone out)

April is Primary Conference Month

April 2 Outdoor Classroom Event 1-3 Classroom Garden beds will be prepared for the children!

April 3 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather. 

April 3- Tennis with Victor Rizzi starts for Upper El and Middle School students. Students must be here by 9 am to participate.

April 7      Spring Market Day (Upper El and Middle School sell and buy and PIII may buy) 2:00-3:00

April 8    Family Variety Show 4:00 (Great for those old enough to attend an hr. long performance) Sign-ups will be posted in office.

April 10   Lower and Upper Elementary Parents Sign Up for Conferences

April 14-21 Spring Break: School is closed

April 28 Primary Meet/Greet 6:30 & PIN 7:00-8:00 (call Central for childcare-$10 per hr.)



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This a very clear and precise report of the student's performance in their schools. I'm grateful that we have this passionate and caring educators that are concerned for both the welfare and education of the youth. Undergoing through these series of activities will help the improvement of student's intellectual capacity and social relationship with their teachers and classmates. I wish that everyone learns a lesson from their teachers. This has been a good experience. Thank you very much for sharing this!

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