Upper Elementary: Students initiate a skit on a lesson for apostrophes and commas.  Parts are needed for independent and dependent clauses.  Daily Soup is enjoyed by Upper El and Middle School students; two children serve beans and potato tacos with a purple cabbage and mango slaw, so colorful!  Fresh cucumber water is served afterwards.  On a Go-Trip, paper products are donated to Diversity.  The group navigates a route without going on the highway: “We are travelling to the Northside of town.”  Observations are made at the Children’s Hospital currently under construction: “Maybe we can donate there when it’s finished!”

Infant: A little one has her shoe off and is trying in on her friend's foot as other infants gather around their guide to hear a tiny book read to them.  Toys are strewn around the room and peace prevails until a friend must leave to group to have a diaper changed.  Now there are big tears and protests!  A little one has put two toys in her mouth...maybe to relieve the discomfort of teething...Her guide waits watchfully until she has taken the toys out of her mouth and set them down.  The guide quickly collects the toys to be sterilized. Once dried, they are quickly returned to the shelf for others to use for enjoyment or comfort.    

Amanda’s Primary: A third-year student chooses the square chains.  A beautiful triangle of colored beads and labels is created.  A second-year student places each work form a shelf carefully on a mat in the correct sequence.  One child dusts and applies wood oil to the shelf and restores each work to its proper place.  A first-year student draws a curved figure, with deep concentration and impressive precision the child cuts exactly on the line they drew.

Toddler: The toddlers, one after another, restore their work and go to their hooks.  A guide points out that it is warmer now and they do not need their jackets.  Two friends determine that jackets are needed anyway and put their jackets on the floor.  Their tiny hands, and then arms, go into the sleeves of their jackets.  And...flip!  Their coats are on correctly!  They shuffle around and find their spots on the thin blue line and wait.  Their guide sees that they are ready to go outside.  She opens the door and out they go to find fat, glistening bubbles gliding upon the gentle breeze.    

Venessa’s Primary: The aroma of pancakes fills the room while a first-year student mixes pancake batter and places the batter on a skillet.  A third-year student is reading Spanish flashcards and making a Spanish Journal, “perro means dog!”  A first-year student was so happy that she completed the parts of a turtle, “I finished the turtle!”  A second-year student is painting their North America map, while another second-year student works on simple addition with the bead stair.

Lower Elementary: All the senses are at work in the Lower El classroom this morning.  “Look at how green the squash gets when they cook!”, comments a student who is working on preparing vegetable lettuce wraps for Daily Soup.  Two students sit together to listen to a march by Johann Strauss (the elder), “This one sounds more happy than the other piece. We listened to his son’s music yesterday”, recalls one of the students.  During music class the group whispers “T-A-N-G-O” as they practice the dance steps to music by Astor Piazolla, from Argentina.

Middle School:  Students are gathered to present their first person narrative writings based on their Young People's History of America readings. They are discussing the American Civil Rights Movement and cultural memory.  The students contemplate why the FBI had tapped Dr. King's phone.  "Why would the government pass the Civil Rights Act and then turn around a tap a civil rights leader's phone?" This is a discussion that will continue for some time... 

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

March is Infant/Toddler and Middle School Conference Month

March 27 Washington DC trip (middle school and upper el students) (watch for details)

March 30 Variety Show Auditions 3-4 pm Perfect for everyone!  Parents can join their child on stage.  There is only love and acceptance here!  Children (and parents) can "audition" for the performances.  Performances should be under 3 minutes. Poems, instrumentals, song, pet tricks, magic tricks...dramatization, comedy, instructions on how to paint a picture...all of it is good.  Watch for details.

March 31 Primary Science Fair 5:00 (details have gone out)

April 2 Outdoor Classroom Society 1-3:  Help us prepare the classroom educational gardens!  Bring donations of herbs for our Community Herb Garden at the Infant and Toddler Building!  Yes. 

April 3 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather.  

April 6 School Portrait Make-Up Date:  9:00 a.m. If you would like, for any reason, to have your child's portrait made, just let us know!  All students must arrive by 9:00.  More info to follow.

April 6 Outdoor Classroom Event: 1-3 Children are taking over the gardens! Wow!  We are asking room parents to help with this amazing educational opportunity.  Let us know if you can help a bit-weekend help is great.  

April 7 Spring Market Day:  Kindergarten and Lower El may purchase. Upper El and Middle School may sale.  Market runs from 2:00-3:30.  No Jefferson Park Day today.  

 April 10 Lower el and upper el. parents sign-up for May conferences.  

April 14-21 Spring Break:  School is Closed.  

April 24 Middle School Shalom Farm 8:30-12:30 Yes! Dress for a mess and every type of weather.  

April 28 Primary Meet & Greet:  6:30 Refreshments/time with staff and parents

April 28 Primary PIN:  7-8 Discuss topics concerning this age child.  Perfect for toddler parents with a transitioning toddler.  



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I find your "Happening now" section really helpful. I bet parents are really glad to know what is happening with their kids at the moment. I have to say that this is a very good strategy to build the trust of the parents. This will also help the school to encourage more potential clients. All in all, I would like to commend the one who thought this idea. Thank you so much for the update, by the way.

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