What’s Happening Right Now… 2/24/17

Wow.  Our very first School Spirit Week starts Monday.  Posters are going up and everyone is a “buzz” with ideas of what we can do to honor our little school.  Teachers are creating study units:  What are the parts of a bee?  Let’s make a timeline of Dr. Montessori.  What does our logo represent?  What is our school proud of?  What can people do with honey?  Why is the bee our mascot?  Do we need a school song?  When can we wear of Swag?  (We have the Swag….). 

This is what we can we came up so far.  Students and staff can wear blue and orange or any of our beautiful school spirit shirts on sell at the office. 

Toddler: A toddler friend reenters the room after visiting the “big” school.  She has worked hard to grow strong and learn the important lessons of self-care and kindness for others in this room.  But, she is ready!  After her big adventure this morning, she seems glad to be reunited with her friends at the “little” school.  She will have two more visits and then she will leave this place of tininess, better known as the, “Land of Laps”, forever.  Her first teachers will miss her but her each of her toddler friends will look forward to seeing her again when they are old enough to join her in the primary program. 

Upper Elementary: Students are intent upon a National Geographic report on the various zones of a marine pier.  They bring in 4 logs, each one foot long, from the playground and are creating the aquatic creatures for each zone.  Beautiful shells, collected and shared with the students now house amazing, detailed mollusks of various sizes and shapes.  Vocabulary words are researched and a painted diorama is added as a background.  “Maybe one day we can go and see this at Virginia Beach!”

Infant: A parent comments that his little one seems happier these days.  It seems to be true…she is sitting now-unaided!  Her hands and eyes can coordinate.  Her body supports her weight as she leans forward to pick up a shiny pair of silver rings.  She is completely involved in this effort and seems to not be aware of all the movement and activities flowing around her. 

Amanda’s Primary: A first year student concentrates on bead stringing. Nearby another first-year student is pin punching South America.  Two second year students take turns fetching specified quantities of units, tens, hundreds and thousands from the bank for the first time.  A third-year student works carefully to create a model of a human skeleton using old pasta and glue on construction paper.

Venessa’s Primary:  A small group lesson is being given on the 3 parts cards of a Sloth.  A third-year student is tracing and labeling the pars of the Brazilian tapir.  Two students are working on extensions using the red rods, knobbed and knobless cylinders.  A first-year student is spooning into 3 different containers by color, Pink, blue and purple.  A second-year student is working on a metal inset block and practicing on “up touch, down touch”. Two first year students are cleaning the glass windows of the classroom!

Lower Elementary:  The students glide into the morning work cycle as they arrive.  Second and third year students maneuver through complex math equations using the order of operation.  Page of pencil become lively and colorful as grammar symbols are added, “Happy is an adjective!” First year students continue work on division and many have received lessons on the rocks and tubes!  As a whole class, each student has begun work on the timeline of life.

Middle School: Students eagerly discuss, in two groups the laws they would create in a world run by kids.  A walk outside to pick up trash in the neighborhood was rewarded by passers-by giving their thank you for the hard work we are doing.  Students are introduced to writing research papers and developing a thesis statement.  One student concludes that pennies are worthless, while another concludes that the 1900s are the best fashion period.

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

March is Middle School and Infant and Toddler Conference Month

March 4th- Pancake Heaven:  Big Fundraiser for the Neighborhood Resource Center!  Lots of opportunities to participate and of course, parent prepared pancakes!  Yum.

March 9-13-Standardized Testing for 3rd year lower el (third grade) and older. 

Note:  This is a change of dates.  



03/02/2017 7:50pm

There's so much ahead of the students this month! Among the list of activities for the students, lower elementary students seem to face the biggest challenge for this month. We all know how complicated math subject is. For sure, this going to be a draining yet educational month for them! By the way, tomorrow's event is exciting. People would be so happy and full for this "pancake heaven day".

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