Front Desk: Our administrative assistant, Jeff Immel, is heading to Nepal on Sunday to volunteer at Heavenly Hill Academy, a non-profit program that offers free education to children in the rural village of Gaunshahar  He would love to help this little school be successful and help build a new library. He will send us progress updates from time to time. We wish him luck!  Here is a link to his fundraising page for the project.          

Lower El: The room is filled with the gentle chords of a ukulele.  Several friends sing along. Then one friend takes her ukulele out and tries the F and then the C chords. Another friend asks, “Can we try the next song?” “What song is that?” “Here are the songs for me to practice. My teacher told me that if you’re playing ukulele you can also use guitar notes.” “Can I show you how to make a C major? I am learning ‘Day Tripper’ by the Beatles, it’s really hard!”

Venessa’s Primary: A small group of students are quietly discussing if it will snow tomorrow night, while the rest of the classroom is hard at work. A second-year student has just asked if he could give a first year student a lesson on the numeral layout since he has now mastered it. A brand new student is cleaning a table and has been scrubbing for fifteen minutes; a very clean table indeed! A second year students builds the words ‘hat’ and ‘sun’ with moveable alphabet. A first year student is hard at work on matching the color

Toddler: It is early evening and a toddler has been told it is her "turn" to leave for the day.  She is fully involved in story time and takes a moment to move toward her hook.  Once committed to the school to home transition, she is all business.  Coat is upside down on the ground.  She slides her little arms into the arm holes and flips her coat over her head.  Once snuggled into her winter jacket, she puts one big bag over an arm and then collects her lunchbox.  Together, these two items probably weigh as much as she does.  The bag drags the ground.  When help is offered, she responds, "I do it."  Out the door she goes into the waiting arms of her mom.  

Amanda’s Primary: Two first year students work together building the brown stairs. A third-year student helps a second-year student gather the necessary materials to start making a map of South America. Together they retrieve the large clip board, large tracing paper, the control of South America and a pencil. A third-year student uses the moveable alphabet to sound out five action words (verbs). Another third-year student does the forty-five layout with the golden beads and the corresponding numeral cards. Several students admire this work before it is restored.

Upper El: A research on biomes inspires a student to recommend this weeks ‘go-trip’. The student asks, “May I look up greenhouses in Richmond?” The class listens to a recitation of Edgar Allen Poe’s To the River. A student suggests going to the Poe museum for a class performance. Another first-year student paces back and forth along the math shelf. The peg board is selected and taken to a nearby table. 13 squared is laid out in units, placing each peg gently in the board.

Middle School: A group of students is hard at work editing the Middle School’s next YouTube video about mass, weight, and volume. Another student finishes their experiment comparing sugar content between sodas. In one half-hour, the class will convene to listen to a presentation about modern American Indians. They have prepared questions to ask and will be writing journals all week on the theme of indigenous peoples.


Infant: A little one is making a beeline for a empty cardboard box!  His friend is headed to the same box!  It will all be fun and then there will be tears...right?  

Actually, the friend that arrives first seems glad to have the company and "shares" the box.  Both toddlers bang and turn and shove and pull the box around themselves and each other.  All of this happiness and activity goes on for several minutes.  The first child crawls away, seemingly content, to explore the big rolling container that is filled with mystery items.  No tears!  

Calendar Updates:


February is elementary conference month please sign up in the office!

February 6-10   Parent Visitation Week

·        Primary 9-10 or 10-11

·        Elementary 2-3 or 3-4

·        Infant and Toddler 4:00-4:30 or 4:30-5:00

Feburary 10- Middle School Dance and Mystery Dinner

February 11- Mise En Place South American cooking lesson and brunch for    elementary and middle school students 10-12:30. Contact front desk to RSVP

February 13- Middle School & Infant/Toddler Parents Sign Up for Conferences

February 14- Day of Friendship (Valentine’s Day)

February 17- Elementary Meet/Greet 6:30 and PIN 7:00-8:00 (Call Central for     childcare -$10 an hr.)

February 26- Outdoor Classroom Event 12-3 (planning lunch from 12-1, garden work from 1-3)

February 27- March 3 Central Spirit Week!

March 4th- Pancake Heaven

If School is Not Opening…Snow Day!

Please check our web site Google calendar to find information about closings. This information will be posted directly onto our Google Calendar no later than 6:30 a.m. We only post if we are closed or delayed.

If School Must Close because of Inclement Weather:  Because there is sometimes a slight delay between setting up our message and the time you receive it, we strongly recommend that all parents text “downtown” to 292929 to receive emergency text broadcasts from Central in a more timely manner. 



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It is beneficial that you posted the itinerary for this month. It is important that parents and guardians are being informed. Some parents are busy and don't have much time to drop by the school. Through this website, the information can be shared with those busy parents.

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