Now that I think about it…

I walk through the school and hear two things.  One is the beautiful and powerful voices of our lower el students as they sing, America the Beautiful.  At the same moment, I also hear the voice of Mr. Trump as he is sworn in as the 45th president of this great country.  In short order, our older students begin to discuss, not only the inauguration, but also the formation of two (three?) "political" parties in preparation for the upcoming school wide elections of our school president.  Democracy in action! 

Front Desk: Teachers and students are beautifying their classrooms in preparation for Silent Journey tonight. Invitations to the upper el. sponsored Galaxy Rock Dance Party for the lower el. students are beginning to be sent home. Many smiles and much happiness on this dark and gloomy day.

Lower El: The fraction box is laid out before the older students as they work out adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions with common denominators. A few students use hand held clocks to solve word problems using time. A visitor from primary focuses on a map of South America. The whole class practices musical notation while transitioning to lunch. “A-pple, a-pple, grape, grape!”

Venessa’s Primary: The classroom is nice and calm while the student’s work. A first-year student is sitting in the ready corner and quietly reading a book about winter. A second-year student is working on the packing a lunchbox work. Another second-year student is using the bead stamps to count out the square chain of 10. A third-year student composes dinosaur names with the moveable alphabet. A small group of second year students receive a lesson on the particles that make up a solid, liquid and gas. 

Toddler: There is something to be said about a sunny archipelago in the mist of large body of water.  There are many islands in our playground, Mulch Ocean.  Two toddlers are "safe" upon soft gray square tiles (islands), just large enough to accommodate them. Two toddlers perch upon the top of overturned buckets (islands) with feet hanging just an inch or two above the "water".  Two friends sit on soft yellow, white and grey poufs (islands).  Several other friends sit on the deck edges (beaches) of the playground.  At this moment, out of 8 tiny pairs of feet, only two tennis-shoed feet are in contact, or getting wet, in our calm and peaceful playground ocean.  All of the stranded islanders look content and happy-none look the least bit concerned about the need for rescue.  


Amanda’s Primary: Two third year students work calmly and quietly together. They are each making books of the plane shapes. One child decides to make an illustrated list rather than a book. A second-year student chooses the parts of a turtle work. A first-year child notices how another child spilled their pencils and spontaneously offers to help pick them up.

Upper El: A pair of students design triangles on a flat surface using their tables. All the angles are measured and labeled. “I know the corners are 90 degrees”, exclaims one students. Story webs inspire characters for a creative writing workshop. One friend explains to another, “We can make a puppet show when we are finished”.

Middle School: The students cluster in the middle of the room for an algebra study lab. Some students work on factoring numbers down to their smallest pieces. One of them realizes this means that the factors are prime. A couple students work on solving multi-step equations, and request a refresher lesson in the distributive property. The most advanced student checks the work of a younger student just beginning algebra. Most of the younger student's work is correct! Another student is temporarily perplexed by negative numbers, then realizes they've gotten every problem they were working on correct, and smiles. "Oh. OK. I guess I do understand that." But do they!?


Infant: A toddler, who woke early from her nap, has found her infant sister and is using a brightly colored pink and blue scarf to play peek-a-boo...well actually it looks a bit more like, a waterfall of fabric that baby sister must wait patiently to have pulled gently away from her smiling face. A little one, just beginning to crawl and pull up has made her way to the weaning chairs and tables. She does not yet have her own weaning foods but she is definitely interested in what one of her friends is eating.  Just as she reaches out to grab a delicious bite, an observant guide wisely offers her a set of tiny wooden rings- blue, green, yellow-that distract her just long enough for her friend to complete her snack in peace. 

Calendar Updates:


January is Primary Conference Month! Sign up through the front office.

January 27th RSVP for Parent Visitation Week through front desk.

January 27th 4-5:30 Elementary Dance! Dance starts at 4:00 for Lower El students.  Upper El students will provide music (with DJ) and refreshments and decorations!  Wow!  Party ends at 5:30!

February 6-10   Please RSVP by January 27th Parent Visitation Week

·         Primary 9-10 or 10-11

·         Elementary 2-3 or 3-4

·         Infant and Toddler 4:00-4:30 or 4:30-5:00

If School is Not Opening…Snow Day!

Please check our web site Google calendar to find information about closings. This information will be posted directly onto our Google Calendar no later than 6:30 a.m. We only post if we are closed or delayed.

If School Must Close because of Inclement Weather:  Because there is sometimes a slight delay between setting up our message and the time you receive it, we strongly recommend that all parents text “downtown” to 292929 to receive emergency text broadcasts from Central in a more timely manner. 



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This is the reason why I want my children to study in Central Montessori School. They really provide quality education while the environment they have is friendly, especially to children. The classrooms were all beautifully designed, which is something that I like. Plus the teachers were very nice and accommodating, and that is a factor that I like in a school! Kudos to all staff of Central Montessori School!

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