What’s Happening Right Now…

Front Desk: Drum lessons now available at Central! Antonio James, one of our wonderful parents will be providing drum lessons at Central on Monday afternoons. The rate is $80 a month for weekly lessons. To sign your child up for lessons please contact Antonio at anthilllive@gmail.com

 Amanda’s Primary: A student is concentrating intently on completing the extension of the brown stairs. The child’s jaw drops as the thinnest and final piece is delicately placed atop. The feat does not seem to disturb a nearby friend who is investigating a new science work distinguishing various parts of an airplane. At group, students are practicing their winter songs; the parade will be here before we know it. 

 Lower El: Maps are sprawled out all over the classroom… Capitals & flags, plants & animals, rivers & mountains! A small group of friends are contemplating the fundamental needs of man. “Foods like chocolate cake and whipped cream, topped with berries, shredded chocolate, and raspberry goop in the middle.” If only this could be one of the essential foods we need to survive.  

Venessa’s Primary: The students work on the solar system puzzle and say, “this is our plant, Earth!” Another student brings a metal inset to the teacher and proudly states, “I wrote my name for the first time” and the entire class cheers! A fellow student finishes their map of South America and hangs it on the wall. A PIII student works on animal research and studies great white sharks!

Upper El: A group of students receive a lesson on multiplying decimals. On the other side of the room a second group creates a common multiples book from 2-12. A student asks when we will return to the Science Museum. “Go-trips are on Wednesdays.” A two-scene skit celebrating Rosa Parks is performed for their friends in Lower El.

Middle School: A troupe of students make a trip to east end library to check out books for later discussion. This is a continuation of budding a relationship with local libraries, including the library of Virginia. Students interested in music ask about composing. We are looking forward to making music in the future as we build a studio.

Infant: A little one doesn't really want her bottle.  But...she doesn't really NOT want her bottle.  Around and around the room she toddles halfheartedly taking a small dribblely little drink from time to time.  A guide invites her to sit at the weaning table in a tiny chair.  The guide transfers the milk from her bottle to a small, clear glass-the size of a shot glass and....finally...happiness!  Our little one sits for about thirty minutes taking tiny sips. She is fully engaged and uses one hand, then two hands, she take a big gulp and milk spills over the edge.  All of this leads to an empty bottle and a quick, but necessary change of clothes.  

Toddler: As I pass by infant room door, I hear Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy.  Then as the door to the toddler room opens, refrains from Pachelbel's Canon in D fills the air. The playground sails are no longer up and the soft autumn midday light fills the rooms. 

Toddlers are settled around the lunchtime tables with their colorful lunchboxes and tiny containers arranged on the "place mats".  The children are so focused on their healthy lunches that there is little response to a visitor entering their space.  One guide is sitting with the children as she eats her own lunch.  Another guide is moving about the classroom quietly laying out tiny mats and soft blankets. That lovely transition from activity to rest begins.  

Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the
website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

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December is Infant/ Toddler and Middle School Conference month! Sign up through office.
December 10th Community Dance opportunity (see flyer below) 

 December 16th 5-6 pm Winter Celebration and Sing-a-Long. Perfect for children three years and older but everyone is welcome. We sing seasonal songs, enjoy student performances, eat and drink the delicious hot chocolate and cookies that our parents have prepared.  This is also a time we sing and present our first responders with cookies and much appreciation.  More information will be sent out closer to the event. *****Montessori Hour will not be available this evening******
Dec. 19-30 School is closed.
Dec. 19-22 & 28-30 Open for Winter Packet Only - Registration is closed.
January 2nd School reopens! 

January 20-21 Silent Journey- There is one place and one time each year that provides parents with much sought after information about what it means for their child to be in a Montessori program.  Many questions (and more) can be answered during a fun-filled, information-intense five hours. Meals provided! Each space is $50 per person. Plus, you will receive V-hours for attending!  Space is limited for this special event.  Please contact the front desk to reserve your spot. 

VCU DANCE 2016-2017
Community Performance Opportunity

Dance Exchange and VCU Dance
Participants of all ages and bodies invited to perform with VCU Dance in

A restaging of Liz Lerman's 1986 classic, originally choreographed for the centennial of the Statue of Liberty 

Open Community Rehearsal 
Saturday, December 10th, 3:00-5:00 pm
Depot Annex Studio behind 814 West Broad St 

No dance training needed, all are welcome.  
Performances at the Grace Street Theater, February 16-18, 2017

For more details and to register, contact: 
Lea Marshall, lemarshall@vcu.edu804-828-1711.



12/14/2016 10:33am

It seems like many things are happening now in Central Montessori School! Everyone is busy and I hope all students are having a good time. It's nice to know that this school is providing an educational, safe, and fun environment for these students. By the way, the coming winter celebration makes me excited. I would love to witness that activity once I get the chance to be there!

02/26/2017 3:06am

I love kids so much, they take away every stress I have. It looks like this Montessori really has the quality that a kid deserves. As I look at the activities you had and pictures you posted makes my heart pound because they look like they are really enjoying your school. You have a good environment for them, I'm happy to read all your posts. I can't wait to see more it.

01/04/2017 2:33am

It's really an interesting idea, I never thought it before. A very nice article!

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