What’s Happening Right Now…

Front Desk: Our school spirit items are being displayed in the front office in preparation for this special week- long event.  Laughter and happiness are evident throughout our school as GrandOnes join their loved ones on this lovely autumn day.  Lessons are shared.   Songs are sung.  Friends and teachers are introduced. Flowers and small gifts are given to our very special guests with promises made to meet again next year.  Same time, same place!  That's something to be thankful for! 

Special thanks to our "classpitality" parents and PAC who make this event possible.  It is truly a lovely event. 

Amanda’s Primary: Grand Days is upon us!  A student shows his grandfather what creations can be made using the magnetic tiles.  The various shapes of tiles are carefully joined to make fast rocket ships, tall towers, and a large castle.  A second-year student gives a grandparent a lesson on the square chain of four.  Then they take out the cube chain of four and complete the work together.  A third-year student shows his grandmother how he adds numbers using the stamp game.  Students gather ‘round and sing, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as they sign the words to one of our favorite songs.  We hear the voice of generations joining together.  


Lower El: “Where is Georgia?” a child asks a friend. “I know! My grandma lives there!” the friend replies.

“Not the one in North America.  I mean the Georgia in Eurasia. I can’t find it in the Atlas.  I looked at Asia.” The friend suggests, “You should look at a map of Europe! I thought there was only one Georgia! The one where my grandma lives”.   I think my grandmother is here right now!

Venessa’s Primary:  A second year student is engrossed in a scrubbing work at a table while a friend next to them is kneeling before their South American map on a rug.  Two students have completed work cycles and begin a new work cycle constructing a building using magnetic tiles together.  They identify a square-based pyramid!  An upper elementary student has come in to visit and is reading to a small group of younger friends. A few GrandOnes begin to move into the classroom.  Happy greetings as a child settles down beside their grandparent to share a moment of their wonderful day together. 

Upper El and Middle School: Students return from the state capital where they just witnessed the 339th Virginia Native American Tribute.  This is an annual event.  Tributes of wild game and artifacts are presented by the Mattaponi and the Pumunkey tribes to Governor McAuliffe.  Speeches and dancing commence.   Students get an up-close look at wild game and hear the dynamic music of a wonderful culture.  Under bright skies, the urban walk seems to have put everyone in a good mood.  Students settle into their classroom routines and await the arrival of their loved ones.   

Infant & Toddler: A grandparent gathers her infant grandchild before joining her toddler grandchild in his classroom.  The infant who was a bit fussy at first, settles down in his grandmother's arms for a late afternoon bottle.  The toddler seems content to have these special family members join him, his friends and teachers. Another toddler's face brightens with happiness at the site of her grandparents. Her playground toys are tossed aside as she gleefully joins her loved ones for their visit.  


Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the 

website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/



December is Infant/ Toddler and Middle School Conference month! Sign up through office.


November 24-25 Autumn Break:  School is closed  


December 16th Winter Celebration and Sing-a-Long. Perfect for children three years and older but everyone is welcome. We sing seasonal songs, enjoy student performances, eat and drink the delicious hot chocolate and cookies that our parents have prepared.  This is also a time we sing and present our first responders with cookies and much appreciation.  More information will be sent out closer to the event.

Dec. 19-22 & 28-30 Open for Winter Packet Only-Registration is closed.

Dec. 23-27 School is closed to all.





11/29/2016 6:37am

Thank you for sharing such a good tips regarding to the school, as a friend of me also attended that school years ago. I'm in a university now and i had loved my school era.

02/02/2017 7:46pm

This event is amazing. It is good to know that there activities such as this wherein kids are having time to bond with their grandparents. I think this is a fun idea. I will suggest this to our board so that they can consider having event such as this. The kids seem to enjoy the fire pit. That moment is surely a treasure to keep for them.

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