What’s Happening Right Now…

Piano lessons! During November only, sign up for a one month FREE trial of PIANO LESSONS at Central Montessori School, ages four and up. Contact director  ryan.corbitt@gmail.com for more information, and visit www.groveavepiano.com

Amanda’s Primary: The class is busy prepping for GrandDays. A beautiful art project is in progress. During PIII kindergarten time, the group receives a lesson on weighing items. A large purple radish is produced (courtesy of the Daily Soup basket) and put on a scale. The students speculate how much the radish will weigh. Weight predictions vary from 1 to 100 pounds. The radish weighs …drumroll...1 pound ten ounces! 


Lower El: Division, without materials if fun! “How many times does six go into 32?” a student asks a friend. “Five times and there are two leftover” the friend replies. They move on to the next division problem. “Oh! Five times six equals thirty, six goes into thirty five times”. 

Toddler: During evening dismissal, the staff spells each child’s name out in hopes of “slowing the roll”.  Incredibly, it seems that one of our friends may be learning how to spell her name!  Beautiful new books from bbgb adorn the laps of three prereaders.  The room is full of new vocabulary words as a teacher reads one of the little books the children have piled up beside her in hopes that she will select their favorite story as they settle down and listen intently.   

Venessa’s Primary:  A PIII student is giving a first-year student a lesson on South American animals. “A tapir lives in South America.” Two students work on the rhyming objects “Cork and fork rhyme!”. A PII student works with the moveable alphabet and builds the words: cat, hat and str (phonetically). Another student carefully polishes a metal vase for almost 30 minutes. 

Upper El and Middle School: A Middle School student offers Japanese lessons to the class. Many take her up on the offer.  Another student draws free hand, the water cycle in his journal. “Let’s see, there’s precipitation, evaporation and….” Modeling clay is used to create land and water forms. Later, Market Day is in full session. The students set up their wares and prepare for their young customers. Handmade pillows, beeswax and coconut oil lip balm, baked goods, books and much more are set up. After the sale, the students tally up the proceeds and receive a lesson on taxes. 

Infant: With the gift of a long season of warmer temperatures, the little ones are out enjoying the soft light and gentle breezes.  One little one mimics a bulldozer-she puts her little head down and pushed a big orange pouf the length of the play scape.  No one seems the least bit concerned about the landscaping efforts and continue their baby activities of looking about intently, crawling into their guide’s lap and selecting favorite teething items for sampling.  



Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the 

website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

December is Infant/ Toddler and Middle School Conference month! Sign up through office.


November 19th @ 9:30-11:30. Outdoor Classroom Event --Great V-hour opportunity! Childcare available.



Nov. 21-23 GrandDays!  RSVP required.

·         Primary @ 9-10 or 10-11

·         Elementary @ 2-3 or 3-4

·         Middle School @ 3-4 or 4-5

·         Infant and Toddler @ 4:00-4:30 or 4:30-5:00 (I and T children leave with visitors)


November 24-25 Autumn Break:  School is closed  





11/24/2016 10:41pm

I miss being a high school student. While reading this post, I remembered all the fun I had back then. Being a college student is much more stressful and depressing. Back then, when given a simple math test, I would complain already, but now, I think that I would give up anything to go back to that time. Hopefully, all the students in central Montessori take their time in school and have fun.

01/18/2017 4:28am

I miss my childhood moments. I miss those extracurricular activities that made me busy. I miss those field trips to the zoo, factory and museums. Whenever we have our reunions, we don't forget to remember those times. How I wish we can go back to those times.

02/13/2017 8:44am

I think that it is great that you gave an overview of the happenings at Central Montessori school. This is a good impression for the parents and the students as well. I am almost done with school, and I must say that after reading your article, I feel like I will miss it a lot. I will miss having all these fun and interactive activities. Overall, I like how you structured your post in order to convey your thoughts clearly.

What’s Happening Right Now is really awesome topic about Piano lessons because music provides us healthy time to enjoy and keep fresh from sad events. Music had deep impact on our mood and behavior.

01/07/2017 3:47pm

I am quite satisfied with what I have read, it is very helpful at all, tenks

01/13/2017 3:41am

Hope you've updated your calendar this year) I'd like my child to visit some lessons)

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