Central Camp In!  Tonight! 

We are counting tents and sleeping bags and telescopes!  Marshmallows have arrived and we are just about ready for our Lower Elementary Camp In tonight!  Special thanks to Monique and our campy parents who agreed to help with this delightful event! 

Middle School 

Plans for the upcoming Autumn Market Day are underway.  Several older students are acting as consultants to our newest “free market” participants.   Many things must be considered such as the  cost of manufacture each unit to be sold.  What is the price that a “market” will bear?  Who might the competition be?  Have we found a niche?  What about marketing and design.  Product placement could make the difference.  Is this the year to advertise?  What about a partnership.  Who contributes what?  What is the profit margin?  Those….taxes have to be paid as well… 

Lower El 

A group of third year students compare/contrast two versions of the myth of Perseus. Another pair of students make puppets for a performance telling the tale of Andromeda, Cassiopeia and the sea monster, Cetus. A student carefully adorns his poster model of the solar system with black and silver glitter paint. These projects are in anticipation of the Lower El camp-in tonight!

Upper El

Three students prepare Daily Soup with apples, beets and rice. “Let’s add some ginger to the rice.”

One student uses the marker board to describe the area of a triangle. “Half the base times the height.”

A group of students perform an Indian myth “Durga and the Buffalo Demon.” Five scenes are created and costumes are designed. An actor asks a fellow actor, “Can you please help me make a buffalo mask?”

Primary: Amanda

A Primary I student is busy concentrating on the new table scrubbing work.  After finishing the work, the student restores all the materials and admires the work.  A Primary II student is very excited to watch the Daily Soup being made. The student sees a few pieces of onion fall on the ground. He picks the pieces up and puts them in the compost. A Primary II student colors in the parts of a frog and then labels each part. It is a busy day in class!

Primary:  Venessa

You could hear a pin drop this morning! The students are hard at work. A Primary III student works on the positive snake game and the combinations of 10. Another student receives a wood polishing lesson for the first time. They are amazed at polishing a model frog. Three students receive the sink and float lessons and experiment dropping different objects from the classroom in a huge basin to see which ones sink and which ones float. Another student serves the entire class a bowl of delicious grapes.


 One of our little ones has discovered and brought her favorite book to her guide.  They settle down together and read about a little blue truck that helps manage a magnificent traffic jam in New York City.  Many sound effects accompany the text and our little one, too young for words, produces many of these delightful utterances. Impressive, really.  


In preparation to go inside after playtime, many of the children are busy putting their outdoor play equipment into the little wooden "frame".  No teachers tell them what to do.  They simply do this!  After their playground is restored, they enter their classroom and are seated at their tables.  Tiny triangles of sweet watermelon are served and after close examination and careful tentative nibbling and licking,(the red side is tastier than the green side...), the children devour this special delicious birthday treat! 

Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the 

website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/




November 11-12 @ 7 p.m. Friday-9:00 a.m. Saturday:   Lower Elementary Camp In!  Wow! 

November 11: RSVP for Silent Journey-Spaces limited.  Perfect for infant and toddler parents and new parents.  PAC members and teachers also attend.  Event runs the evening of Jan. 20th and the morning of Jan. 21st.  We ask parents who are participating to attend both sessions.  This is a dynamic and possibly the most informative educational venue that most of us will ever have the chance to attend.  Chart your child’s entire developmental and educational pathway in a few short hours.  Check our event calendar (web site) for additional information.  

November 13 @ 8:00- Middle School and Infant/Toddler December Conference Sign Up begins-contact office

November 14 @ 7:00 p.m. – PAC Meeting

November 18th @ 2-4 p.m. Autumn Upper El /Middle School Market Day:  (PIII may buy.  Most items $1.00)  

November 19th @ 1-3p.m.  Outdoor Classroom Event --Great V. hours opportunity.  Childcare available.


Nov. 21-23@ different times:  GrandDays!  RSVP required.

·         Primary @ 9-10 or 10-11

·         Elementary @ 2-3 or 3-4

·         Middle School @ 3-4 or 4-5

·         Infant and Toddler @ 4:00-4:30 or 4:30-5:00 (I and T children leave with visitors)


November 24-25 Autumn Break:  School is closed  



11/26/2016 3:18am

Camping out is a real fun experience. The children will surely learn many things after this event. In camping, you can explore new things with nature and live differently than what you're used to. I hope that they adapt new learning and gain a sense of independence. I am also looking to camp out in the near future.

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