What’s Happening Right Now

Please join us for the bbgb BOOK FAIR

Central student readings and fundraiser for PAC!

 TODAY (4-6pm) and TOMORROW (12-6)

3003 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

**Special Notice Upper el students will meet at bbgb tomorrow for their readings. There will not be transportation from the school.

GrandDays invitations have been sent home with your child to decorate and mail out. Please have your guest (s) RSVP by November 11th, class size spaces are limited. GrandFriends can RSVP by calling the front office at 804-447-7493.

Piano lessons! During November only, sign up for a one month FREE trial of PIANO LESSONS at Central Montessori School, ages four and up. Contact director  ryan.corbitt@gmail.com for more information, and visit www.groveavepiano.com

Amanda’s Primary: A third year student proudly shows a teacher their completed map of Europe.  Another this year student gives a second year friend a lesson on the three-part cards.  A first-year student has a lesson on matching the color tablets of color box two.  The child picks up an orange tablet and places it next to the blue tablet, shaking her head no, she slides the tablet down the column of tablets.   She child shakes her head and repeats “no, no, no…” until she reaches the orange tablet, “Yes!  They match!”


Lower El: After gathering produce for daily soup, the students enthusiastically prepare their cutting stations while chopping up vegetables.  The students learn new words and phrases. “Me pasas la ensalada? ”one friend asks another.  “Si,” the friend responds.   The bowl is passed and more goodness is added to their creation.

Toddler: The ambient sound of running music and the gentle strums of a classic guitar can be heard throughout the building.  Toddlers have snuggled down-all tucked into their covers and blankets. Fat, tiny books are strewn about their resting places.  Tiny, brightly colored shoes sit waiting for reunion with toddler feet.  The room is full of bright, Indian Summer light and yet every child is resting and sleeping.  It is an unusually peaceful place to be - at this time of day.  Even the occasional infant excited utterances do not disturb... 

Venessa’s Primary: The students are hard at work this afternoon. A small group of students want to sing a song about a tyrannosaurus rex, they take a book about dinosaurs off the shelf and open it up. They find five facts about dinosaurs to put in their song. Another student works on an arrangement of flowers to place in the classroom. A PII student classifies objects in two columns: magnetic objects and non-magnetic objects.

Upper El: Students sight a bald eagle rest on the pontoon ride to Presquile National Wild Refuge.  A student exchanges numbers for variables after completing the distributive property of multiplication.   A food chain worksheet is created after the camping trip.  “May I give students a lesson on the source of every food chain?”  Another student sequences the camping trip from beginning to end. 

Infant: A new friend in the infant class reaches up and touches a smiling guide’s nose. Another infant becomes curious about this exchange and moves over to investigate. She pulls herself up with the help of the ottoman and pivots on her toes to steady herself on the guide’s shoulder. No solo steps yet, but soon! The standing infant, satisfied by her observation lowers herself to the floor and moves toward the basket of balls to investigate….

Middle School: A lone student stands on one side of the room.   On the other side of the room, the other students sit, twenty some-odd feet away, ready to offer feedback.  The student standing begins to read a portion of “The Ear, The Eye, and The Arm”, a novel we read last year.   The others chime in with “good volume” and “that was perfect!”  One student offers constructive criticism and says “You’re speaking too fast, slow down.”  Each student takes a turn practicing and getting feedback.  They will be going to bbgb today and tomorrow to perform their dramatic readings. 



Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the

website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

November 3 -5 Public reading, book sales and fundraiser at BBGB books in Carytown! More information coming soon. 


November 4 - Last day to sign up for Winter Package! Please contact the front desk to secure your child’s spot.


November 8 Presidential Election Day School is closed. Go vote!


November 10th-4:30-5:30 Meet and Greet for Emilia Hodal and Maya Walters at main building

November 11th RSVP for GrandDays Check Nov. 21-23 on web event’s calendar for specific times.  Invitations (complete with envelopes and postage stamps) are coming home with your child to send to GrandFriends. They will have an insert with information about visitation days and times. They may be decorated or can be decorated at home. Just address and send out!


November 11 @7 p.m. - November 12@ 9am - Lower El Camp-In at Central. Permission slips went home with Lower El students this week. Keep an eye out for additional communications.


November 14 7:00 p.m.PAC Meeting

November 18Market Day Upper el and Middle schoolers will sell wares.  PIII and older may purchase items.



I am glad to read this article. I've missed studying in a Montessori. I miss all the activities, especially outside the classroom. I love learning through exploring and trying new things. I prefer practical lessons rather than blackboard lectures.

12/01/2016 7:49am

It is very rare that you can get free piano lessons or anything free today. I remember the days in elementary school, we used to play tag in the morning or hide and seek before we go to our classes. We used to cook and make things too. Those were good moments. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

12/18/2016 11:24pm

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