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GrandDays invitations have been sent home with your child to decorate and mail out. Please have your guest (s) RSVP by November 11th, class size spaces are limited. GrandFriends can RSVP by calling the front office at 804-447-7493.

Piano lessons! During November only, sign up for a one month FREE trial of PIANO LESSONS at Central Montessori School, ages four and up. Contact director  ryan.corbitt@gmail.com for more information, and visit www.groveavepiano.com

Amanda’s Primary: Three first year students take out the balance beam.  Each student takes a turn walking carefully on the thin beam.  Then a bean bag is added to the work.  The students now try walking on the balance beam while balancing the dean bag on the head.  This takes a great control.   A PIII student takes out the cube chain of seven.  The labels are sorted out and then carefully aligned with each bead.  The changing of seasons is upon us.  During group the students cheerfully sing songs about pumpkins, acorns and falling leaves.


Lower El: A group of students sit around a table covered with animal research books.  They are working on writing reports on their favorite vertebrate.  A first-year student is ready for a lesson on division with the racks and tubes!  Quickly they feel comfortable and are excited to repeat the work time and time again.  Leaves collected during a go trip are added to the types of leaf shape work that spread across two floor mats.  A mix of first and third year students sit around the mats, drawing their own leaves in their journals.

Toddler: Rain drops fall from the triangular sails.  Plunk! Into a shiny, silver bowl they fall.  Little ones gather ‘round.  We hear a sound.  Plunk! (but) only if it falls unimpeded into the bowl.  When tiny hands are held between the sail and the bowl, then there is silence.  When the raindrop slides down the side of the bowl, there is silence.  We only know this because the children, enthralled, become silent themselves.  Just for a second.  Beautiful.   

Venessa’s Primary: The students are busy at work!  A PIII student works on organizing the pieces to the trinomial cube and carefully places them on the lid.  APII student works on the multiplication bead bans for the second time and says “one two times is two.”  A first year student makes their own fall tree collage.  Another student explores letter formation using a sand tray and the light box.

Upper El: Students glove up and cover the garden with hay to prepare for winter.  A student comments “We’re doing a good thing out here”. A writing workshop is inspired by a Shel Silverstein poem, If the World Was Crazy.

Infant: There are infants of every stage of locomotion on the playground deck.  One is crawling and injects a one-legged hop every third crawl.  A friend is just beginning to push off with a foot to move onto his side so he can better see his favorite toy.  Two toddlers are crawling-one just a wee bit faster and both prove to be very hard to keep up with.   All are happy and very pleased with their progress.  

Middle School: Students are writing letters to people on Richmond’s Power List.  Students edit their own letters and then send them to their selected candidates in hopes of a response.  Some students asked advice while some gave criticism or simple thanks.



Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the

website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

November 1& 2 Upper El/ Middle School camping at James River Ecology School


November 3 -5 10-7 Public reading, book sales and fundraiser at BBGB books in Carytown! More information coming soon. 


November 4 - Last day to sign up for Winter Package! Please contact the front desk to secure your child’s spot.


November 8 Presidential Election Day School is closed. Go vote!


November 11th RSVP for GrandDays Check Nov. 21-23 on web event’s calendar for specific times.  Invitations (complete with envelopes and postage stamps) are coming home with your child to send to GrandFriends. They will have an insert with information about visitation days and times. They may be decorated or can be decorated at home. Just address and send out!

November 11-12 - Lower El Camp-In at Central. Details to come.

November 14 7:00 p.m.PAC Meeting

November 18Market Day Upper el and Middle schoolers will sell wares.  PIII and older may purchase items.



11/09/2016 3:11am

These are all good events needed for the student's education. They will surely learn a lot from all these programs. I hope that the teachers have prepared well for each one of them. I will surely keep myself updated with stories that transpired throughout the events. Hopefully, the students have fun and have a good learning experience.

12/27/2016 7:02am

These kind of different activities and events in the schools should be placed every month, to help the students to groom themselves not only in the field of education, but also in other fields as well.

01/04/2017 8:44am

Wow, finally I got this info. It's so important for me. Thank you!

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