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Front Desk:

Picture Day is next Tuesday and Wednesday. Please have your child arrive early (before 8:45). It starts promptly at 9. Please pack a hairbrush if smooth locks are desired.(Results may vary.)

Chili Cook Off is coming fast! This year’s festivities include over 15 types of delicious chili, a cake walk, live music, apple bobbing, pumpkin tosses, scarecrow races, and much more. Please join us. Here are the Track it Forward links for each classroom with V-hour opportunities for this SPICY event!

Amanda ’s Primary-http://www.trackitforward.com/site/72275/event/354371

Venessa’s Primary- http://www.trackitforward.com/site/72275/event/354370

Monique’s Lower El-http://www.trackitforward.com/site/72275/event/354372

Rachel’s Upper El/ Ty & Jason’s Middle School- http://www.trackitforward.com/ site/72275/event/354930

GrandDays invitations have been sent home with your child to decorate and mail out. Please have your guest (s) RSVP by November 11th, class size spaces are limited. GrandFriends can RSVP by calling the front office at 804-447-7493.

Amanda’s Primary: A student chooses the cards and counters off of the math shelf.   The work is placed on a mat.   Each card contains a sand paper numeral.  The student sorts through the cards and arranges them in numerical order from zero to nine then traces each with one finger.  Counters are placed on each card-one on the numeral one, two on the numeral two, and so on all the way to the numeral nine. 


Lower El: Mold, mold, mold everywhere!  The students conduct an experiment with leftover school lunches. A kiwi, a grape, couscous, peppers and an orange peel are studied. “It is molded!”  I see my mold!  It looks just like cotton candy.”  Another friend exclaims, “It looks like clouds.” A final observation is made.  “Once it molds, it grows together and it attaches.”

Toddler: An upper elementary student volunteer has gathered all of the bowls and buckets from the corners of the playground.  He carefully arranges them about him.  He begins to drum.  A steady and strong beat.  Soon, an audience has gathered.  Silent and intent.  He drums and drums.  Unexpectedly, he moves away, abandoning the precious drum set.  Two friends quickly assume the drummer position and begin to drum.  It seems that there are not quite enough drums for two people to play:  Too many hands and not enough drums.  The volunteer moves back in and divides the drums and all are happy.  Now the drumming cacophony begins in earnest. 

Venessa’s Primary: A group of friends are practicing Quechua on a rug- “coo-choo-a-ma-see” means friend!   This ancient language is still spoken in parts of Peru.   Another student is punching out South America-they are holding the puncher and concentrating hard on the outline.   Across the room, a student is dusting the broad leaves on the new class plant.   They carefully clean each leaf with a damp cotton ball. 

Upper El: The class gathers in the bathroom to perform the candling experiment, “The embryo is alive!” is shouted as veins are observed.  The class lines up to get ready for a morning walk to the Low Line Fall tour.   Native species of plants will are identified along the canal.   A student suggests using seeds to germinate for their irrigation experiment, inspired by the Storm Watch Biofilter. 

Infant: One little infant is standing up and holding on to the ottoman.  She is side-stepping and making good time.  She hasn’t had to deal with any traffic, to speak of.  I think she will arrive on the other side of the ottoman within the next hour or so.  Her friend tries a different mode of transportation.  He flaps and flaps.  If only a sturdier breeze would show up.  A second friend is crawling.  I don’t mean like taking-your-time and crawl around a bit.  She is crawling really fast.  She crawls right over a friend that happened to gently topple over directly in her path.  Both the crawler and the crawlee seem fine with this and resume their activities in high spirits. 

Middle School: Perched over Richmond, the middle schoolers look upon the buildings and streets of Downtown as they peer through the windows of the 18th floor observation deck on City Hall. They are on their 2016 Civics Walkabout to visit our local and state government institutions. A student looks at their map. "Where is the Supreme Court of Virginia?” one asks. "It's on 9th street." The students orient themselves, walk around the deck until they're facing 9th street, and pull out their binoculars. "There it is! I recognize the columns from the picture!" They check the item off their list, and mark "SCOVA" on their maps in the correct location. The students find and mark the State Capitol, the Governor's Mansion, the General District Courts, and a few federal courts too. "But where is City Hall?" The other students smile. "Oh!” the student says, "We're standing in it!" They all burst into laughter.



Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the

website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/


October 14th Infant and Toddler Meet and Greet 6:30 Spend some time with infant and toddler parents and teachers.

October 14th Infant and Toddler Parent Information Night (PIN) 7:00 there is no better venue for parents who wish to know and understand their child’s primary school development and to meet our primary teachers and hear about classroom events and curriculum.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Call Central for childcare $10 per hour.      


October 18 & 19  School Picture Days Children must arrive before 9:00 to prepare for photos.  Please send comb or brush in your child’s bag.  Additional information is going out this week and available in the office.  (Primary, Lower El October 18….Infant, Toddler, Upper El and Middle School October 19)

October 21Chili Cook Off at Central! @ 5:00 First responders are invited to be present to put out any fires caused by …HOT CHILI!  They are also invited to taste and enjoy more than ten different chili pots prepared by our own parent-chefs.  You are invited too!  Delicious!  Everyone helps out to make this one of our most enjoyable annual events.  Watch for  more delicious  details to come.

November 1& 2 Upper El/ Middle School camping at James River Ecology School


November 3 -5 10-7 Public reading, book sales and fundraiser at BBGB books in Carytown! More information coming soon.  


November 4 - Last day to sign up for Winter Package! Please contact the front desk to secure your child’s spot.


November 8  Presidential Election Day School is closed. Go vote!


November 11th RSVP for GrandDays Check Nov. 21-23 on web event’s calendar for specific times.  Invitations (complete with envelopes and postage stamps) are coming home with your child to send to GrandFriends. They will have an insert with information about visitation days and times. They may be decorated or can be decorated at home. Just address and send out!

November 11-12 - Lower El Camp-In at Central. Details to come.



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