What’s Happening Right Now…

Amanda’s Primary: Two PIII students lay out the special rug for the cube chain of 10.  The chain is laid out and the children get right to work.  A younger friend approaches them with a curious question, “Can I watch you?”  On the other side of the classroom, two students are working on their world map; pin-punching the continents.  Another child chooses the puzzle of a frog, taking all the pieces back and then concentrating hard to put them back.  “I did it!”


Lower El: Students sit at a large table to decorate cards and invitations for GrandDays.  A third year student continues their work, constructing a world map out of separate maps of the continents.   A student finishes their poster, displaying each of the five kingdoms of life in interlocking pentagons.   Signs of the season are brought inside and studied by a student who is identifying leaf shapes. 


Toddler: A friend on the playground holding a shovel and digging holes for worms in mulch accidentally piles some onto their friend's shoe.  She says, "Uh-oh, sorry," and begin to brush the mulch off their friend's shoe.  Suddenly a child notices a flock of geese flying in formation and announces to the group, "Birds!"  At once, all twelve children join in their own formation, waving to the birds.

Venessa’s Primary: A PII student works with another friend on opposites.   A PIII students works on a botany lesson-identifying leaves, “This is a fan shaped leaf.”  A PI student has a set of keys and locks, sitting down at a table focusing very hard on figuring out how to use them.  A PIII child sits at a table with a pencil and paper in front of them, thinking.   An idea seems to strike and the child picks up the pencil and begins their poem about the upcoming Chili Cook-Off.

Upper El: Ideas spread through the group for GrandDays performances…  One student raises their hand and offers, “Let’s do a South American Bee!” Another student reads aloud a card set of geometric solids.  “The cube is the same shape of the binomial cubes!” 

Infant: An infant who is nearly walking moves around the ottoman, peeking out to their friend who is sitting happily on the big rug.  She stoops down again to pop up and see her friends smile and laugh at the reappearance of her face!  The friend flaps his arms up and down with enthusiasm as the friend stoops down again, plopping down on her bottom.  She begins to flap her arms up and down, and so does her seated friend!  They stop, and are silent.  One friend starts again, and the other follows!  They stop, and are again silent.  Then they both begin to slowly flap their arms in unison, speeding up and shrieking!  

Middle School Four students are putting together a telescope for our camping trip. There is a little trouble but it will be very nice. The team has gone through seven steps so far. It’s a big project, but they’re doing a great job. We cannot wait to use our brand new telescope! Just outside, two students sweep and pull weeds. Another two student’s work on the timeline. One is searching the school for the yardstick that never seems to be in one place. The other gets materials and sits down. The team of two works attentively as they try to do it as perfectly as possible. They try to make sure it will be up to the standards of their classmates, and their sometimes picky teacher. One makes the long line across the middle and the other makes sure that the year lines are a half an inch long.



Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the

website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/


October 14th Infant and Toddler Meet and Greet 6:30 Spend some time with infant and toddler parents and teachers.

October 14th Infant and Toddler Parent Information Night (PIN) 7:00 there is no better venue for parents who wish to know and understand their child’s primary school development and to meet our primary teachers and hear about classroom events and curriculum.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Call Central for childcare $10 per hour.      


November 11th RSVP for GrandDays Check Nov. 21-23 on web event’s calendar for specific times.  Invitations (complete with envelopes and postage stamps) are coming home with your child to send to GrandFriends. They will have an insert with information about visitation days and times. They may be decorated or can be decorated at home. Just address and send out!

October 18-19 School Picture Days Children must arrive before 9:00 to prepare for photos.  Please send comb or brush in your child’s bag.  Additional information is going out this week and available in the office.  (Primary, Lower El October 18….Infant, Toddler, Upper El and Middle School October 19)

October 21 Chili Cook Off at Central! @ 5:00 First responders are invited to be present to put out any fires caused by …HOT CHILI!  They are also invited to taste and enjoy more than ten different chili pots prepared by our own parent-chefs.  You are invited too!  Delicious!  Everyone helps out to make this one of our most enjoyable annual events.  Watch for  more steamy details to come.

November 1- Last day to sign up for Winter Package! Please contact the front desk to secure your child’s spot.



10/27/2016 9:20pm

I really miss being in high school. I remember the fun and happy moments back then. The workload was much less than being in college. I enjoy reading all these updates regarding student's moments. I hope to read more about them and reminisce my past school memories.

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