What’s Happening Right Now…

Front desk: A student arrives at school and proudly places their “carrot” on the wall for Daily Soup drive, another writes their name on the white board documenting the fresh fruit or vegetable they’ve brought in to share for the week. A parent contemplates putting their name on the board to make chili for the Chili Cook- Off next month. Their child encourages them to sign up in the hopes of being awarded a fire truck for best chili! After much debate, the parent throws their name in the hat…now to decide on the name of the chili…..

Toddler: A friend picks a sprig of newly planted lavender and brings it over to his teacher.  They smell the lavender together and notice how soft the leaves are.  His teacher shows him where there is grass growing along the fence, and how it is quickly growing onto the mulch area.  She shows him how to pull it up to tidy up the playground.  Many friends began to join in to proudly clean up our playground.  They filled two baskets and then decided to investigate the root system.

Middle School The students all sit around a table with plant samples they collected on a walk last week. Though they have already examined, described, and drawn them, this week they are taking a closer look. They all grab magnifying loupes and press them to their eye sockets. Suddenly a leaf is magnified five times. "Whoa!". Another student examines a small mushroom. Another examines a flower petal. Last week it was bright red. "It decayed!" The petal is now shriveled and brown. The students write analogies, metaphors, and similes for their samples. The mushroom is like a small umbrella. The petal is like a pencil shaving. The teacher asks "If it looks like that, might it function like that as well?" The student with the mushroom is pleased to believe that it sheds water like an umbrella. The student with the petal becomes baffled by how it might have anything in common with a pencil shaving.

Lower El: Grammar symbols are carefully traced in journals as the morning work cycle begins. One student writes a sentence about a black cat that flies through trees and fills in the grammar symbols with their corresponding colors. A third year student shares a lesson on the area of each continent. They place the numbers out on the quilted checker board mat and order the numbers from least to greatest. Out on the playground, a first year student celebrates with their friends after losing their first tooth!

Upper El: Mixed fractions are laid out during an equivalency lesson. “Fractions are fun!” The incubator is monitored closely for temperature regulation. “We should expect the egg to hatch on October 17th reports a student as he marks the arrival date on the classroom calendar.  Students prepare to take the annual Tax Walk through the neighborhood.  The evidence of the hidden infrastructure becomes visible!  What is that hole in the ground?  A “man” cover that seals a network for sewer and electricity.  What does infrastructure have to do with taxes anyway?  Some schools are private and some are public.  What does that mean?  So much to consider and ponder.


Amanda’s Primary: A PIII student carefully carries all four knobbed cylinders one at a time to a table. The knobbed cylinders blocks are placed in a large square. Each tiny individual cylinder is taken out of its hole and placed in the center of the square. The student mixes all of the cylinders up so that they are not in order. The student chooses one of the cylinders and places it in multiple holes until the cylinder fits exactly in the right space. This is done one at a time for all forty knobbed cylinders!  After the work is checked, the student restores the knobbed cylinders to the shelf.

Infant: An infant moves quickly around the tables holding a favorite beaded work.  She confidently crawls around the circle of tables again, pulls up, and looks back at her guides, making eye contact and smiling proudly, letting out a little laugh!  An older friend (relatively speaking) finishes using some work and carefully returns it to the shelf where she found it.  

Venessa’s Primary:  The students are busy working this morning!  Two students work with the seasonal pictures, matching materials and discuss how chilly it is outside!  “It’s cold this morning!  I work a sweater to school.”  A student works to scrub a pair of rain boots, as another child very carefully walks around a friend’s work rug without disturbing his friend or the beautiful work.  This is the very first time he has done this and the pride he feels at his masterful movements is evident on his calm and smiling face. 



Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/


Starting September 15th Primary parents sign up for October conferences!  Contact the front desk.  

October 1st Outdoor Classroom Event 9:30-12:00.  We have a tree (for a special volunteer parent) to plant and a few autumn plants to set.  Come help weed a garden and help beautify our campus and enrich our educational experiences for our children.  Childcare provided (if needed).  Coffee provided by Lamplight Co.  Yes!  V hours, of course.  

October 7th Infant and Toddler Meet and Greet 6:30 Spend some time with infant and toddler parents and teachers.

October 7th Infant and Toddler Parent Information Night (PIN) 7:00 there is no better venue for parents who wish to know and understand their child’s primary school development and to meet our primary teachers and hear about classroom events and curriculum.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Call Central for childcare $10 per hour.                  

October 11-12 James River Camp Out for Upper El and Middle School students.  Watch for additional information. THIS HAS BEEN MOVED TO NOVEMBER 1st and 2nd.


October 14th RSVP for  GrandDays Let us know which day your loved ones can come in and visit!  Check Nov. 21-23 on web event’s calendar for specific times. 


October 14th Lower el and upper el. parent sign up for Nov. conferences.  Contact front desk for dates and times. 

October 18-19 School Picture Days Children must arrive before 9:00 to prepare for photos.  Please send comb or brush in your child’s bag.  Watch for additional information.

October 21 Chili Cook Off at Central! @ 5:00 First responders are invited to be present to put out any fires caused by …HOT CHILI!  They are also invited to taste and enjoy more than ten different chili pots prepared by our own parent-chefs.  You are invited too!  Delicious!  Everyone helps out to make this one of our most enjoyable annual events.  Watch for  more steamy details to come.

November 1- Last day to sign up for Winter Package! Please contact the front desk to secure your child’s spot.



10/27/2016 12:54pm

This is amazing and the whole story is really very interesting.I think this is the way to encourage the parents to something new in their life.I think their infants plays a vital role in encouraging them.This story is really very fantastic.

12/20/2016 3:41am

I've missed that winter package... I was dreaming about it. Uhh

12/21/2016 3:04am

I remember some moments when I was in primary school. Those were the good ol' days. It was a time where we played outside during lunch breaks and we never got tired because everything was fun. The only problems that we have was projects, home works and exams. I wish I could go back in time and relive those moments.

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