What’s Happening Right Now…

Venessa’s Primary:  A third year student concentrates while punching out Canada for their North America map.   Two other students work with the moveable alphabet and compose action words then act out the words.  A small group of first year students are working on handwashing for the first time.  “My hands smell so good!”

Elementary and Middle School: Five students present a skit on a Greek myth about the Three Fates. A primary student visiting the classroom in preparation for the big move into elementary observes an educator gently trace the outline of a student circle on a piece of paper.  “Who lives in there?” “A fox.”  The student is then invited to design and describe the biome of the animal.   Four friends collaborate their culinary skills for Taco Thursday.  Tomatoes are diced while two children smell spices to the dish. Our favorite time of the year!

Amanda’s Primary:  A PII student finds out how many drops of water a penny can sustain before spilling over.   Using an eyedropper, the student carefully places one drop at a tie on the penny.   After twenty-two drops, the water spills onto the tray!   The experiment is repeated to determine if the conclusion is the same. 

Infant:  An infant sits at the table in a weaning chair with several apple slices in front of them.  The child picks up an apple and puts it to their mouth.   The child gums the apple for a few moments and eventually chews it enough to break off a piece.   The child looks around the room with a huge, proud smile on their face and holds the remaining apple slice out for everyone to see.

Toddler: A toddler sits at a table with all of their containers open.   The child takes a last bite of tomato and beings to put the lids back on to restore.  The child holds a container in their left hand and the lid in their right hand and then connects the two and begins to twist.  Once the container is closed, the child moves on to the next.   Soon all are closed except one.  The lid is missing!  The child drops to the floor to hunt for it.  Found! 

Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the website for a downloadable calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

July 14th- August 25th (Thursdays) 4:30-5:30 Chess Club summer session. Contact JaVonne Bowles at legacychess@gmail.com if you would like to register your child.

July 15th Market Day! 2-3 pm

July 21h –Service Club 5:00 This will be the last meeting for this session. Please note- this is a rescheduled date for the Service Club meeting set for July 19.

July 22nd- 5:30- 7:30 Three Parks Walk for Peace Chimborazo Park to Jefferson Park. Please join us!



Well this is a fine way to show how well the students are doing, I find it rather lacking though. Maybe its my own problem but what about the other things being done by students. The minor achievements of students like character building or discipline. Just saying though.

09/02/2016 12:30am

This is very informative, and as a student I see the importance of going to school, we must prioritise them, simply because they will be a great source of our bright future, I will spread this to my friends and and cousins, I am sure that this will also help them with the help of this article.

09/16/2016 11:48pm

I found this very cute. I remember when I was in that stage too where everything is simple and easy. By the way this site is a great help for parents or guardians. This is vital in monitoring the happenings in the school. keep on updating it in real time basis, it is a great marketing idea. keep up the good work.

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