What’s Happening Right Now…

The End of the Year Picnic is right around the corner!  Union Market menus and signup sheets will be going home on Friday and need to be returned with check made out to CMS PAC by June 15th.

Venessa’s Primary:  Two PIII students set our numeral 101-200 on a number line and sit down to get to work.  Another PIII student counts the cube chain of 10 and excitedly shouts, “One thousand!” as they reach the end.  Two young students with messy hands sit at a table with small clay pots, soil, and flowers in front of them-marigolds to brighten up the classroom for spring! 

Upper Elementary: Students gather around the low, ovular table to continue their daily poetry reading group.  One stands up and begins their recitation of a particularly challenging poem. Once finished, the students begin underlining interesting words and work on their own illustrations.  “My hat was run over by a trolley yesterday,” captures their attention.   Everyone laughs at the line, “This afternoon my shoes happened to be assassinated.”

Middle School: Nearing the end of their philosophy studies for the year, the middle schoolers look at the history of religions of the world over time.  One student admits they never understood the religion of the Ancient Egyptians.   Each makes their own imaginary religion with symbols and stories trying to incorporate elements of the religions they have been studying. 

Amanda’s Primary:  A student gives a lesson to three friends on how to fold tissue paper to make a flower.   These flowers will be added to the set design for our End of the Year Performance next week.  A third year student introduces a new friend to the Numeral Layout as another student reads their story from the Moveable Alphabet on a rug nearby.  

Lower Elementary: A student is completing his first research report on a king cobra.  “I need to look in another book to find its habitat.”  Meanwhile across the room, a group of first year students explore and identify a state in North America.  “Alaska is not a country but it’s north of the United States.”

Infant:  An infant sits on the ground holding an empty bubble container.  The child picks up a wooden rattle and beings playing their makeshift drum.   Soon they’re singing along, quite loudly, to the beat they’re creating.  “Ba! Ba! Ba! Ba!” The child looks around the classroom and gives a big, toothless smile to everyone around to make  sure the audience enjoyed the performance.

Toddler: A toddler walks into the classroom carrying a lunchbox on one arm and dragging their canvas tote behind them.  The child turns for one last goodbye before heading into the classroom to begin their day.  “Bye Mama.  Mama’s going to work.   I’m going to school.”  The child restores their tote to their hook and looks around the room for an available table to enjoy their morning snack.

Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

June 10th Venessa’s Primary Class “Two-minute Performance” Sylvester and the Magic Bean 3:30

June 10th Lower El End of the Year Play “The Beginning of Everything” 6:00

June 17 th Honey Pot Awards and End of the Year Picnic at Jefferson Park 5:00- more details will be sent out soon!

June 21st – Yearbook signing ceremony – students will sign friend’s yearbooks

June 23rd Amanda’s Primary Class “Two-minute Performance” of The Barnyard Song 3:30

June 24th Solar Oven Celebration Day!  More details coming out next week with end of the year and summer program information.

June 27th – July 4th Summer Break School is closed

July 5th Summer Session begins Get ready to begin our exciting Summer of Science (and Art).

Ongoing events

April 7- June 23th (Thursdays) 4:30-5:30 Legacy Chess Clubplease contact JaVonne Bowles at legacychess@gmail.com  if you would like to register your child. 

The Entire Month of June Infant Formula Drive

One of our staff members has shared a specific need with us.  Erika Tate’s infant nephew’s family lives in El Tigre, Venezuela.

Many young mothers in this tiny village, do not normally breast feed.  (Little training or support) and there is a severe shortage of infant and toddler formula. 

Because of the political and economic crisis occurring in this region of the world right now, Central Montessori School is requesting donations of infant and baby formula and cash contributions to help cover shipping costs.  

We would like to help with this if we can. 

Recommended Donation:

·          $5 to cover costs of shipping

·          Pack of pre-mixed, shelf-stable formula or cans of dried formula

Collection Centers

·          Central Montessori School Infant and Toddler Center @ 2107 Jefferson Ave.

·          Central Montessori School main campus, front office @ 323 N. 20th Street, RVA 2223



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How amazing seeing the kids studying in a very pleasant atmosphere. Education is a right for every child, they deserve to learn and improve their skills and talents in a conducive place. It boosts their moral and social ability towards other people. Globally speaking, there are so many unprivileged children around the world who experienced abused and mistreatment from other people, sometimes, family members. Education sharpens the future of every child, it influences them to have a good view in life and know their responsibility when they grow up as well. The government must do every effort to make an education-friendly community. Thank you for sharing!

We are so much lucky to have knowledge on student education. These steps are very important to report post and montessori moments. Everything we needed to get knowledge and more information.

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Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

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