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Last call for yearbook orders! If you haven’t purchased your yearbook online, please place your order at the front desk by Friday, June 3rd to guarantee delivery by our yearbook signing event on June 21st.


Toddler: The toddlers gather around a table.   A teacher sprays the table with shaving cream and the children watch in amazement.   Three colors are dropped into the cream and one child tentatively puts their hand in the substance.   Soon all of the children are rubbing, mixing, and squishing it, creating beautiful streaks of color.   A child, hands covered in the red, blue and green mixture, looks to a friend and says, “All the colors of the rainbow!”

Upper Elementary and Middle School: After three hours of intense indoor play practice, the students spontaneously gather under the shade of the crepe myrtles. Each takes a turn to demonstrate their singing performance abilities. What is it about the sunshine that brings out the best in children?

Lower Elementary: Students explore the outdoor exercise equipment at Jefferson Park. A student comments on the new equipment and how it will help the community stay “active and healthy”. Later, costumes for the upcoming class play are donned by the young actors. They practice their lines and perfect their craft for next week’s performance.  They are excited to share their hard work with their families.

Venessa’s Primary:  Two students have volunteered to help with set design for the end of the year performance. They discuss which animals to paint, they decide on birds. One friend says “we need more raindrops!” A first year student is carefully carrying a pitcher of water with two hands to a basin and a towel. The student decides to scrub a chair and happily begins their work.


Infant:  Two infants lay on a blanket on the deck enjoying the sunny morning.  One infant delicately rolls onto their side. The child looks around, makes eye contact with their friend sharing the blanket, and then rolls to the other side.   A red ball is close by and the child reaches out to touch it, gently grazing their hand over the spiky texture.   The child moves to pick it up, but it rolls to the side.   A teacher rolls the ball back and this time the infant picks it up. 


Amanda’s Primary:  Five PIII students play a game of Continent Bingo. Two first year students receive a lesson on the mystery bag and use their stereognostic sense aka “see” with their hands and find specific objects in the bag without peeking! A PI student demonstrates a strong sense of order by showing the teachers an eraser that is out of place and bringing the eraser bowl to the teacher. The student says, “in”, indicating that the eraser should be in the bowl, not in that box.

Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

June 1st Summer Enrichment Fee due $150.00 (for primary and older students)-

June 3rd Yearbook orders and payments due at the front desk

June 3rd End of Year School Play Upper El “The Cat Who Went to Heaven” Middle School “The Ear, the Eye and the Arm” 6:00

June 10th Venessa’s Primary Class “Two-minute Performance”  Sylvester and the Magic Bean 3:30

June 10th Lower El End of the Year Play “The Beginning of Everything”  6:00

June 17 th Honey Pot Awards and End of the Year Picnic at Jefferson Park 5:00- more details will be sent out soon!

June 21st – Yearbook signing ceremony – students will sign friend’s yearbooks

June 23rd Amanda’s Primary Class “Two-minute Performance” of The Barnyard Song 3:30

June 24th Solar Oven Celebration Day!  More details coming out next week with end of the year and summer program information.

June 27th – July 5th Summer Break school is closed

Ongoing events

April 7- June 23th (Thursdays) 4:30-5:30 Legacy Chess Clubplease contact JaVonne Bowles at legacychess@gmail.com  if you would like to register your child.



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I remember every time I browse my yearbook there's a lot in there wherein we are being described how we are as students. It paints a smile every time I scan all the comments. It's worth the purchase actually. Thus, I really encourage my daughter to make sure that they'll have it as soon as they graduate. Anyways, thanks for sharing this article with us.

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