What’s Happening Right Now…


Toddler: A toddler approaches the finish line on the final lap of the Central Playground Marathon 2016.  The runner finishes, stops to take a breath, and then begins shaking out their arms-can’t forget to stretch!  It begins to drizzle outside and the child lets the cold drops of water cool them off after their intense workout.  The rain begins to fall harder and the child heads into the classroom to dry off and eat a large snack. 

Upper Elementary and Middle School:  Several students present a check to Cheryl Groce-Wright, proceeds (over $1,400) from the ever popular Pancake Heaven fundraiser to benefit the Fulton Hill Neighborhood Resource Center.   Three students visit their old classroom at the NRC and plan to return and read to the young children. Students have organized themselves into various committees in preparation for the big camping trip to Montebello later this month!


Lower Elementary: A group of students search the room for concrete nouns while another lists abstract nouns. “You can grab and apple or a book, you cannot grab love or strength.” Meanwhile, a lesson is given on tessellations as a student inquires about turning, flipping or rotating a pattern.

Amanda’s Primary:  A student takes a break from her square chain beads to tie a younger friends shoe; a new skill she is excited to practice! A PI student scoots closer to s mat where everyday objects are being set out by an older student. The student shows the young friend the label and sounds out “la taza” while matching it to the drinking glass.

Venessa’s Primary:  A student makes a book of sight words and says “She”. A PI student explores with the shell transfer work. A PI student finished their first world map and said “I worked so hard I can’t wait to show my mom!” A PII student works on sizing a button for a bracelet.


Infant: An infant places a pillow carefully on the floor, then looks around and walks across the room to pick up another.   The second pillow is delicately placed on top of the first, then a third, then a fourth.  The child admires their work before sitting on their throne and observing the Infant Kingdom.   A young infant waves from across the room and the ruler waves back and smiles from atop their throne.

Information about Summer of Science coming soon!

Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

May 6th   Piano recital 6:30 Piano students are busy practicing the songs they have chosen to perform...  Interested in piano lessons for your young ones?  Contact Ryan Corbitt at Grove Avenue Piano (804)-358-1938.

May 12th Central Students cook Daily Soup for Chimborazo Teachers in support of community and reading!  Chimborazo teachers are taking a 3 credit reading class and our students will provide food for after class. Please contact Kathryn Purgason kathrynpurgason@gmail.com  if you would like to contribute a side or salad.

May 20th Infant /Toddler Parent Meet & Greet: 6:30 at the main building Central is a wonderful opportunity to meet with other like-minded parents and staff while enjoying refreshments. The meet and greet will be followed by Central’s Parent Information Night (PIN) meeting in the lower elementary classroom.  

May 20th  Infant /Toddler PIN 7:00 V The meet and greet will be promptly followed by PIN (parent information night) meeting...  If you have a child that will be transitioning this is a very informative evening for you as well! V hours for participation! V hours for food and beverage set up and take down!

May 20th and 21st Upper El and Middle School camping trip to Montebello. Keep an eye out for more information.

May 30th Memorial Day: School is closed

June 3rd Upper El & Middle School End of Year School Play- The Cat Who Went to Heaven

June 10th Venessa’s Primary Class “Two-minute Performance” 3:30

June 10th Lower El End of the Year Play 6:00

June 23rd Amanda’s Primary Class “Two-minute Performance” of the Barnyard song 3:30

Ongoing events

April 7- June 9th (Thursdays) 4:30-5:30 Legacy Chess Clubplease contact JaVonne Bowles at legacychess@gmail.com  if you would like to register your child.

April 11- June 6th 10 am Monday tennis with Victor Rizzi (for Upper El and Middle School students, look for more information)

Special note! April 27th - June 1st Upper El students costume creation sessions Mondays and/or Wednesdays 5-6 with Kevin Barry. Parents and children work with Kevin to create their kimonos for the End of Year play.

May 1-31st - Elementary/ Middle School Book Drive to stock our Little Free Library! Through the month of May our elementary and middle school classroom families are invited to bring in up to 5 gently used books appropriate for ages 7-12. We will hold additional book drives throughout the year. Please drop off donated books at the Front Office.



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