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We are happy to share that the Hooper family welcomed a new family member!  Marianne Kana Hooper was born on March 26th.  Congratulations!

Lower Elementary:  Students prepare for Continent Day with performance ideas, props, and integrating math with a countdown. “How many days until Continent Day?” They reference a calendar to count the days and break them into hours and minutes. Another group of students prepare for Continent Day by visiting the India exhibit at the VMFA.  

Amanda’s Primary: A first year student in deep concentration explores a large bowl of water and sea shells. Another first year child works with the geometric solids. The child holds up a marble and says “This is a sphere too!” Two second year students work together to complete the 100 board. A student chooses the money work. The child matches real coins to their corresponding labels, then fetches the corresponding golden beads. A dime is the same as a ten bar, on penny is the same as one unit, a dollar is the same as 100 units as well as 10 bars!

Infant: A young infant rolls from tummy time onto her back and moved their head from side to side to look at a friend playing nearby.  The two children make eye contact and the older child gets down on the floor next to the younger.   The two friends roll from side to side, smiling each time they catch one another’s eye.  The young friend gets enough momentum to unintentionally make a full 360 ° roll over and looks to their buddy, very surprised!

Venessa’s Primary: Two PIII students work on their Asia maps in preparation for Continent Day. A brand new friend works on the open and close basket while a friend watches. A first year student works on the knobbed cylinders while using a map. A second year student works on the square chain of 6, then the student says “The square of 6 is 36!”. Another student works on the parts of a turtle and pints to the carapace.

Toddler: A child climbs into their canoe, the S.S. Central (which happens to be made out of a white milk crate), and sits down.  The child looks around for a paddle but doesn’t see one within their reach.  Realizing they’re stranded, the child calls out to a friend “Help, please!”  A friend hears the “S.O.S.” and rushes over to help.  The canoe is towed across Lake Montessori (or is pushed across the deck) and soon both children are safely ashore on Toddler Island. 

Upper Elementary and Middle School: Classes join together to prepare for a trip to our beautiful state capitol. As students wait to leave they discuss and review what they know about Virginia presidents and the differences between a mayor and a governor….Plans for Continent Day and Market Day (this Friday) are underway as well.

Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s Facebook page and check the website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

April 7- June 9th (Thursdays)  4:30-5:30 Legacy Chess Clubplease contact JaVonne Bowles at legacychess@gmail.com  if you would like to register your child.

April 8th time to be determined…. What is Market Day you ask?  This casual in-house event is for PIII students and older. Students may bring in $1.00 (or more) and shop at a student created market. "Sometimes" food and gently loved items may be available as well as handmade items. During the day, your child’s class may be invited to participate.

April 11- June 6th 10 am Monday tennis with Victor Rizzi (for Upper El and Middle School students, look for more information)

April 15th- 5:00-6:00  CONTINENT DAY! Please check your email for information from room parents. We have been talking about the amazing continent of Asia!  We all come together to share foods that have been prepared by our parents and enjoy classroom presentations. Mark your calendar. Many V opportunities! 

April 19th- Service Club March meeting 5:00-6:00 Service Club is a four week after school club for PIII and older students to promote our commitment to volunteerism! Meetings are once a month and will consist of various inventive DIY projects and discussions. Students must have a parent participate with them as some of these projects may require a little help (siblings may come with one parent). There are a few spaces available, please contact Front Desk if you and your child are interested in joining.

May 1-31- Elementary/ Middle School  Book Drive to stock our Little Free Library! Through the month of May our elementary and middle school classroom families are invited to bring in up to 5 gently used books appropriate for ages 7-12. We will hold additional book drives throughout the year. Please drop off donated books at the Front Office.



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