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Primary Book Drive! Virginia Opera go-trip! Primary PIN! Parent Mixer! Outdoor Classroom Society! Service Club! Richmond Ballet go-trip ! Pancake Heaven! Spring Break! Continent Day! Tennis!

Middle School: Students meet with the beekeeper at the Science Museum of Virginia. As they examine the bee hive, they ask a plethora of questions , so fast that the beekeeper can barely keep up! They learn the different roles for the queen, workers and drones, and draw pictures of the bees. Finally, saturated with information the students break into lively conversation comparing their own lives to the lives of bees; drawing analogies between a bee’s nourishment and a student’s education.

Venessa’s Primary:  As a PI student receives a lesson on instrument families, a student across the table says “I play a brass instrument called the trumpet!” A third year student works with the stamp game and demonstration trays; sorting out units, tens, hundreds, and thousands. A small group of students discuss their performance for Continent Day!

Infant: An older infant literally climbs inside of a large basket full of balls.   The child throws each ball out behind their back one by one.   A young friend behind them, facing the opposite direction sits on the ground and loudly giggles each time a ball comes their way.  The friend looks around the room trying to figure out where the fun is coming from but can’t tell.   It seems as if they’re falling straight from the sky.  Grab your raincoats, it’s raining multi-colored balls!

Amanda’s Primary: A second year student uses two tables to match the three part cards of the parts of a horse. Then, the child decides to make a book about the parts of a horse. A third year student matches sentences to their corresponding photographs. The child then rereads the sentences and lists the naming words (nouns) and action words (verbs).

Toddler:  A tiny traveler picks up a small suitcase and places it on the table.   The toddler opens their luggage and decides it’s time to repack.   A total of three wallets and three coin purses, used for an open and close work, are placed on the table.   Each is unzipped, unbuckled, or unsnapped, inspected and then zipped, buckled or snapped closed.   After decided everything important is in there, the child repacks their suitcase and sets off for their trip. 

Lower Elementary:  Students sit at a table quietly with a guest from India learn how to spell their names in Hindi. A group of students create the Indian flag out of cardboard, green rice and orange lentils. Others gather around the table watching as the colorful flag begins to take shape.

 Across the room, students delicately lay out the Decanomial tiles” five times five is the same as five squared!”

Upper Elementary: What would be the reason for a leap year?  Students begin to imagine.  One student observes that it is the same four year pattern as the presidential elections.  Internet search and dictionary searches begin.  A student brings information about Copernicus observations and everyone laughs to imagine that was a time when we thought the earth was the center of the universe.  A student has located the information needed and two students draw a diagram and explain not only leap year but also the reasons for day and night and the seasons. 

A student repeats a fraction equivalency worksheet that had proven extremely challenging just yesterday.  He completes it with an 82% increase in accuracy.  Yes!   Just a bit of practice is all that was needed.

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

March 1-31- Primary Book Drive to stock our Little Free Library! Through the month of March our primary classroom families are invited to bring in up to 5 gently used books appropriate for ages 2 to 6. We will hold additional book drives throughout the year. The next book drive will be in May for our Elementary families. Please drop off donated books at the Front Office.

March 4 –Primary Parent Meet and Greet 6:30 Spend some time with primary parents and teachers.

March 4-- Primary  Parent Information Night (PIN) 7:00 there is no better venue for parents who wish to know and understand their child’s primary school development and to meet our primary teachers and hear about classroom events and curriculum.  SPECIAL NOTE:  This is an excellent venue for Toddler parents who have a child that may be entering the primary program this spring and summer.

March 4th –PIII Go-Trip 10:30 (for third year primary students) Virginia Opera presents Little Red Riding Hood at Libby S. Gottwald Playhouse at Center stage. Information will be sent out via email to parents.

March 5- Parents Association is hosting a Parents Mixer6:00 Mark your calendars and book your sitter!   We’ll be hanging and socializing at 2802 E Marshall Street on Church Hill – also known as – Dempsey and Lori Skeeter’s house.   There will be good things to munch – feel free to bring your beverage of choice.   RSVP to the Front Desk or tolori@loriskeeterloans.com. See you there!

March 13th Outdoor Classroom Society 1-3- Refreshments and childcare will be provided please contact Christine christyowen@hotmail.com or KristenHugheskristen@sustainablechesapeake.org   if interested in attending.

March 15th- Service Club March meeting 5:00-6:00 Service Club is a four week after school club for PIII and older students to promote our commitment to volunteerism! Meetings are once a month and will consist of various inventive DIY projects and discussions. Students must have a parent participate with them as some of these projects may require a little help (siblings may come with one parent). There are a few spaces available, please contact Front Desk if you and your child are interested in joining.

 March 16 2:00 Upper El and Middle School Go- Trip Richmond Ballet Studio 2 performance of Echoing Past.  Our wonderful families and PAC have donated to Helene Day’s Remembrance fund. Amanda shared with us that her mother loved the ballet and would like to have the fund help introduce the ballet to some of our older students. This kind gift has allowed our students to attend this special event.

March 17-23 Standardized Testing begins at 9:00 sharp!

March 19- Pancake Heaven! 8:30-11:30 Central parents prepare, cook, and serve the best pancakes in town to raise money for the Fulton Hill Neighborhood Resource Center Montessori Program. There will be raffles, prizes, silent auction, and face painting.......

March 25-April 1 – SPRING BREAK- School is closed

April 4- May 10 am  Monday tennis with Victor Rizzi (for Upper El and Middle School students, look for more information)



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