What’s Happening Right Now… It’s getting warmer, buds are bursting out on the trees, birds are singing, beds need cleaning, plants need planting…Need some fresh air and physical activity? Our Outdoor Classroom Society is looking forward to getting their hands dirty! Join us this Sunday from 1-3 if you can make it. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day!

Venessa’s Primary:  Spring is in the air! A PI student works on an egg transfer work from right to left while another student matches green, yellow and orange butterflies.  A toddler is visiting the classroom in preparation for a big transition later this spring.  A PIII student sits with the toddler and reads “Mouse Soup” to the attentive newcomer.

Infant: A child sits with a guide, staring at a cup of milk on the table in front of them.  For the first time, milk is being offered in a glass instead of a bottle.  The child looks at the teachers with a face that seems to say, “What, exactly, do you expect me to do with this?”  The child is shown how to use two hands to bring it to their mouth.   After the first taste, the child realizes that this white substance is the same as that in their bottle.   The child finishes what’s in the cup and signs for “more”.  Another sip is poured in and the child picks it up by themselves to drink.

Amanda’s Primary: The third year students are preparing for Continent Day! Paper Mache globes are crafted and hung up to dry. Excited voices buzz as the students anticipate their finished products. A PI student uses golden yellow paper to punch out an outline of Thailand with careful concentration. Another group of students gather to study and discuss images of Thailand donated by one of our generous parents.

Toddler:  The year is 40,000 B.C.E.   Two Stone Age people (toddlers) stand with pigment (chalk) in their hands, preparing to paint the cave walls (or the playground fence) with images of the things around them.   One Paleolithic toddler takes the green pigment and draws a “flower”. Soon the whole cave wall is covered in a garden.   A teacher reminds the artist that this art will be washed away when it rains so they can have fresh cave walls to paint on.   Unfortunately, historians in the year 40,000 C.E. will have to look for signs of Central elsewhere. 

Lower Elementary:  Students gather on the rug for a class discussion. “What do all living things have in common?”. MRS. FERG is introduced as an acronym for living things; Move, Respire, Senses, Food , Excrete, Reproduce, and Grow. Another group of students study artists featured in preparation for their visit to Art 180 for the class weekly go-trip.

Upper Elementary and Middle School: Students gather together to discuss best strategies for standardized test taking. They soon discover that many of their study skills are applicable! Yes! Several third year Lower El students join us to “Save the Bay!” and collect trash along 20th street. A middle school student invites students to participate in an Imaginary Island game she has designed. Plans are made to head up to Jefferson Park for a glorious day of relay races and fun!

Calendar Updates: (Please visit Central Montessori’s  Facebook page and check the website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

March 1-31- Primary Book Drive to stock our Little Free Library! Through the month of March our primary classroom families are invited to bring in up to 5 gently used books appropriate for ages 2 to 6. We will hold additional book drives throughout the year. The next book drive will be in May for our Elementary families. Please drop off donated books at the Front Office.

March 13th Outdoor Classroom Society 1-3- Refreshments and childcare will be provided please contact Christine christyowen@hotmail.com or KristenHugheskristen@sustainablechesapeake.org   if interested in attending.

March 15th- Service Club March meeting 5:00-6:00 Service Club is a four week after school club for PIII and older students to promote our commitment to volunteerism! Meetings are once a month and will consist of various inventive DIY projects and discussions. Students must have a parent participate with them as some of these projects may require a little help (siblings may come with one parent). There are a few spaces available, please contact Front Desk if you and your child are interested in joining.

 March 16 2:00 Upper El and Middle School Go- Trip Richmond Ballet Studio 2 performance of Echoing Past.  Our wonderful families and PAC have donated to Helene Day’s Remembrance fund. Amanda shared with us that her mother loved the ballet and would like to have the fund help introduce the ballet to some of our older students. This kind gift has allowed our students to attend this special event.

March 17-23 Standardized Testing begins at 9:00 sharp!

March 19- Pancake Heaven! 8:30-11:30 Central parents prepare, cook, and serve the best pancakes in town to raise money for the Fulton Hill Neighborhood Resource Center Montessori Program. There will be raffles, prizes, silent auction, and face painting.......

March 25-April 1 – SPRING BREAK- School is closed

April 4- May 10 am Monday tennis with Victor Rizzi (for Upper El and Middle School students, look for more information)

April 7th 4:30-5:30 Legacy Chess Clubmore information will be sent out next week.


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