What’s Happening Right Now…

Venessa’s Primary:  A PIII student repairs a tote bag using scrap materials of fabric from a work to repair the broken strap. Taking a cue from the student, other friends are inspired to sew pillows! Another student is deep in concentration, comparing geometric solids to photos of real life objects.

Infant: Two infants curl up on their rest mats, yawning.  The lights go out and the children snuggle into their blankets.   Two little ones, on mats close by, turn to face each other.  The children smile at one another and each gently extends out a hand until they’re touching.  The hand holding continues as both slowly drift off to sleep.

Amanda’s Primary: A student notices the tarnished spoon has been well polished and announces that it is “super shiny!” A second year student helps a peer organize their map making materials to have ready for a later time (maps are long works). Another student proudly uses her newly honed reading skills as she reads three “Bob Books” to her visiting parents.

Toddler: Three children sit on the floor, working hard to put on their own rain boots.  The door opens and all of the children run outside to the playground.  The first child through the door spots a puddle and immediately runs over.   The child hesitates for a moment, and then jumps right in.   A large splash and everything is wet! 

Lower Elementary: A group of students are exploring mountain ranges and rivers around the world! “Are the Appalachian Mountains also part of the Blue Ridge Mountains?” “How did these mountains form?” Various maps are pulled out to explore. Topographical maps are preferred by some. Another group of students has a lesson on the labels and key of a map. Students use a brightly colored clay to create three dimensional river maps.

Upper Elementary: Three parents have joined the students in a lively “civics” bee. Questions about how our government is organized and the protects afforded all citizens are answered. Two students invite a teacher to join them in the Battle Bugs game created by one of the students; cards list the amazing characteristics of these ferocious bugs. The room is filled with pride and laughter.

Middle School: As the students scour the internet for sources to answer the questions “What is Algebra?” one student discovers that our ongoing study of Euclidian geometry is related. The student types up his findings on a Google document to share with his classmates and teacher. Another student is inspired by an insect card game created by some Upper El students and begins research for his own game focused on ants. 

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

March 4 –Primary Parent Meet and Greet 6:30 Spend some time with primary parents and teachers.

March 4-- Primary  Parent Information Night (PIN) 7:00 there is no better venue for parents who wish to know and understand their child’s primary school development and to meet our primary teachers and hear about classroom events and curriculum.  SPECIAL NOTE:  This is an excellent venue for Toddler parents who have a child that may be entering the primary program this spring and summer.

March 4th -Go-Trip 10:30 (for third year primary students) Virginia Opera presents Little Red Riding Hood at Libby S. Gottwald Playhouse at Center stage. Information will be sent out via email to parents.

March 5- Parents Association is hosting a Parents Mixer6:00 Mark your calendars and book your sitter!   We’ll be hanging and socializing at 2802 E Marshall Street on Church Hill – also known as – Dempsey and Lori Skeeter’s house.   There will be good things to munch – feel free to bring your beverage of choice.   RSVP to the Front Desk or tolori@loriskeeterloans.com. See you there!

March 15th- Service Club March meeting 5:00-6:00 Service Club is a four week after school club for PIII and older students to promote our commitment to volunteerism! Meetings are once a month and will consist of various inventive DIY projects and discussions. Students must have a parent participate with them as some of these projects may require a little help (siblings may come with one parent). There are a few spaces available, please contact Front Desk if you and your child are interested in joining.

March 19- Pancake Heaven! 8:30-11:30 Central parents prepare, cook, and serve the best pancakes in town to raise money for the Fulton Hill Neighborhood Resource Center Montessori Program. There will be raffles, prizes, silent auction, and face painting.......

March 25-April 1 – SPRING BREAK- School is closed



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