Silent Journey 


Join us January 29&30th

Meals will be provided

There is one place and one time each year that provides parents with much sought after information about what it means for their child to be in a Montessori program.  All of the following questions (and more) can be answered during a fun-filled, information-intense five hours. 

1.       Why is this event is called a “silent” journey?

2.       What does my child do all day?

3.       How do teachers know what each child is doing or should be doing?

4.       What academic objectives are met at each level?

5.       Are my objectives and Montessori objectives similar? 

6.       What are the true differences between traditional education and Montessori education?

7.       What is different about each level?

8.       How do I know if my child will be able to be successful once he/she leaves Montessori?

9.       What does a three year cycle mean to my child?

10.   What is a metal “insect” and the golden mat?

11.   Why is Montessori the most beneficial educational program available?

12.   What will my child experience at the next level?

13.   What questions do other parents have?

14.   What insight do others have about my child?

15.   Is it normal for my child to be dealing with these social/emotional issues?

16.   Why cursive?

17.   How can I best support my child?

18.   What do I really know about the teachers that work with my child each day?

19.   Where can I get more of this delicious food? 

Reservations are required, space is limited. Please RSVP as soon as possible.



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