What’s Happening Right Now…

Venessa’s Primary:  PIII students prepare an edible science experiment for kindergarten time. After scooping out the cores of their apples, they fill their apple “bowls” with orange juice and blow bubbles with a straw. Next, they try milk. A student hypothesizes that the orange juice will create bigger bubbles, they discover that the milk actually creates the larger bubbles. The students discuss their results as they happily eat their science experiments.

Lower Elementary: Two friends are longitude and latitude lines. The first student explains the concept to their peer. “So, latitude is like the rungs of a ladder- they go sideways. Longitude, it’s a long way from the South Pole to the North Pole. It’s a vertical line”. The second student excitedly says “I remember vertical and horizontal lines from the lines and angles work!”

Middle School: Students come together to discuss their upcoming on-campus internships. They will research how to write a cover sheet to a resume and how to complete applications.  There is excited discussion about possible intern sites and then on to the really big deal:  community internships.  There are several venues that might be possible internship sites.  What about Sub Rosa, Church Hill Animal Hospital.  There is an architectural firm close by.  Maybe Art 180? 

Amanda’s Primary: A third year student gives a first year student a lesson on the combinations of ten. Two students work with the moveable alphabet composing three letter phonetic words for the first time. One child peels, cuts and serves pieces of orange to friends while another child chooses to use an orange to make orange juice. After drinking the juice, the child states that fresh juice tastes much better than store bought juice.

Toddler: A child brings a work tray to a table and carefully sets it down.   Six cards are taken out and lined up on the table.   Six corresponding animal figures are taken out next.   The child names each animal as they place them on the table, “Fox.  Squirrel.  Wolf”.  The final animal is lifted into the air and the child, unsure of the animal’s name, asks their teacher, “This?”  “Raccoon” the child repeats.

Upper Elementary: 1000 tiny pieces of a jigsaw puzzle are separated into various categories in preparation for a full class cooperative effort to complete  this large and information rich project.  The students organize themselves and work in shifts.  Quickly the outline of the Unites States is completed and individual states are added, in the same order the 13 colonies joined the Union!  They quickly discover that Virginia was the tenth state to join!  Two friends find work on multiplication of fractions and a student decides to complete a comprehensive report on a scientist she first read about in her science text book, Eugenie Clark- better known as the shark lady. An hour later, she hands her 2 page report to a friend to read and enjoy.

Infant: A tiny yogi starts the day with their morning ritual-a yoga class (or tummy time).   A yoga mat (or a cozy blanket) is rolled out and the class begins.  The child plants their hands and lifts their head to move into Cobra pose and looks around and smiles.  Time to move to the next pose-Bow.  The infant extends their hands behind their body and lifts their feet in the air by bending their knees.   While they can’t quite get their feet in their hands for a full Bow, they’ll be there soon!

Silent Journey update…

We have a few spots available for this amazing program recommended for new parents and parents with transitioning children. Teachers and parents convene to receive an eight hour comprehensive preview of a Montessori program through the child’s eyes. The ticket cost includes a light dinner Friday night, brunch on Saturday morning and a copy of “Montessori the Science Behind the Genius” by author Angeline Stoll Lillard. An individual ticket is $50.00 or $75.00 per couple.  If you have not signed up and would like to attend please contact Kelly or Amira to make an appointment. You will receive V-hours for attending this wonderful event.

Calendar Update: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

January 18th Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Volunteerism School is closed. Get out and volunteer!

January 29-30 Silent Journey- This is recommended for new parents and beneficial for all parents.  Teachers and parents come together to receive an 8 hour comprehensive overview of a Montessori program from the child’s perspective.  This is a “must see” for all parents who truly desire to know and understand the intricacies that make Montessori a much sought after educational experience for children from toddler-hood through elementary.  Reservations required.

January is a conference month.



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