What’s Happening Right Now…

 Infant: A child walks over to a basket of books and clears out a spot just their size.   The infant climbs in and picks up a stack of books to put into their lap, literally “immersing” themselves in literature.  A friend crawls past and the child hands over a book.   A guide walks past and the child hands over another book.  Before long the “Keeper of the Books” has given one (or more) to everyone in the room. 

Amanda’s Primary: A first year student walks around the classroom offering carrots to their classmates that they have just chopped.  Another student approaches, carrying a large tray, and they calmly say, “Excuse me!”  The student with the large tray makes their way to the math shelf to get Thousand Cubes from the “bank” for a lesson on the numeral layout.

Toddler: The toddlers come together for group time on the rug.   The children sing and clap along to their daily songs and then, because it’s too cold to go outside for morning playtime, the group decides to sing some new songs.   To celebrate this winter finally feeling wintry, teachers begin to sing Susie Snowflake.   One toddler’s eyes light up when he realizes he knows all of the words!  The child sings louder and soon is leading the whole group.

Venessa’s Primary:  Two third year students are sharing the map of Europe to create their own, deciphering which country is largest to find a starting point.   At the daily soup table, a first year student is using an apple cutter to prepare a snack for the class to try.   A student sits on the floor with a work mat in front of them.   They have traced the rhombus from the metal inset shelf and proudly proclaims, “Rhombus!”

Lower Elementary: Energy flows from the morning journal entry as students interpret a terrestrial food chain.   Some write the definition, the path by which energy passes from one living thing to another, and some draw a picture.   Others create a story line, as the energy always passes from a plant and finds its way back.

Middle School: Students are crafting persuasive essays either for or against adding a second story to the tree house.  One student scratches their head, deep in though.  Two students joke about ways to apply their study of rhetoric into their arguments.  One student, arguing against the second floor, moves to a different area of the classroom to plan their dissent in secret.

Upper Elementary: A student expresses interest in beginning an algebra study.  Materials and teacher support are quickly put into place.   The student demonstrates deep concentration by blocking out all surrounding sounds and movement and shows deep satisfaction as he moves through this challenging lesson.

Calendar Updates: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

January 29-30 Silent Journey- This is recommended for new parents and beneficial for all parents.  Teachers and parents come together to receive an 8 hour comprehensive overview of a Montessori program from the child’s perspective.  This is a “must see” for all parents who truly desire to know and understand the intricacies that make Montessori a much sought after educational experience for children from toddler-hood through elementary.  Reservations required.

February 12-Elementary Meet and Greet 6:30 Spend some time with primary parents and teachers.

February 12- Elementary Parent Information Night (PIN) 7:00 there is no better venue for parents who wish to know and understand their child’s primary school development and to meet our primary teachers and hear about classroom events and curriculum.  SPECIAL NOTE:  This is an excellent venue for Primary parents who have a child that may be a candidate for early advancement into our primary program, to attend.

February 15-19 Parent Visitation Week- Parents are invited to spend a bit of time in their child’s classroom during this dedicated time.  Meet your child’s friends and see your child’s work.  Children love to have their parents in their “space” and impress them with their accomplishments.  Parents are treated to refreshments are offered by volunteer parents and small classroom performances.  RSVPs are required-more information coming soon! 

§  Primary 9-10 and 10-11

§  Elementary 2-3, and 3-4

§  Infant/ Toddler 4:00-4:30, 4:30-5:00 (our little ones will leave after visit)

January (and some of February) is conference month. 



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