What’s Happening Right Now…
GrandFriends and Grandparents have made their reservations . Staff, students, and our Hospitality Committee is gearing up to meet our special guests next week.  Please keep an eye out for special emails from room parents and committee members!

Toddler:  Two children sit in chairs; a piece of blank white paper sits on the table in front of them.  A potato, recently harvested from the front beds of the school, has been cut in half and a teacher cuts a mystery shape into each side.   A child picks up the potato, dips it into orange paint, and stamps it on the paper.  The mystery is revealed-it’s a beautiful fall leaf!  Soon both children have covered their papers in orange and purple leaves. 

Upper Elementary: One of the playground benches lays in pieces. screws in one pile, boards in another. This is the best of practical life at this developmental level! Real tools (hammer, drill, gloves, and safety goggles) are used to repair and reclaim. This is the ultimate show of ownership and respect for one’s environment.

Middle School: A student lights a candle to begin their practice of Enso circle drawing. The board on the wall is being fully utilized as a student receives assistance in graphing absolute values. For days, students have been working on designing houses then graphing them out on paper. A designer’s work is ongoing as they draw a bathroom addition.

Infant: A child sits on the ground staring into the mirror.  A switch flips and the child’s face lights up.  They’ve discovered that the baby in the mirror is, in fact, their own reflection!  The child takes their hand and “hi fives” their reflection’s hand.   After a quick glace around the room to make sure everyone sees what they’ve discovered, the child leans forward and touches their nose to the nose of their reflection.

Venessa’s Primary: A group of students listen to a fellow student speak about the country of Jordon. “It’s hot there!” Traditional embroidered clothing is presented and the students are amazed! A first year student walks through the classroom kindly serving apples to his friends”Quieres?” (Would you like some?). A PIII student works with a new “bubble painting” work- the bubbles pop right on the paper and make a special design.

Amanda’s Primary: Two 3rd  year students place the final label on the cube chain of ten. “1,000- That was easy!” An older child helps a younger friend make words with the moveable alphabet. ”S-u-n…sun! “Another child works in deep concentration on the screwdriver work. They must match the screws to the corresponding holes in the board, and then use the screwdriver to insert the screws. To make the work ready for the next child, each screw is removed and placed in the proper section of the board.

Lower Elementary:  As GrandDays approaches, students prepare an environmentally friendly surprise! Carefully, cutting oranges in half, tying string together as they loop it through holes, and taking a moment to observe their creations. Will they work? An ear will inform us in the morning…..listening to happy and grateful bird songs as they sample their new treat!

Calendar Update: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

November20th RSVP for Silent Journey (A meaningful and intensive Parent Education Event on January 29 and 30)

November 23-25th GrandDays (times vary) Grandparents and Grandfriends gather at Central to spend a bit of time in their Grandchild/ GrandFriends classroom.  A perfect time to meet your child’s special friends and teachers. Reservations required.

November 26-27th Autumn Break School will be closed to all.

December 11 Winter Celebration and Sing-a-Long. Perfect for children three years and older but everyone is welcome. We sing seasonal songs, enjoy student performances,  eat and drink delicious seasonal recipes  our families have baked (or bought) and a warm heart. More information will be sent out closer to the event.

December 21- January 1 Winter break School is closed (except to Winter Package families)

***If you are signed up for Winter Package the days open are: Dec. 21, 22, 28, 29, 30 & 31****



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