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No stress….only the best…. gifts from Central…. don’t have to be mental-ly hard  (like creating a rhyme in time for Montessori Moments).

There are some wonderful items in the office that make fantastic gifts; bowls created by the students, t-shirts, and original art and prints by one of our parents, Mehmet Sahin Altug. 30% of each painting or print  sold at Central will be donated back to Central. Win!  

Venessa’s Primary:  An Upper EL student works with a younger friend as they clean the tables of the classroom. A PIII student works on memorizing their phone number and their addresses. A PI student works on the 0-10 card, after all are counted the student says, “I did it!”. A fellow student works on classifying reptiles, fish, and amphibians. Two students work on sewing snowman pillows while another student works on his “cello” pillow!

Lower Elementary: A couple of older friends employ materials on the shelf to help some younger friends with a work on angle recognition.  An” acute angle”  is describes to the young student as a cute and small angle. Parts of a bird integrate art and science as students gently pull apart pinecones. A mixed media piece of art is created as the layers of the cone reveal an owl on the paper.

Amanda’s Primary: A third year student decides to do four digit addition with no materials for the first time. Upon completing the equation the student requests a more challenging equation; an equation with exchanges. In another part of the room two second year students work together labeling and making maps of their bodies. A first year student finds three tiny pieces from three different works. The student proudly shows the tiny items to the teacher stating, “I can restore them.”

Toddler: A child sits beside a teacher, intently watching their every move.   A white coffee filter is folded in half, in half again, and then in thirds.  Scissors are carefully used by a teacher to cut away small pieces.  The child delicately unfolds the paper and lets out an excited squeal.   A paper snowflake!  The toddler picks up a colored pencil and begins to decorate their snowflake.   With the 70° days this week, it’s a good thing paper snowflakes can’t melt!

Upper Elementary: Two students use the timeline of life. Their focus is the Ages of Fishes: Paleozoic Era. Another student researches a recipe to make sodium bicarbonate. Three mushrooms are used to study spores and the parts of a mushroom. One student researches different types of Japanese poetry and prepares an example and presentation for the class. 

Middle School: The middle schoolers finish their reading of , The Giver. As they begin their book club meeting they write new words they have learned on the chalkboard: faltered, meticulously dejected, imperceptibly just to name a few. A couple students debate the subtleties of defining the new words. All of the students beg to read the sequel after the winter break.

Infant: A young hair stylist tests out their newest hair gel invention in their laboratory (or feeds themselves snack at their lunch table).  The child mixes just the right amount of sweet potato and green beans for their new concoction.  Test time-the child puts their hand (with a fistful of this new product) into their hair and tries to work it into a rich, foamy lather.   No luck!   Perhaps next time they’ll have to try adding some applesauce.

Daily soup update…
It’s been a delicious summer and fall for our students. We've said goodbye for now to Broadfork contributions until warmer months return again.  For the colder months, Daily Soup exists of parent contributions and items we purchase from Relay Foods. Parents, please keep an eye out for emails and notices regarding Daily Soup contribution and pantry items needed for this winter. Let’s keep the soup going!

Calendar Update: (Please check Central’s website for a downloadable 2015-2016 calendar) http://centralmontessori.com/calendar/

December 21- January 1 Winter break School is closed (except to Winter Package families)

***If you are signed up for Winter Package the days open are: Dec. 21, 22, 28, 29, 30 & 31****

January 1 New Year’s Day: School is closed to all

January 18th Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Volunteerism School is closed. Get out and volunteer!

January 29-30 Silent Journey- This is recommended for new parents and beneficial for all parents.  Teachers and parents come together to receive an 8 hour comprehensive overview of a Montessori program from the child’s perspective.  This is a “must see” for all parents who truly desire to know and understand the intricacies that make Montessori a much sought after educational experience for children from toddler-hood through elementary.  Reservations required.

January is a conference month: watch for announcements and sign-up sheets.



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